Monday, April 18, 2011

Goofy Heidi

Just another Sunday here - Chris decided he had to mow his lawn - but my thoughts are if you have to wear a coat - is it really necessary? :) Chris also asked for a riding lawn mower since our yard is bigger than before - I said - Hell NO - it could be worse - you could have a push mower - get back to it! Heidi watched him the entire time he was in the backyard and whenever he would come close - she would make silly faces at him. Classic!

Another big note - we had a great weekend of potty training - no accidents - YEAH!!! We had a couple of poop streaks in her underwear - but come on - who doesn't get poop streaks. :)

As a reward - I painted her toes and fingers and all she keeps saying is her hands are beautiful. Ha!

Now what happens when you have two smart ass parents??? You get a goofy kid - who also finds things funny... guess what she learned to do and now loves to do it to daddy...

As always - keeping it classy here in Cleveland.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finding Comfort with Food Poisoning...

Heidi has come back from food poisoning - longest 5 days of my life. I just felt bad when she was crying because her tummy or her butt hurt and there is nothing we could do. Then she wanted certain foods - like V8 juice - and she couldn't have them and didn't understand why not. On a funny note - for some reason all she wanted was meat. And yes - she would ask for meat. Meat being anything from bologna to chicken to hamburger or whatever - she just wanted meat. I wish I would have recorded her crying for meat - classic.

Heidi trying to find comfort for her upset tummy - she decided laying with Taco in the dog bed was the best choice. Pretty cute.

Also she was home Monday and Tuesday - ever tried to work while a toddler is home - not the easiest thing. So I resorted to her playing with my old office supplies. She called these pictures of monsters. Hey it kept her busy for a hour and now I have nice artwork for my office.

Last night was a fun night in the Gonzales house. Heidi was back to herself and all of us were hyper. We decided to play a little hide-and-go-seek. First was my turn and with the help of Brewski who is really good at finding me - Heidi was able to find me each time. Then it was time for Heidi to hide. For some reason if Chris and I were walking around saying "where was Heidi?" - she would go "SQUEAK" - like say the word. NO IDEA where that came from! :)

Sometimes it would even be "I'm Right HERE!" Too funny. Plus the hiding places she would choose are hilarious - stand behind a dining room chair that is see through - lay in the dog bed - go in the pantry - but leave it open and just face the shelves. Very entertaining. I'm glad she is back!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cleveland Visit by Christina Kahler

Christina was gracious enough to share the pictures she took while in Cleveland. I love them - you can check out her real work at: The anticipation of their arrival...

I wish I could have video taped Blake, Kendall and Heidi all running towards each other - classic!

The sleeping situation... Night 1 - fail, Night 2 - fail, Night 3 - SUCCESS!


Heidi playing...

I love the next series of pictures...

Heidi and Kendall jumping together.

Mr. Blake.

Another Heidi photo session - LOVE!

At Melt... sooooo delicious...

Bath time! I know these pictures will haunt our kids forever :)

Ending with the Science museum - fun fun fun!

Thank you Christina for taking pictures - I always love them!

Complete side note - Heidi was sick all weekend and today - found out - she has food poisoning! YIKES! She is doing fine - just focusing on her not getting dehydrated! This is one very messy - very UNCOOL sickness here!