Sunday, June 30, 2013


We had a great weekend - I didn't take very many pictures - but oh well! First, our neighbors had their awesome pig roast party which is always a good time. Heidi wanted to bring cookies and she basically made the dough by herself. I didn't take any pictures at the pig roast, I was too busy chatting and eating and drinking and having a good time!

We decided to bring out Heidi's old kitchen toy that she loved upstairs and now Lucy loves it! They had a great time exploring everything and playing with it. Yes - Lucy is naked... she was dressed - then during a diaper change was flipping over and not cooperating - so she is naked. It's Sunday.

I think Lucy is very close to pulling herself up. She gets so close. I bet it is like the crawling where one day she will actually want to pull herself up. She crawls SO quickly now. I call it run crawling!

That's all I have for pictures today. Back to cleaning for our visitors tomorrow!!! Grandpa and Nana come up tomorrow night for the week. We are all looking forward to their visit! I better go clean a toilet or two...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris and Pool Time!

You want to know what is glorious? That a CUPCAKE! Awesome. Chris turned the big 3-5 this weekend. We had a great weekend, complete with a fun visit from Curtis! The boys had some boys time and we mixed in some family time.

Yes - it is Christmas wrapping - I thought I had other wrapping paper...turns out...I didn't.

Heidi picked out some very special gifts for daddy - mainly makeup and a dress - daddy wasn't thrilled, but Heidi thought it was funny!

 Since daddy didn't want to model the makeup - Heidi did...

Lucy is FINALLY starting to eat finger foods and we're not worried she is going throw up all the time! She got a little excited with her Cheerios, blueberries and spinach smoothie - she got a little messy!

Sunday was lazy fun day...Chris and I had both stayed up late the night before with Curtis and his flight was REALLY early on Sunday. I was just happy I didn't drink Saturday night...unlike Chris...

It was super hot and we weren't in the mood to battle crowds at the pool - so it was time for backyard pool time!

Heidi modeling her new swimsuit.

 Lucy modeling Heidi's old swimsuit...

 I'm not sure how Lucy thinks about this...

 The other pool finally warmed up enough to plop Lucy in... side note - her scar looks good - huh?

 We got some cloud cover - so I tried to snap a couple of pictures!

 Trying to get a good picture of Heidi, Lucy and neighbor Bryn...but Lucy just wanted to eat a Barbie Doll.

Luckily for daddy and mommy - pool time wore out Lucy and Heidi wanted to watch a movie...which meant - NAP TIME!!! It was glorious.

After our little cat naps, Heidi wanted to chase bugs - she loves it. She goes into the grass in our way back yard and finds all sorts of bugs! So far we have caught many dragon flies, a baby grass hopper and a praying mantis! I hope the lighting bugs come out soon so we can REALLY catch a lot!

It was a good weekend! Monday came way to fast and we are already looking forward to the next weekend!!!