Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekend Fun

The last week started off with some sick kids and husband. Just a quick fever and sensitive stomachs. I managed to avoid it - but some school was missed!

I think Lucy is only happy when she is running around in underwear - we're going to have to monitor this one!

Friday we both worked from home since the kids didn't have school. I always laugh when Chris and I share a table and try to have competing conference calls. Luckily he jumped on a plane mid afternoon for a fun trip to Chicago.

I was invited by coworkers to go to Cedar Point Friday night for their Halloweekends. It was a first time going and I have never seen so many roller coasters in my life. Literally - they were insane. I'm game for whatever - but Cedar Point hit my max for sure. On top of that - it was 40 degrees and rainy. I have never been so cold and at some points it hurt to open your eyes on the ride because of the rain pelting you. Oh and they had these "scare zones" you had to walk through with scare actors jumping out and scaring you or growling at you or setting off canons... I'm too old for that crap! We had a great time, but I'm good for awhile... bring me back to my fun Disney rides!

Since Chris is gone all weekend on a guys trip - the girls and I ran errands and ended up at the jump park. I wore them out for sure!

Funny story - we noticed it was really cold in our house and the temp was cold outside too... turns out the thermostat was never turned to heat. It was 59 degrees at one point. Luckily - it was be controlled thru an app and Chris got it adjusted right away... looks like I will be learning how to control our new thermostat after he gets back! We all snuggled for warmth.

It was the last football cheer game and it was a beautiful fall day. The girls did great but I will be happy for basketball season - indoors! Now its just continuing to practice for the fall competition!

Since it is Fall break for the kids - I gained an extra Lucy last night :)

And...we are getting close!!!!! Magicbands should be arriving in a couple of weeks!!!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Grand-friends Day and more CHEER!

Yet another busy week for us.  Heidi went away for three days for the class trip and had a blast! She loved it so much. She got to do what she wanted to do and loved doing all the classes etc. The school did post this picture of her with archery - love it! Maybe a new hobby for her???

This week at school was Grand-friends day. This is where it is very hard to live away from all our family. I know all of them would have loved to participate at school and it is hard for Heidi and Lucy when they don't have someone come. Now, we have also made amazing friends here in Cleveland and the Belciks offered to step in and be surrogate Grand-friends so Lucy could participate in the school activities. Lucy was thrilled. Tom and Kathy are the nicest people and we couldn't have been more honored for them to support us like that. We can't thank them enough for it!

Our new furniture has arrived...well most of it... We are still missing our bench for our table and the cover. I love it! Heidi also got her new dresser (its unwrapped in the picture). Chris and I joked that with the new table, it makes us want to get our floors done - like now!

Lucy also had her cheer camp at the high school! She just cracks me up! She has her own style and it just entertaining to watch.

On Saturday - we had a very rainy day for our squad. They were troopers and I think had some fun in the rain!

And then there is this.... and yes - its glitter.

And a funny from Lucy... all day Sunday, Lucy was just walking around in a tank top and no pants. When asked she goes:

"Don't worry mom, it's no pants Sunday"

Sounds good Lucy.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Cheer Camp & Home Improvements

School is going well. We are settling into our routine - but it has been crazy! We are in constant motion! I can't get over Lucy in her little school uniform. She is too cute!

If life wasn't crazy enough - we decided to have a cheer camp! We had about 25 little campers and of course we have about 21 cheerleaders - it was loud but fun. Heidi was a great leader and kind of funny story - when we had the cheerleaders introduce themselves - Heidi did a herkie jump and literally kicked her own head she was so high. Ha.

Random breakfast out this Saturday.

 Then it was game time for the cheerleaders!

I also baked apple cobbler this weekend as requested by Chris. It wasn't pretty (I rushed it a bit with the dough) but it was delicious.

On Sunday we finished up some home improvements  - like switching out the outside lights and ordering us a new table! We just need to finish painting the garage door and outside will be complete!

Big day and week for Heidi - she will be gone for three days with her class for a camping trip. Its a really cool program she gets to do and I know she will have a blast!