Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!

Happy Birthday Chris! His birthday week went well. Thursday we opened presents, ate some wings and ate some cake. Heidi, I think, was more excited to open presents than Chris was. She was more than happy to "help" open them... 
She picked out this card herself - It totally says from your Smart-Ass Kid...she doesn't know...

His big present from us was a smoker - he has been asking for one or thinking about getting one for a long time. I decided to be sold by a Home Depot person and bought a smoker and a whole bunch of crap to go with it. It isn't the nicest one out there - but we figure have him get his feet wet with smoking meat prior to really investing in a real nice one.

I wanted to get Chris a special cake and drove through rush hour traffic to Little Italy to get this cake... Unfortunately - it didn't taste as good as it looked - but lesson learned there. I still believe it was better than anything I could have whipped up!

Chris took Friday off for his birthday and his "to do" list included eating a Slyman's corn beef sandwich (which I joined him on), drink beer at the Westside Market and eat a key lime shake - I don't know if he ever got the shake or not. We did manage to get a free meal at Fat Head's that night... how you ask? Well have a waitress spill an entire beer on you that you didn't order. She was setting it down and it slipped out of her hand. Not only was I literally covered from my hair to my shoes (and in my eyes) - but I also got glass, lots of shards of glass covering me too. I'm thankful Heidi wasn't sitting next to me. In all my years - I have never had so much beer spilled on me and that includes college! There wasn't even that much on the table! Nothing like being pregnant and smelling like old beer. As the waitress stood there in shock, Chris reminded her I wanted ROOT BEER not a beer and then I stood up to help get some glass off me and I think she realized I was pregnant... yep. We love Fat Heads and it really was an accident and they handled it correctly. But NOT the way I want to be on my Friday night. I should really rethink eating out on Friday nights - its not going well for me! :)

Saturday Chris wanted to take a mini trip to Columbus to see their German Village... well... I wouldn't call it a German Village or even a block - everything was spread out like crazy and not what we expected. We did find a fudge house and ate at a good German restaurant. Heidi didn't know the difference and had fun...would we go, not so much...

 I tried to get Heidi to take a nice picture with me - I guess she is in her goofy face phase...

Today was let's smoke some MEAT! Heidi and Chris have been outside all day and it literally smells like a camp fire around here. Heidi had a blast playing all day in water and sand. She is such a goofball!

I let Brew outside finally - don't quite trust a going blind dog around a hot smoker... but he sniffed the air and bee-lined it for Chris' beer... Brewski might be blind but he can always find beer!

Heidi wanted to also play with her baseball toy she received for her birthday. Its very entertaining watching her try to hit the balls.

 She actually hit one!!!

Chris is doing a good job at his first round of smoking meat. I think he realizes its a little harder than originally thought, but I think it looks pretty darn good. Now...we need to taste it...

 Happy Birthday Chris!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Before Father's Day - Heidi had her 4 year old check up. We went to yet another new doctor that was recommended to us by my OB/GYN - she was nice and the best one we have seen - but sorry - she is not Dr. Davey.  *sigh* We REALLY miss Dr. Davey and Village Pointe Pediatrics... maybe I can convince him to move to Cleveland? No? ANYWAYS - Heidi is a healthy little girl. The doctor said she is well built and ahead of her age for speaking etc. She comes in at the 25% percentile for weight - just 32 pounds and 40% for height 39 inches. The doctor actually called her skinny - Chris and I looked at each other - how could WE produce a skinny kid - then Chris proceeded to pat his belly and said she gets it from him. Nice. No shots until next year - so it was a fun doctor's visit and we also chatted about the new baby and the plans for her. One thing checked off our list for the new baby - we at least have a pediatrician!

Saturday we went to a baseball game - which is always fun. Chris' coworkers were nice enough to give us free tickets. Last week in Cleveland was also Marine week - plenty of marine and military items through out downtown. Actually the airfield is right by my work and I did get sick of my desk vibrating from the helicopters and other jets flying by our office building ALL DAY LONG! Anyways - they had some military equipment in front of the stadium for the kids to go play on before the game. Nothing like a preschooler playing with a huge cannon-gun-thingy.

Heidi posing...

Heidi was actually into the game - she would clap when everyone else clapped - sing along - dance etc. We were a little higher than normal for seats - but Heidi couldn't tell a difference! She sat through several innings!

 Oh and it was $1.00 hot dog night...

The Indians redid their kid area and now its mostly indoors and SUPER nice! Plus we ran into Slider before going inside which made Heidi's day. Slider kissed Heidi's stuffed toy and gave Heidi a big ole hug! Perfect!

They basically took several suites and made it one big long room filled with Step 2 toys and cars. There are even benches to watch the game outside if you want. Heck - next time - we probably won't go to our seats - we will just go there! Plus, since it is several former suites - it means a lot of bathrooms and they made them all family bathrooms - perfect for kids and when the baby comes along!

Happy Father's Day! Heidi picked Chris out a football and one for herself too. No seriously - she picked them out all on her own. I gave him an iTunes gift card :) We went to breakfast and then hung out at home relaxing!

The only thing that Chris wanted to do was go to this best rated custard stand in Cleveland - East Coast Custard or something like that. Unfortunately, pregnant ladies can't have custard since its made with egg whites, but they had yogurt too. Heidi was very excited for her custard!

Custard is a lot creamier than ice cream (maybe its the egg whites) but it was a humid day which meant for a mess... and we didn't have any wipes... Daddy had to step in and help with the amount of custard - but I don't think he minded too much. :)

It was a good Father's Day! And I think it is appropriate to end this blog with a picture Chris took with his phone. Heidi wanted to show off her boo boo she got. Yep.

 Happy Father's Day!!!