Monday, February 12, 2018

Fun Weekend

For once our weekend wasn't as jammed packed as it has been in while! We basically had a whole Saturday to do whatever!

First - I ran through Starbucks to get my coffee, no worries, Heidi id not drinking coffee, but she did find herself pretty cool drinking a hot cocoa. 

Next, Chris is due for a new car. His car has been good to us, but its time to start looking at other options... We are leaning towards a fun car :)

Nothing purchased/ordered quite yet but we will see! We of course had to spend some time at Fat Heads!

We also hung out with Jason and Amy who we haven't seen a long time beside brief hellos here and there. It was nice to just casually hang out.

It was a nice weekend!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

St Jude Cheer Camp

How about more cheerleading?!?!?!?! St Jude had their little cheer camp this past weekend - so it meant - the whole family was involved! Lucy attended as a little camper, Heidi was one of the leaders and I volunteered to help. It was fun but exhausting! 

Cheer is almost done with this season! Just a couple more games and one competition - then done until the fall!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Quick Update

It is a busy time of year for sure! Activities almost every night - including the weekend. I feel like I have been running around with my head cut off. I didn't take that many pictures - but a few...

We babysat the neighbors two boys last Saturday night and it was fun. We did crafts and the boys had fun. Heidi was a good leader. :)

Heidi had to dress like a Charlie Brown character - Snoopy it was!

The girls had their dentist appointment and all is good! The girls did great!

This weekend is lots of cheer items again! Busy busy busy!

Monday, January 22, 2018


This week and weekend was all about cheer! Lucy had her high school cheer camp and Heidi had games too!  There was just a whole lot of running around!

Lucy at cheer practice - ruling the team! haha

Lucy also had a birthday party for a classmate - it was like the Cleveland version of the Amazing Pizza Machine!

Saturday was Heidi's game first!

Then it was Lucy's turn!

Lucy did such a great job! I'm unable to post the dance video on here - its too large! I did post it on Facebook. I was able to post this short video of her running on first - too cute!