Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Fun...

We had a great weekend! We had visitors from Texas - Jeremy, Michelle and Ava - it was a great visit and a good time catching up! I was retarded once again and didn't take a lot of pictures of Ava and Heidi interacting with one another, but I did take this picture of them in the bathtub - I swear Heidi didn't move an inch and Ava was flying all over the tub - so funny!

We went to the zoo again and of course the girls loved it. I think one of Heidi's favorite parts is when we allow her to run wild along the path between dairy world and the seals. She decided to take a break from capturing leaves and sit on the curb. Too cute!

I don't want to talk much about this week's husker game, it makes me sad - but Heidi was dressed up country style - overalls - no shirt. The truth is, I didn't have a plain white or red shirt or anything that would look somewhat decent - so naked it was. Maybe if she wore a shirt - we would have won...

I love this one of her mouth jammed full of chex mex! ha!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

B is for Busy

SORRY!!! I have been busy... let's recap...shall we... starting backwards...

Husker season is back! Of course Heidi is decked out in Husker gear. Now the first game Heidi was feeling under the weather and didn't feel so hot but I dressed her up anyways. The next day after the game she got two new shinny teeth - which explains a lot.

Here are Kendall and Heidi watching the game.

After Heidi was sick and crabby for awhile - I got sick - had a good fever and just got knocked down. Don't worry - no swine flu here - I went and got tested and it all came back negative - they think it was just some kind of bug. Nice. By the way, they test for swine flu by sticking a swab way - WAY - up your nose. I almost hit the nurse and I'm totally not kidding. They made me wear a mask - I never thought a mask could make you feel so unwanted in a place! Everyone looked at me like I had the black plague!

I have to randomly thrown in this picture. Chris and I cut the boys ourselves to save some money for an upcoming Vegas trip and decided to give Brew a mo hawk... I think its pretty much awesome! ha!

I recovered just in time to head off to Vegas for work - yes it was Vegas and yes Chris and I are returning to Vegas in a week and a half - but it was work - 24 x 7 work, networking, talking, behaving myself. Some highlights, The Moon night club at the Palms - industry parties are great - they go all out trying to impress you and you don't have to pay a dime for your Grey Goose vodka drinks. I'm not going to complain.

Montel Williams was the key note speaker. He is a very captivating man - go figure - how long was his talk show on - something like 17 years??? But it was an interesting speech - it was more pitching us that he is the new face of selling crap on TV. Works for me - I don't care what it is as long as it makes the phone ring. My co worker and I were afraid we weren't going to get close enough to him to take a picture - he ended up doing his speech right next to me - too close to get a good picture - sorry for the blurry-ness - I could smell him... and he had nice bling on too - hehe

While I was in Vegas Chris got to play Mr. mom and he did a fantastic job. He took Heidi to her 15 month appointment - which she comes in at 11% for weight and 39% for height - she has jumped up there! So I asked Chris to give me a full recap of the doctor's appointment since I couldn't be there... this is literally the email I received...

Weight 20.5lbs; 11%, height 30 1/4in.; 39%, head 45 1/2; 36%. 3 shots as well. We miss and love you!

Gotta love guys.

But Chris did manage to continually send me pictures of Heidi while I was gone for the three days. Here is Heidi riding to daycare

Heidi playing with my jewelry - I gave her all my costume jewelry and she LOVES it!

Bath time with Heidi - which daddy has now made up a song to help teach her body parts - its real cute. Ask Chris to sing it for you next time you see him.

And my favorite - eating dinner at Lone Star. Love it!
Now the ABSOLUTELY BIGGEST accomplishment of Chris this week is he officially broke Heidi of the pacifier - gone - these pictures posted will be the last ones with the pacifier. She now doesn't need it for bed time, nap time, crabby time or anything - she is a pacifier-free kiddo. A BIG THANKS to Chris for taking the hard days of breaking her and making it nice and easy for me. :)