Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Heidi's Birthday Party & Father's Day

It was time to have Heidi's little birthday party. She chose to have a small party, eat pizza, make slime, get their nails done and have a slumber party. I do have to say, I can tell Heidi is maturing and its easier to have parties now... I can just sit back and let them entertain themselves! 

I still cannot believe the kids like making slime this much. They are obsessed with it!

Yes - I managed to get all the girls in my car to go get their nails done. Luckily, Izzy is about my height and can ride in the front seat! It was a loud car ride for sure!

The hardest part was telling the girls to sit there while their nails dried!

We took all the mattresses from the girls bed and made a sea of beds! It worked out nicely! It was presents and movie time!

Chris was a little overwhelmed with the amount of girls...

 We survived!

Heidi got to spend her generous gift card from Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales on books. She is really getting into reading. She took her time reading the backs and picked out a good group of books!

Sunday was Father's Day and all Chris wanted to do was go see the Incredibles 2. It was SOOOO good. Like Lucy was literally clapping during it. I highly recommend the movie!

 It was a great weekend! This week is important...Chris' birthday is on Thursday!!!