Monday, August 31, 2009

Cousins by Christina Kahler

Christina Kahler has done it again - we had her take some pictures of the cousins for my dad's birthday and of course - they are awesome!!! Its amazing what she can capture in 15 minutes of letting the cousins run around in the park next to her house!

Thank you Christina!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend Festivities...

So its Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to posting the weekend fun - sorry! We went to the zoo again - it was sooooo beautiful out. We got there at 9am, after a nice breakfast at the Farm House and we were gone by noon - just when it was starting to get crazy busy! Chris had to take his picture by Sponge Bob. Heidi loved the aquarium - the secret is to go there first and there is hardly anyone in there - we let her run wild and oh she did. I wasn't able to catch her in many pictures because she was moving so fast - I posted the blurry one just so you understand what I was dealing with.

After visiting a few more animals, we always let Heidi walk a bit from the dairy section to the seal lions - she would walk and then stop for a snack at the stroller and continue walking. She is so solid when she walks - like she is a body builder or something - Christina is convinced she walks like a gymnast - I don't know...

Heidi crashed right when we got to the car - we buckled her in and she was out before we could even leave the parking lot.

Also this weekend Heidi tried raisins for the first time. She L-O-V-E-D them! Please notice how carefully she is eating them and strangely Brew is never too far from her. We did find out one thing - Taco does not care for raisins. Good to know. Tigers hate cinnamon and Taco hates raisins.

Ayla, Anne and Dean came over for a quiet Saturday night and Heidi decided to help Ayla in her Chicco car - it was way too funny watching Heidi push her around.

Heidi is into drawers and she loves her bottle/Tupperware drawer. For some reason she decided to try to sit in the large Tupperware and ended up getting stuck and being not too happy - I found it hilarious and had to take a picture before helping her out. :)

I love this picture - its just of little Heidi playing in her swimming pool!

A Mystery Gift!

We received this cute hand painted stool for Heidi Monday night - no card - no name - only it was shipped from New Jersey... Anyone want to claim it??? Its very cute and I would hate not to thank whoever sent it!!!
***SOLVED*** Michelle in Texas ordered it and had it drop shipped to me! A belated birthday gift for Heidi - hehe - too funny!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Build-A-Bear with Grandma

It was Grandma Gonzales' birthday last week and we didn't know what to get her - she is the nicest, sweetest person in the world and she can't imagine anyone spending money on her - which means - she is difficult to buy for...

So Chris came up with a backward idea to give her a gift she could enjoy with Heidi - Build-A-Bear. Yes, we bought a gift for another person that was actually for Heidi - but it is the fun activity we tried to buy for Heidi and Grandma to enjoy and I think they had fun. Chris went along to document the occasion and here are the pictures...

Heidi and Grandma picking out the perfect bear...

Heidi discovering the stroller and yes Chris ended up buying that too... such a sucker... :)

Heidi and Grandma enjoying the store and the bear being finalized to take home!

You can tell how much Heidi likes the bear - she hasn't stopped playing with it and the stroller since we got home!

Thanks Grandma for a fun afternoon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

d.r.U.N.K. Weekend...

Look a blog not about Heidi… I know, I know… hard to believe….
This weekend was the big alumni reunion in good ole Kearney Nebraska. A very large group of friends, acquaintances and significant others made their way to UNK – I don’t know the final count of people – I just know we filled entire bars!
It was crazy fun to say the least – thankfully my friends took a few good pictures to help recap the reunion…
Friday was the excited, hyper night filled with a lot of talking – enough to lose my voice and drink enough to want to swear off the stuff. I think the night ended with Amigos, my husband carrying Anisa out of the car – she had a dress on – no flashing here and a lot of water!
On Saturday we went bowling with a small group of friends – I behaved myself being I had a cold and wanted to save energy for the evening – some other people – we’ll use aliases to protect them – Gonzo, Ughs, Neecie, Bear….and Val – decided to drink for 14 hours straight – that’s real talent and I’m proud. Thank god Kearney has cabs for $1.00 a person!
Saturday night ended with us taking over the Backlot and dancing like no one was watching – we all know I’m the best dancer in the world – (embarrassing) – but I’m still sore – especially when I raise my hands in the air and wiggle my butt – wow – I’m talented…
I ate more Amigos than I have in 10 years, but for some reason a soft taco still sounds good.
You know you’re getting old when…
  1. After a big night of partying with old buddies – you still wake up at 6 am
  2. You actually want to shower and can’t imagine hanging out all day greasy
  3. You’re willing to spend $40 on Amigos because you know it will make you feel better instead of back in college you would save $2 for chips and cheese
  4. You come prepared with headache meds, Gatorade and plenty of snacks to help you get over the pain
  5. You can’t even consider going to afterhours
  6. You dance for two hours and end up sore for three days

Thank you to all my friends who made a very memorial weekend – you can’t spell drunk without UNK! GO LOPERS!