Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cell Phone Pictures

Cell phone pictures only tonight! I didn't take any pictures this weekend - oops - but we have plenty of cell phone pics to share. Some are old - but thought we would share.

A few more pictures from the baseball game a few weeks ago...

Enjoying our new breakfast place - in Lakewood - called Borderline Cafe. Small - cash only - mom/pop place - but amazing food!

Heidi did fantastic at the dentist a few weeks ago! No cavities!

This week we had an impromptu all-the-dads-were-busy-so-lets-go-to-dinner night with some friends. It was fun! The kids and the moms had fun! Win win!

 No idea what this is from, but I thought it was cute!

 Yesterday we had some time to kill, so off to the science museum we went! It was fun - as always!

Lucy had so much fun - she was asleep before we left the parking garage!

 And from last night watching the football game!

Now we are prepping for DAD GAMES! Its next weekend and I think it will be tons of fun! Can't share details now but I will make sure to take as many pictures a possible!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

We have a little Princess...

Heidi was invited to a Princess birthday party this weekend and she was thrilled to dress up like a princess! now mind you - this is the official first princess dress we have purchased and have worn. She was happy to wear it but I think ditched it half way through the party :) I scored this dress online - super cheap - came with the crown and was decked out with LED flashing lights - who knew? I think it could even pass for a princess Elsa dress!

Our pretty little princess!

The rest of the pictures are random... Lucy wanting some super close picture time...

I finished one Halloween costume... here is a sneak peek of Lucy's customer! :)

Other random shots from my phone this week... how I find Lucy almost every morning...

After bath snuggles.

I may have put too much bubbles into the bath...

Back to our busy Sunday or fixing the garage, working on costumes, maybe actually folding laundry and pretty for the week!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Cold weather and rain won't stop Heidi from cheerleading! Heidi had camp all week and then got to cheer Friday night at the game. She did a super job and didn't complain once that it was pouring down rain and cold.

Lucy enjoyed the food at the game. The cold rain didn't bug her either!

 Friend Lucy and Heidi. They are too cute together!

 Lucy, neighbor Izzy and Heidi!

Who knows...maybe we have a future cheerleader on our hands...