Sunday, April 19, 2015

Omaha Easter

I'm finally finding time to post the Omaha pictures! This trip was a little different - mainly because of all Omaha decided to come down with the stomach flu - geez! We avoided some people for awhile as well as I don't know if we were ever at full power. I feel like someone was always missing from being sick or whatever! By some miracle though, we didn't catch anything. I hope I didn't just jinx ourselves.

So my pictures are spotty at best. We start off at Bob and Lauren's rehearsal for their wedding. It was fun to see where it will all take place and run around.

Next was our first Easter - we were down a couple of people - but we kept going. The kids going on the scavenger hunt!

 Then it was time for hunting some eggs!

 We also celebrated Lauren and my birthday.

Next was Easter! Everyone ready in their Sunday's best!

We spent Easter at my mom's house as the Gonzales' were sick too! We lost Blake to the sickness but gained Kendall back!

 It was gorgeous outside - we spent most of the day outside! Kendall and Heidi did great at the Easter egg hunt...Lucy - was just being Lucy.

Blake, Christina and Carter finally felt good enough to join us in the afternoon. Carter is a cutie! He was getting over the flu and a nasty cold but still a cutie!

Onto our finally Easter that was postponed. Poor Grandma Gonzales was really under the weather but she gave the girls a wonderful Easter anyways!

 Lucy was once again - being Lucy - only grabbing like one egg at a time!

We also was able to have a play date with Ayla, Aubree, Anne and Dean. Also Dean's sister Marla was able to come hangout too!

 Yes - Anne has a selfie stick. Awesome.

 Our last day - getting all dressed up for Nana's retirement party!

Next blog I will dig through some cell phone pictures. I know I captured some of the fun trip back to Cleveland. Val rode with us - survived and we ran around Cleveland for a few days to celebrate her birthday!

It was great to see everyone in Omaha and we can't wait for Bob's wedding!