Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Weekend...

Friday was a big day! Heidi lost her first tooth!!! She was super excited because the tooth fairy came and game her a dollar with glitter on it!

Even though the game was very disappointing this weekend - it was pretty cute watching Chris and Lucy watch the game. Lucy loves watching sports!

We all went to a hockey game as well and I did not take a single picture - oops - but we did end up having a sleep over with friend Lucy!

The girls were excited to get ready for church and for everyone to wear Heidi's clothes!

Lucy wanted to get ready too - and I figured I better take some pictures of these girls actually cleaned up!

We are getting super excited for our Omaha trip!!!  Time to pack!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


This being the second year Heidi is in private school - I can honestly say - I have done a 180 on the uniforms - I love them. I love them. No arguments in the morning - here is a polo - some socks and a jumper - go out the door.

What is also leads to is fun dress up Saturdays. The girls have free reign on Saturdays to get ready and it is always entertaining, especially Heidi. This Saturday was wanting to be in black so her jewelry would show off. Her words not mine.

Heidi is more than happy to pose for some pictures...showing her fashion off :)

Yes - Lucy wanted to get in the action - she was using an old play phone and pretending to take pictures of Heidi too. Then she proceeded to melt down until I got her ready for the day.

Outfit styled by Lucy.

 They are fun. Our little fashion ladies.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The moved our Trick-or-Treating to Thursday - because of a High School football game. Yep. But we made the best of it and if the weatherman is correct - tonight was better than what Friday would be!

Anyways! We have our little owl, our rainbow parrot and of course Sponge Bob and Patrick! I love how our neighborhood does Halloween. The kids are already zonked out - I'm ready for bed and we now have more candy than we need!

Happy Halloween!