Sunday, January 24, 2010

Das Heidi...

Sorry for the hiatus! No real excuse except we are working hard on our New Year's resolutions - so when it gets to the evening after working out - I'm too tired to blog! Enough about that... On to Heidi!

No more bouncer...

First off - I HATE LITTLE TIKES CUSTOMER CARE! We bought the bouncer for Christmas and blew it up that day. We realized right away something was wrong - it would only stay inflated for about 30 minutes, if that. We couldn't find any obvious holes - so it came down to it was a defective product. In the instructions manual - it states clearly - DO NOT return to store - contact customer care instead. Okay, so December 26th, I submitted an online inquiry. They acknowledged it on January 3rd and it has been ridiculous since. SEVERAL emails and phone calls later - I get in a conversation with an agent on 1/21/10 and here is some of the dialog...

Agent: "We are currently out of stock of the bounce houses and cannot send a replacement. In order to receive a Little Tikes coupon for another Little Tikes Toy, you will need to cut the bounce house in half, then write your claim number on both sides, take a picture, but both halfs have to be in the same picture and email it to Scott. This claim will take 6 to 8 weeks to process"

Me: "Cut it in half? What? And email it to who? 8 weeks huh? This thing is huge, like 6 foot tall, you know that right? And what am I suppose to cut it with?"

Agent: "Something sharp."

Me: "Something sharp? Wow, ok and what if I cut myself, is that a lawsuit then?"

Agent... No response...
Me: "Okay whatever, what are the ridiculous instructions again?"

Yes, gotta love calling customer service. Anyways long story short - we ended up taking it back to Toy R Us, which they were wonderful, gave us a full refund and we were on our way. The lesson - just take it back to the store and don't buy a Little Tikes bounce house. Here is Heidi saying goodbye to the bounce house...

We decided to go to the car show again this year - a little change from last year - last time, Heidi stayed in the stroller most of the time - this year - I could barely keep up with her. I'm sure the car people loved her little hand prints all over their shiny new cars...
Bat mobile
Kendall and Blake joined us (along with Matt Grandpa Darrell and Grandma Babs) - it was WAY too cute - Heidi and Kendall greeted one another with a hug - they really are buddies!
Snack time with the two little ones...
Shrine Circus was kind enough to give us a free clown nose... I think its a nice look - don't you?
Enough about the car show - good time - everyone should go - now Heidi being Heidi
Since the bouncer is no more - we have decided to "borrow" Heidi's play floor and use it for our exercise area. Heidi loves to turn on the videos and run around like she is working out. I need to video tape her - it includes her dancing, kicking and trying to do stretches - pretty funny!

Have I mentioned Heidi likes to be naked - well now she RIPS off her clothes - I mean will throw a fit if I try to put anything on her... She doesn't seem cold and she is quite happy running around in a diaper - I'm just worried the next thing she'll figure out how to rip off is the diaper... yikes!
Naked Heidi signing out - until next time...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bringing in the NEW YEAR!

We spent NYE at the wonderful Children's Museum! It was crazy fun! So many people but in a good way! Heidi was a little overwhelmed and started out slow.

Then she started to warm up...

Then she got into the swing of things. I think she could have played in the ball room the ENTIRE night! She loves that room!

She kept going towards the tubes that were blowing out air - I think she liked it in her hair! :)

Kendall, Blake, Matt, Babs and Darrell also joined us at the museum. (Christina was already there working!) The crew had a good time running around!

This is Blake - but this is such a Matt face it's scary!

I'm going to keep posting embarrassing pictures of Matt...because I find it funny...oh and Chris too...

At 8pm they had a count down and everyone was given a section of bubble wrap to stomp on - we had Blake handle ours for the group - a lot of fun and LOUD!

We ended the night with adult beverages at Matt and Christina's house - here is Heidi the morning after...

Some random pictures...

Heidi's new favorite thing... STICKERS!!! The best part is - where you randomly find them in the house!

I thought Heidi looked so grown up enjoying her cheese stick in her new chair and waiting by the door!

NAKED TIME! And yes she is RUNNING!

We were finally able to celebrate Christmas with Chris' side of the family. Heidi in her Christmas dress with Big Toe!

Heidi was so excited to see everyone - especially Grandma!

Brew liked his new toy!

Heidi choosing which present to open next - with Brett's help of course!

Grandpa working hard to get the dog toy to quack...just to was funny!

Grandma and Heidi playing with all the new toys!

These are the sweets Grandma made for us - I guess this is only 10% of what she all made! CRAZY!

It was a great way to start 2010! Looking forward to what this year brings!