Thursday, November 29, 2018

Omaha Thanksgiving

We were off to Omaha last week for Thanksgiving. I have to admit - I did my worst job of taking pictures. I have no pictures and I apologize. I also came down with a nasty cold I'm STILL fighting!  The trip was wonderful and always sad at how quickly it goes!

Carter was the boss and he insisted on wearing only his underwear and shoving money down his pants. Seems right...

 We drove straight through and decided on Sunday to go to Ralph Breaks the Internet - super cute!

 Lucy got her cast off! She was very scared but got through it. She got a boot but hasn't really embraced the boot yet. We have to encourage her to bend her ankle and try standing etc. Slow moving, but I hope she feels ok to stand soon!

Besides working, getting Lucy to use her leg, getting over a cold - Its Disney mode! Packing has begun! We leave on Friday!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Living with the Leg

Lucy is starting to be her self again. We have gotten pretty good at managing everything from the bathroom - to baths - to school etc. One pro of having Lucy non-mobile.. is - I can organize and clean! I tackled many aspects of our house, especially toys!

I laughed when I took this picture - three of them sitting next to each other - glued to their phones/iPod... I made them turn them off. :)

Lucy had a friend who had a princess party and Lucy had a blast. Everyone was so nice and tried to get her involved as much as possible. At the end the girls were spinning Lucy in her wheelchair and having fun!

Lucy said that was the best party ever. :)

And even Fiesta Jalapeno was making it special for Lucy. A super incredible table next to us even paid for our food, which blew us away! We will pay it forward for sure!

2 more weeks of a full cast - we can do it!