Sunday, August 21, 2016

Catch Up!

Whew.... it has been a crazy last few weeks. We had Lucy's birthday and her birthday party. Heidi started the 3rd grade, it was Oktoberfest again, Chris installed our new TV/projector and the church festival is almost here, etc etc - Lots going on!

In no particular order...

Heidi and Lucy being good while back-to-school shopping.

One of our babysitters (not pictured) graciously gave us her old dance costumes and the girls are on love! Lucy running around in the little ballet costume was really really cute.

Chris' mid-life crisis has started and we have installed a projector system with special screen in our family room. Its pretty cool and makes watching TV - way more fun!

 Lucy modeling some of her new gifts!

Random picture from Heidi's first day of school!

If you haven't heard of Elena of Avalor yet - it's Disney's new princess and Lucy! With her birthday money - she has already purchased about everything you can for her. On TV the Disney channel showed Disney World and the ceremony they did introducing a real-life version of Elena and Lucy was just star struck.

Oktoberfest! As always - so much fun. The girls danced their tails off! We like to get there early - get prime seats and watch it fill up!

Present time! I was amazed how everyone's presents arrived on time. I tried to take more pictures, but Lucy was moving faster than I could keep up!

The girls face timing with the Gonzales'.

She seriously loved every single thing she received. Thank you to everyone!

Last weekend we had Lucy's birthday party - it was Nemo/Ocean themed complete with a Mac n Cheese bar. It was fun! It was hard to take pictures and I'm sad I didn't take more, but I guess that's a sign we were all having fun!

We have a third grader!!! Heidi is back in school! Lucy has another week and a half before she goes. Heidi is loving it and I can see her growing up so much already!

Cheerleading is officially starting this weekend! I can't wait to watch Heidi cheer at games! Gymnastics is going well for both of them! Chris and I are excited for our anniversary trip. Heidi and Lucy are excited for Grandma Babs and Grandpa Darrell to come visit - lots going on!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Swimming - Rain - A 4 Year Old

We finished up swim lessons last month and I forgot I took pictures of the final class. It was a prefect first few lessons for Heidi, who is scared of the water (less now) and Lucy - who is crazy. Plus with our new in-home babysitters, the girls have been able to go to the neighborhood pool a lot this summer!

More random pictures - it was POURING last weekend and we took the opportunity to run around in the rain - I mean - who wouldn't - right?

 Heidi showing how pretty she is...nice.

And we will soon have a 4 year old on our hands! Our little - really crazy - big personality - Lucy. She cannot want for Tuesday. She wants to eat ice cream and open presents. Saturday we are having neighbors over for a BBQ too.

I couldn't resist Lucy in these big poofy pig tails.

Lucy is growing up way too fast. She is fun - keeps you on your toes - but fun. Love her!