Sunday, September 22, 2013


We had a fun weekend - Saturday was football and crafts. Lucy was being a usual...

Heidi working on her crafts she picked out...

Lucy is obsessed with our printer - I think she has faxed several times and who knows what else...

 Heidi is obsessed with Chris' wallet... yikes!

Lucy is an easy going - fun little peanut...EXCEPT when she gets hungry. Holy cow - you would think we are beating her or something. She completely melts down in two seconds!

Onto the apple orchard! We went again with our lovely neighbors - to keep up the tradition and it was a ton of fun again!

 Heidi was holding onto her buddies as the hay rack ride was a little bumpy!

 Lucy loved to suck on some apple slices and eventually I just gave her a whole apple. She loved it!

This year the corn maze was um...interesting. The corn didn't grow - so you could see everything or take short cuts! It was still fun and glad we didn't have to get lost like last time...

I love this time of year! We now have a twenty pound bag of apples - looks like my apple cobbler will be making an appearance this week!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meat, Talking and Toads

We had some big milestones this weekend - first off...meat...well Lucy must be like her family - she LOVES meat and cannot get enough of it. She loves chicken, pork, hamburger, turkey and especially HAM! I bought lunch meat for sandwiches and no lie - I think Lucy has consumed most of it.  It's just funny that at 11 months old, I was worried if she would even eat, let alone try to smash a cake for her birthday to now 13 months - she wants to eat anything and everything - which is only problematic if its off the ground or you are having something she can't have. Maybe she will eat enough to grow and move on from 9 month clothes :) She is also almost transitioned all the way to whole milk. I think one more week of mixing and we will be done!

Lucy has officially starting saying Heidi - it comes across as Hi-dee-dee but its clear as day and when she is looking or wanting her. I really hope to catch it on video, but we will see!

She is really starting to talk and say simple words like more - which kind of comes out like a British accent with no "R". My favorite is when she is mad at the dogs or Heidi or us - I feel like she is cussing us out in her own way - like a bunch of syllables in a row with an arm swinging.

She isn't walking yet but we did have one moment of standing by herself. Soon...very soon...

I wanted to get pictures of the girls in their Husker gear - but - this is all I managed to get...

Yep. Then Heidi wanted to pose for sister pictures...poor Lucy...she is such a good sport!

Heidi should be a professional toad hunter. She has caught three this weekend I believe. We made a little home for the toads to hang out during the day and we released them at night. Heidi is so proud and wants to hold it often.

Onto another hectic week of dual drop off and pick up for Lucy and Heidi - a lot of work and who knows what else... At least football is back on TV (no - I'm not discussing this last game...tear) and its starting be that nice fall weather! I love this time of year!