Sunday, May 17, 2015

No Training Wheels & Crazy Lucy

We have finally moved towards Heidi riding a bike without training wheels. Session one of training went well. She is a very cautious little lady and I think it will take some time for her to get the hang of it! Honestly, it went a lot better than expected and she hung in there and tried her best!

And crazy Lucy... she almost always looks homeless now - wearing something with Minnie on it. This Minnie Mouse dress she would where every day if we didn't hide it like we do. She is such a character.

Two seconds left by herself - Lucy will destroy the house.

We were too busy running around this weekend to take any other pictures but I'm hoping to find time over Memorial Weekend!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day! I had a lovely day - sleeping in - taking a long walk with Lucy - playing golf with Heidi and finishing the day with a steak dinner cooked by Chris!

Love these girls!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Table

We have had the same kids table from when I was a child for a long time. This past week one of the chairs shattered and was un-repairable. That table had been nailed, glued and screwed together as much as we could but we finally decided, it was time for a new table.

We didn't want a cheap wobbly table and after searching around town and on the internet, we decided on this one! It is VERY sturdy and well made. I have to admit, the colors did not seem neon online but man are they bright! We had fun putting the table together! We have retired what is left of my childhood table downstairs. We had a good run old table.

And a quick picture of Lucy's cute little feet in cute little sandals.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cell Phone Pics

Decided to do a cell phone download - plus it is the only evidence of Val's trip too!

Cute pick of the family while I was shopping :)

Traveling back from Omaha

Aunt Val (as we call her) took one for the team and held Lucy's head so she could sleep without her head bobbing down. Seriously - how awesome is that!

Celebrating Val's birthday with a little Skyline Chili - I was hesitant to try it as - it looks just weird - but honestly, it was really really good.

We went to Fiesta Jalapeno for her birthday dinner and instead of dessert - they surprised Val with a shot of tequila!!! We have never seen them do that before!

We don't have a ton pf pictures from Val's visit but it was a good time! Other random pictures - like Lucy brushing her teeth on her own!

Last weekend we also went to the Natural History Museum which is always a good time!

We made a stop by the Hof Brauhaus in Cleveland. Lucy loved the onion rings!

The it was time for a fire pit. It's so nice we are back into fire pit weather! We had one with Val in town too - it got a liiittttllleee crazy -oops - I think we were just excited to be together and be able to be outside! I mean - who wouldn't be entertained by a nieghbor speaking pirate all night.  From now on it will be more mellow fire pits - just some smores and some fire that is it!

And fast forward to today - we went on some errands and the girls were too cute not to take pictures!

Time to go make dinner and get ready for the week!