Monday, August 13, 2018

Lucy is 6, Beautiful Singing & Home Improvement

Lucy is 6!!! Lucy is such a character - its hard to explain. She just makes us laugh. Also - her lipstick game is better than mine. I have at least gotten her to stop storing it in her room - but if I don't watch it, she will have lipstick on! We have already had numerous talks that she can't wear it to school, but I have a feeling it might be a battle!

Birthday fun!

Heidi ended up having a cheer camp on Lucy's bday - which worked out well. Lucy got to run around with the babysitters and have an all about me day - while Heidi had fun at camp.

Lucy woke up and loved the balloons and decorations. She then goes - oh -is my cake going to be Mickey too? She originally asked for a blue I scrambled and figured out how to create a Mickey cake... haha

In tradition - went to Fiesta Jalapeno and loved dinner. The wait staff was awesome as always! Gave her a huge strawberry margarita and tons of whip cream!


 Yes - this is a giant Belle tower/house... She loves it! Only took about 2 hours to put together! ha!

Heidi earned her room painted. She has a list of "Heidi's Prizes" that based on a variety of things - she earns things for her room. Like, if she does certain gymnastics skills - she gets curtains or if she gets all As for the first quarter - she gets a desk etc etc. We are trying to teach her to practice and earn things, which has been difficult for her. She wants instant success! Don't we all :) She earned painting her room by practicing and getting her bridge down kick over. She also wanted to help and we had to have a lesson in painting trim :). The end color is coral and it looks great! Once we put her room back - I will take the final picture!

Saturday night was gorgeous out! We decided to have a fire pit and watch a movie! There was no wind and low smoke on the fire pit - it really was nice!

We have started our outside home improvement! We are staining our trash can fence. We are painting our shudders, some accent points, our garage, pole and front door area... We didn't get nearly done as much as we wanted - so our house will look interesting for awhile - but hopefully soon!

 And random - Chris got pulled over and got OFF of a ticket because of his Cornfed license plate. Ha!

Heidi's little cheer camp performance...

AND  - super proud moment - she sang TWO songs for her vocal concert! She did fantastic job and we were so proud of her! She now wants to even sing something for her talent show! Our little singer! The videos are too large to load - I will have to figure that out!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Getting Ready for School & Some Remodeling

I can tell summer is almost done... school will be starting soon and back into our crazy routine of early mornings, homework, practice and activities! Still a little bit of summer left...

Heidi had a slumber party Friday, which meant, we gained a bed mate for the evening. Lucy just doesn't like to sleep by herself. We are working on it... but we laughed as she looked like a little burrito.

This weekend was running errands and we had to have some ice cream from Mitchell's.

Heidi worked hard on her gymnastics and earned the right to start remodeling her room. She had her heart set on teal but after doing some test colors, didn't love it. She has settled on coral and the color matrix below of white, black, coral, gold and a lighter coral/pink. She will eventually earn curtains, dresser, desk etc. Right now -she has earned paint. :)

With school in our sights - and knowing we will be painting soon - I decided to take the time and spring clean Lucy's room. I went through every piece of clothing and cubby and cleared out so much! I also had Lucy try on school clothes. Too cute! She is ready!

 I sat down and organized and labeled ALL the school supplies. That is always a feat! Besides a couple of items we can only buy at school and having to put contact paper on any text books. We are good to go!

Cheer starts up this week (and yes I'm an official cheer coach now - it shall be interesting)  - Heidi has her vocal concert this week and of course its Lucy's birthday too! Big week!