Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The weather was fantastic which meant - a lot of time outside and a lot of fun. Down side is we didn't get through as much garage sale prep as we would have liked but we did make some progress. We are in the mood to clean house and sell crap! We even joked about putting tags on the dogs - KIDDING!

Before I jump into the pictures - we had a very successful weekend - Lucy is officially pacifier free! Friday night - we cut the tip off of one - gave it to her - she looked at us like we were crazy - went to bed without - cried maybe five minutes and that was it. Saturday - I gave her another snipped one - she threw it away and went on her merry way. We have officially thrown them all away and Lucy is just fine!

Picture time!

The flowers bloomed on our light post. I thought the plant was dead - so it was a nice surprise!

I was taking pictures of Heidi and of course little peanut Lucy wanted hers taken as well!

We basically hung outside for most of the weekend. We got some new plastic patio chairs that are actually not so bad. We have a real patio set picked out and decided we have to wait until after the garage sale - to help motivate selling more stuff!

We also bought a super cheap fire pit. We have been wanting one and debating if we should build a nice one etc etc - we just got a cheap one. We figure we can use it on Halloween too and it would be nice to have one we don't care about.

Daddy might have had too many beers with the neighbor and was a wee bit tired on Sunday. The kids were helping him feel jumping on him.

I have to now hide my jewelry from Lucy - she LOVES to wear it.

Back outside - another gorgeous day!

Heidi was playing with all the silk worms...

Lucy zonked out on the couch - good thing for I was rubbing her hair and discovered a tick! We were able to remove it and our neighbor helped us pull a remaining piece out of her head. We just have to watch it for infection and we should be okay. Our luck! Now everyone gets full body checks!

Back to normal today!

I think Heidi was outside almost all day. The neighbors have this awesome water slide and they were nice enough to let her be their 4th kid and play all day :) Totally jealous of the kids playing while I was in the basement cleaning!

Heidi also needed a decorated potato for the potato Olympics. We were suppose to dress the potato like an athlete from a different country. Um...I think we made a cheerleader from Jamaica. That works.

And if ticks weren't enough, we also dealt with a snake hanging out in the tree by our front yard. Our brave neighbor kids managed to catch it and release it across the street in their forest!

 Lucy watching them release the snake...

Summer is here! Now back to cleaning the basement...