Monday, February 25, 2013

The Devil Dentist

We have had a very traumatic day here in the Gonzales household. Today, Heidi was suppose to get one of her cavities fixed. It all started out fine - she willingly went back, chose her movie, put the nose thing on...but shortly after - I'm summoned by the staff to in the room.

I find a very upset Heidi and a stressed out tech. I try to coach her through it but it just gets worse and out of hand. I have never heard Heidi scream or cry like that. They gave her one shot and she freaked out. Next thing I know, they are bringing in the swaddle board and shoving a paper in my face to sign. Looking back - such a bad idea but I wasn't thinking clearly.

They tried to strap her down and it just got worse and by this time I'm yelling at them to stop. Just horrible. Heidi was choking and vomiting - I was crying - she was crying. Blah!

The poor kid broke all the blood vessels around her eyes. I'm pretty sure she will have two black eyes. Her cheek is all swollen. She has broken blood vessels around her mouth and her cheek bone. The inside looks black and blue too.

We just feel so bad that even had to happen and really all for nothing. Nothing got accomplished. I was putting trust in the practice to decide what to do or not do. I thought she would be in a twilight stage and it was far from it. Ugh!

We do not have a solution at this point but Chris is looking into it. Heidi seems fine now - keeps asking when her face will look better. Also overheard her talking to Lucy about it and how she was scared but it was good Lucy was at school. A cute moment - Heidi already protecting Lucy.

The parent guilt kicked in and we bought Heidi a new toy :) we already warned daycare about Heidi's face. We don't want them thinking we beat our kid!

Sigh...glad this day is over! I took some pictures - none of those dots are freckles...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 Month Stats - V Day - Misc

I realized I never posted her outcome of her 6 month check up. Our little butterball is weighing in at 13 lbs 4 ounces - or in the 10% but she is up two pounds from her 4 months check up! Her height is 25 1/4 which is 2 inches taller than before and jumps her to the 25% for height! The doctor said she isn't behind on the whole - not sitting thing - but she was progressing how she should be. She said that Lucy was actually ahead of the game in something - really? Talking and social skills! Ha! Her ability to interact with people and how many sounds and things she makes. Yeah! The doctor answered all my wacky questions and even made some strong suggestions on how to handle Lucy's sleeping issues... first - feed the bottle and don't let her fall asleep... and second - after you feed her - THEN bathe her or do something to keep her up. Makes sense - will help with the belly! And of course...the cry it out method - more or less.

Well we have now completed 6 days of letting her fall asleep - no pacifier - no nighttime feedings etc etc and Lucy actually has taken to it. A couple of nights we struggled through a midnight waking - but nothing has lasted more than an hour and overall - she has been a even happier baby. I think Chris and I deep down think she is more fragile or something and were afraid to apply the same processes to her as we did Heidi. Let's hope it continues! I think we finally might be getting into the swing of things...took long enough...

Valentine's Day! A big thank you to all the grandparents for sending cards and gifts. It help make the day special! Heidi also enjoys openings all the presents - I think when Lucy can finally do her own - it will be a sad day for Heidi!

Anyways - here is Heidi with her box from school!

She wanted to model by all the boxes and presents!

Lucy watching her open all the presents!

 She opened this one and was like - a radio??? haha - I'm like - Grandma Babs likes to reuse boxes... haha!

 Brew getting his v-day rub down...

She could not wait to get her new PJs and slippers on!

I decided on Saturday to have Lucy try on her new outfit she received - I think she is pretty cute! :) I put shoes on her and they are still huge - but they work!

She is growing so fast and has SUCH a cute personality! She hardly cries any more - only if we are late to getting a bottle or is bored with whatever she is doing. She is even taking naps better!

Heidi REALLY wanted to hold Lucy all on her own! Look how proud she is and Lucy was LOVING it!

Happy baby!

Heidi and I went upstairs to get dressed to go grocery shopping - we come back down to this... how cute?

Friday, February 15, 2013

MRI - All is Good

Finally! We have the MRI results and all is good! Yeah Lucy!!! Now I can have that ulcer removed from my belly (j/k) - five days is too long for results!

Monday, February 11, 2013


We are up and done and as soon as we finish this bottle we can go home! We won't have results until Wednesday but at least everything went great!

Ready to go!

Lucy is getting ready for her MRI... So far happy baby...but she hasn't been poked yet and doesn't realize that she can't eat - hehe...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

6 Months and Catching Up

Happy 6 Months to Lucy! Our little butterball is almost 13 pounds. The official doctor's appointment is on Tuesday and we will share the stats then.

She still is a little slow on the movement category - she almost can roll over - she hangs out on her side and then rolls to hang out on the other side.

She does a great job on her tummy and can push herself way up as well as circle around. We joke that she will be army crawling before she can even sit. Each week we can tell she gets stronger.

She talks ALL THE TIME - NON STOP! She babbles and makes all sorts of noises and tones. She has to have someone by her and interacting with her - which can be good and bad depending on what needs to get done!

She is obsessed with Heidi - no surprise there!

She finally is eating some solids. We are still trying out the veggies but should start a fruit or two next week.

As far as sleeping through the night...well maybe not so much - she has days in a row where she will sleep from 7:30pm to 5:00am - but most nights there is a least one to two plugging of the pacifier. A lot has to do with her sensitive belly. It seems like after eating the same food for three days her system finally adjusts and she is fine, but we are starting a new food every week - which means - every first couple days of the week...upset belly!

Her hair is slowly coming back in... Its still curly on top, but its too short to tell if it will be curly or not.

Her eyes are hanging out in a hazel brown blue situation.

No teeth and no signs of teeth.

She still wears 3 months clothes, but I have been putting 6 months on her - just because we have so many and I have super cute ones!

I just upped her ounces per bottle this week to 6 ounces and nope - she doesn't finish them. She just has a little belly!

She loves toys and anything she can talk to. She loves screens, like the TV or the Kindle touch games and wants our phones!

Everything goes into her mouth and after she tastes it, she talks about it. ;)

She is a joy to play with and is finally in a routine! She is honestly a happy baby - now if we can just get her through the night on a regular basis!

Today is fun day Sunday - or as Heidi likes to call it  - Stay At Home Day where I where PJs all day - yep. We just got a new vacuum and were testing out the newly vacuumed carpets... it was gross how much it pulled up!!! Some fun sister pictures...

For some reason during our "photo session" Brewski insisted on joining in and would not budge. Speaking of Brew dog - it was his birthday last Wednesday. He is officially 9 years old!

You may notice Heidi's hair has been down a lot - she will NOT let me put it up. Its all about headbands and leaving it down. I think that's what the other girls at school do. Speaking of school... Heidi might have her first boyfriend - a boy named Braxton. I have not witnessed anything - but protective daddy has. His birthday is this coming weekend - so I will report back if I see any funny business. :)

We got all of our chores done and Heidi has been dying to make these cardboard inside sleds. I guess they made some at school but Heidi didn't get a chance to let's do it at home! Heidi and I worked on one version and daddy criticized it, so he built his own. I hate to admit but his worked better than ours but ours was prettier... We might get a divorce over this and in the reason why: irreconcilable differences over cardboard sled making...just saying...

And then we had a spurt of energy before nap time - I tried to catch some pictures of Heidi but she was running full speed!!!

Lucy was loving her running around too!

I think this picture is great - it might be my new desktop picture at work... :)
And its time for naps...

Tomorrow is a big day. Lucy gets her MRI on her spine. Its just precaution to rule out a tethered spine. They don't think she has it, but its better to catch now versus later when damage can be done to her nerves.  We go in bright and early. Two things we are nervous for:

1. They do put her under, which always will make any parent nervous!
2. We can't feed her past 2am... Lucy is not cool when she can't eat... Seriously... I don't know what we will do...

Then Heidi went to the dentist this last week. She did a great job! She does have some cavities they have to fix and they will put her under for that -more to come.

Funny story - Heidi got a fake tooth at the dentist and the dentist told her to put it under her pillow and the tooth fairy will come. Heidi was all excited because she was going to get money. Well it came to bed time and I was like - don't forget to put your tooth under your pillow and then the tooth fairy will come take it and leave money. Heidi was very concerned that she would no longer have her tooth and for awhile didn't not want the fairy to take it. In the very end - she did choose money over the tooth - but it was A LOT of convincing! The tooth is in her hand below...

Wish us luck with the MRI tomorrow!!!