Sunday, December 14, 2014

Getting into the Holiday Spirit...

Our house is becoming more Griswald... Chris did a great job on the lights! We are ready for Christmas!

This week was busy - we had a homework assignment for Lucy to make a poster all about her. one night to do it - since I totally forgot about it - so we worked with what we had and came up with this.

Heidi finished up her basketball camp and really did a great job. It was nice seeing her in a team sport - trying hard. What we don't know for sure is if she was trying hard because she liked the sport or that she was given a boy to guard and she wanted to stay near the boy. We will see...

Random picture from us at Fat Heads!

It was time to see Santa! They have a great Santa place in Elyria at an old alumni house or estate or something. They do a good job decorating!

 Santa! Heidi was all ready with her list of the items she wanted.

 Lucy...not so much.

 They even provide hot cocoa and cookies!

We also made a stop by a house near us that does a fantastic job with lights. Just some random guy - who loves to put up lights.

 Afterwards we headed to Fiesta Jalapeno where they just love to run around!

And believe it or not - I managed to take some pictures and put together a last minute Christmas card. I am about to start addressing them now! Heidi was testing the background for me... once I get them addressed - I will share it - they are awesome.

Shopping is about 90% done! Girls are done - most of the grandparents - now its just a few more things and we can focus on baking cookies!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Omaha - Christmas and a New Little One!

Picture Download!!!

I have the Omaha pictures through this weekend!

First, we had a great visit to Omaha. We all always have so much fun. It was crazy busy as usual but worth the craziness! The girls posing in their new outfits from Grandma Babs!

Enjoying playtime at the Gonzales'

I had to document the effort that was being made to take a picture.

 On next stop - my dad's house!

 More picture time at Grandpa and Grandma Babs.

I didn't do a great job at taking pictures - except for the Gonzales' Sorry I missed a bunch of you and some cute photo ops! - I basically skip right to Thanks-mas at the Gonzales'

 We had a great time at the Gonzales'!

Lucy is getting closer to wearing socks! At least they are technically on her!


Yeah - the illusive Grandma Babs...

Yep - I didn't take that many pictures! That night - Christina went into labor! Yeah! We enjoyed my dad's thanksgiving on Friday - while Christina and Matt were welcoming their new baby!

 New Baby!

Carter Richard Kahler - born on Friday Nov. 28th. He is as cute as cute can be! We are so lucky we got to meet him!

 Lucy wasn't so sure about the baby...

It was really a great trip. Great to see everyone - all the food and festivities! As always thanks to my mom and Darrell for letting us destroy your house. :)

This past week was busy as well and moving right into the Christmas season!!! We had Heidi's Christmas program on Thursday. I think Heidi looks so cute! (and Lucy too!) New dress provided by Grandma Gonzales - Heidi was so fashionable with her dress and boots!

Our house is officially ready for Christmas! We decorated this week inside and out and have caught up!

We have a new addition to our household - guess what it is!!!

Yep! We have one!

Its a major award! :) Now its time to get the shopping done - ponder if I can still send out Christmas cards and get ready for Christmas!