Sunday, November 27, 2016

Girls Weekend & Omaha Thanksgiving

A couple of weekends ago, Chris was off to a boys weekend in KC, which meant I had a whole weekend to entertain the girls. We went to a movie, ate ice cream, went shopping and kept ourselves busy!

Random activity - we had a tortilla fight and tossing contest... Heidi and I won for the record :)

How Lucy looks when she wakes up...

Prepping for our Disney tree...

Heidi won another award at school. Citizenship award! So proud!

When I was packing for Omaha - Taco always get weird, like we are going to leave him. He refused to be off my lap and starred at me like this for...hours...

Annual Omaha trip! I have to admit, I did the worst ever at taking pictures this year. I wish I would have taken more, lesson learned! Here is what I have:

Playing with Snapchat with my dad...

 I'm not the best at shuffleboard... like - bad...

 The girls love their bedtime stories with Grandma Babs.

Thanksgiving dinner!

Brett made the best meal ever. He made from scratch Mexican food - like steamed tamales, salsa, beans and more. He should open a restaurant and all of us enjoyed helping with the tamales.

We drove the long way back and Lucy is back to her old antics...

Time to decorate and prepare for Christmas!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween - Toys - Cheerleading!

Finally downloading some pictures from my camera!  I am bummed I only took one picture of the girls carving pumpkins. I have had a bum foot and it has caused me to stay "put" and not run around like I normally do! A series of steroids and cortisone shot #1 - I'm doing a little better!

Maybe due to those steroids - I had some extra energy and cleaning the morning room didn't require much running around - more sorting!

Before and During:


 Halloween pictures!

We had a very big weekend and Heidi had her first cheerleading competition. She had a blast. I can't hear out of my left ear, but its ok. We are so proud of Heidi and the team. They won first place in spirit. Not quite sure what that means, but hey they won something!

Omaha is a couple weeks away! Time to start Christmas shopping and packing!