Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Preview

Lucy had a rough week. She got a rash and some red eyes over a week ago but never a fever, no real discomfort - just a rash. We went to the football game and no big changes and overall ok. Fast forward to Tuesday morning and she woke up with head-to-toe itchy rash. Long story short and three doctor visits and more scheduled - they don't know why. All have come to the conclusion that Lucy's body is fighting off something and she seems to be winning. Some different creams and a whole lot of Benadryl - she is doing better. Still don't know 100% why but we are going to a specialist specialist on Thursday to see if we can answer why. Nothing to be too worried about - might be connected to her strain of Molluscum Contagiosum - who knows... Doc says she is happy, she is not itchy anymore and things are healing.

Our neighbors had a birthday party and come to find out - it was a Halloween-everyone-dress-up kind of party. I was a last minute Disney tourist - fanny pack and all - Chris decided to dress like our neighbor, Jason. It was quite funny throughout the night.

The girls got to wear their costumes for the party. Yep - nothing homemade this year - not enough time. I think they are cute just the same :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Go Huskers!

We had a fantastic weekend! We took a mini trip to Bloomington, Indiana for the Huskers vs Hoosiers football game. It was only about 5 hours away and we figure it was a good first experience for the girls and Husker football! The girls were great. I think there were as many Husker fans as Indiana fans there at the game! Everyone was nice, everyone had fun and we were glad we could do it. The girls also enjoyed staying in a hotel - kids love hotels! It was nice to get away with the family and enjoy some Husker football too!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Normal Weekend

We didn't do anything this weekend and it was glorious. Three weeks ago we were in Disney, last weekend, I was in Chicago - so this weekend I wanted to be home.

First - a couple of quick pictures from Chicago. We had fun. duh.

Then I just have a couple of cell phone pictures. I need to dust off my other camera and get some nice shots of the girls! They are growing too fast. Also - Heidi is now illusive Heidi - not as photogenic as before and I have to chase her down a bit to stand for a picture.

 Perfect weather for a fire pit!

 Too cute-  Lucy wanted to mow with dad - but safety first!

Lucy had her first field trip with her class. Also she is making friends too!

Saturday night we got together with our neighbors to wish the Yohos good luck with moving. We are terribly sad they are moving away and are completely in denial that its happening this weekend -so I'm going to continue to believe it isn't.

 Videos of Heidi cheering! She is so cute!