Friday, May 24, 2019


We have added a new family member!!!

Introducing Remy
(Named after one of our favorite Disney movies - duh! - Ratatouille and the little tiny chef - Remy - um...yes the rat - Don't worry - I'm already picturing his Halloween costume)

Born - March 24th

He is coming in around 3.5 pounds and is spunky and adorable. We had been wanting a puppy but thought it was going to take longer. We knew we wanted a Brussels Griffon, like what Taco and Brew were, but they aren't the most common dogs out there. I have been doing research and monitoring of available puppies for at least a year now. Mainly to educate myself and see what options were as well as see how long we would be potentially waiting for one. I really wanted to make sure the puppy came from a good place.

While passing the time on Sunday, I was reading online the Better Business Bureau about a breeder in PA that had a great record. I happen to find them on Facebook and totally Facebook stalked them. They had so many posts and comments from families who had received dogs from them and people even getting multiple dogs from them. They mentioned they have a waiting list and I thought, let's go ahead and get on it as it can take up to 3 years for availability.

I sent the breeder a message and we started chatting. Turns out, they had this little boy available that was going through the wait list now, but it was looking good for availability. Most people on the wait list want a specific coloring/coat. We were just picky on it being a boy, we weren't picky on what color he would turn out to be (Chris says there are too many females in our household to get a female dog - ha)

Sunday night - around midnight - he was ours! We could not believe it! We had some hiccups on transportation as their transporter was already driving his sister to someone and we ended up meeting them half way - about 3 hours.

The main guy, Grandpa Kim as I know him, was very nice and you could tell was very loving to the dogs. He gave us toys, a blanket that smells like mom, food, tons of tips and tricks and of course all sorts of records from health to pedigree etc. He said he was surprised how quickly we were able to get one. There were 84 people still on the waiting list - 84! He said female is the most common and then people are waiting for a red rough coat or all black or smooth coats etc. I said, we just wanted a happy healthy little boy and love all the different coats! I could only imagine their place, he said while home, they let the dogs around the house and its just a party. He said he has 17 Brussels because he only breeds them for a short while and then keeps them as pets. I ended up talking with him for over 45 minutes and also, I could tell he was attached to the puppy.

The girls had no idea!

I got home before Chris and hid behind our morning room wall. The idea was to let Remy walk out, but he didn't budge! Instead, I called them back and Heidi had a full melt down. I have a video but I promised Heidi I wouldn't post it - she full on ugly cries :)  Lucy didn't know what to think, as she usually doesn't, but after everything calmed down, everyone was in love. We took him outside and he was just hopping and running all over the place. Heidi is still in awe that she has a puppy. You can tell she truly has been wanting one. Lucy does too but its like she doesn't know what to do with him. She sits and talks to Remy and Remy just stares at her! I think it will be fun to see how all their relationships grow!

He slept pretty much through the night and has only had one accident in the house. He was sniffing around Heidi's room and the girls don't know what that means yet :) Its potty training for everyone!

Picture time!

 This picture completely sums up Lucy and Remy's relationship right now...

 You can see the playfulness of Remy a little here!

 I was showing Remy Instagram. ha! j/k

 Welcome to the family!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Nice Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend. We had a couple of different birthday parties for Heidi's friends. First, Heidi got to do one of those painting classes which was fun.

It was gorgeous weekend and we got some Jeep riding in!

 Our Lucy. It was nice to see the kids playing outside again!

Then Heidi had another birthday party that little Lu was able to come along as well. 

Less than 3 weeks left of school before summer!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mary Poppins

Proud momma weekend. Heidi was in her school's production of Mary Poppins Jr and she did awesome. She had three different supporting roles and it was entertaining to watch. She knew her choreography and looked natural on stage.

What made it even more special was Grandma and Grandpa came into town and shared in the fun! 

There are many little brother and sisters who enjoyed themselves at the show too. This Kindergarten bunch is going to be wild!

There were two shows during the weekend and then we had to throw a cast party afterwards. The kids were tired, but they had fun dancing and singing!

On top of the musical craziness - we took grandma and grandpa to the new fat heads and enjoyed some food and drinks. 

It was also Mother's Day weekend! Man - what a weekend - visitors, musicals and Mother's Day!

I had one goal for Mother's Day - drink margaritas... Check!

It was a busy but awesome weekend and we still can't believe grandma and grandpa drove 13 hours to come up for it! We miss them already and can't wait to see everyone in July!