Monday, September 15, 2014

Chicago - Daddy Daycare

Cell phone pictures download!

I was away all weekend for a girls trip to Chicago! Daddy was daddy daycare! 

We has a blast (we being - Val my best friend and I). Chris said the girls were fantastic! All I have are cell phone pictures - so here you go!

Now Chris leaves for a work trip and I'm in mommy duty for the next week!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Science Museum!

Big milestone this weekend...Chris smoked his first turkey and I'm happy to say - it was amazing. Really really good. I have a feeling it won't be his last one. I ate Turkey for dinner, Breakfast and lunch today! I tried to take some pictures but let's put it this way - we had neighbors down the block texting us if the awesome smell was us! No lie!

Hey Lucy - show me your surprised face! - This is what you get. :)

Let the carving begin! So good... I almost lost a finger or two for grabbing pieces :)

Saturday was pretty mellow for us - we woke up full of energy on Sunday - so why not go to the science center! It was GORGEOUS out!

Two warnings:

The girls had a blast but also everything is hands on - very hard to take pictures.

Also - my memory card on my camera hit full half way through the fun - so I didn't get to capture much - but you still get the picture!

 I had to keep track of daddy as much as the kids!

 I asked Chris to take some pictures of us playing. He told me he was an artist and this is what I got.


They really had a fun time in the ball pit!

It was so nice we could enjoy the outside items too!

 Once again - couldn't find Chris - he was driving the boat. Nice.

The view isn't half bad from the museum either :) We actually got to go through that big tanker! Lake Erie can be really pretty on a nice day!

My camera was full by this point! Which also allowed me to participate a little more! A couple of cell phone pictures - the girls on the deck on the tanker - looking back at downtown Cleveland.

And lucky for us the special exhibit was legos!!! I think Lucy might need from of those Duplo legos - she was having a good time matching colors and putting them together...

It was a really good time! We can't wait to go back. It was a very nice weekend and we took full advantage! Now its another school week and most importantly - my Chicago trip in just around the corner!