Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just some pictures...

Heidi all dressed up for the Stuedemann Fest and trying to take a quick nap before the gathering...

Relaxing on daddy's belly before bed - she can really hold her head up - its crazy!


I think Chris and I have been adjusting to this whole new lifestyle - but we had a funny day yesterday. First of all - it was Heidi's first day in daycare - so we may have been a little distracted. I went to work and was working so diligently like I do and I kept smelling something. I couldn't figure it out - then I realized - I forgot to put on DEODORANT! Are you kidding me? I was smelling myself and of course I had to forget when it was 100 degrees outside!

I went home and showered and I think I used soap like 4 times and then body wash twice and I still felt like I smelled! hehe - This morning I used so much body wash that I looked like a abominable snowman! I know I put WAY too much deodorant on this morning and probably too much perfume - but I need to make up for yesterday!

Then - what is even funnier is Chris and I went home for lunch and Chris is giggling.

He says, "um, I must have been a little distracted this morning."

I'm like "why?"

He goes, "I put on two different shoes!"

hahaha - In his defense, they were both brown - just one round and one square toed - but it was pretty funny. Let's just say Chris has a major presentation today and he made sure to lay out his shoes for this morning!

We are slowly losing it in the Gonzales house...

Stuedemann Fest!

This weekend my step brother Cass and Lori and my step sister Katlann, Tom and Julian all came to Omaha for a visit. We don't get to see them very often with Cass living in Vegas and Katlann living in Nashville - but it was good to get the family together. Well since they were coming in town and Christina and I have new babies - why not more Stuedemanns come into town? Sounds like a plan to me - so we had a mini/large family gathering. My mom rocked the food and being a hostess, which many of you know - is not her favorite thing - she always stresses and everything always turns out great - silly mom! a BIG thank you to Lori and Cass for helping her out with cooking and everything else!

I didn't take many pictures, I was too busy chatting with aunts and uncles and cousins and kiddos. I did manage to get a picture of Heidi and Great Grandma Stuedemann though...

Heidi was a little over stimulated by all the people and was overall crabby all day - but she was very happy in Lori and Aunt Nancy's arms - now if I could only hire them on a regular basis.

Here is Christina, Kendall, Blake and Great Grandma Stuedemann...

We tried to get the cousins together for a picture - but come on, can we really get two babies and two two-year olds together and sitting still? Starting left to right, Juilian, Blake, Kendall (chilling on the pillow) and Heidi ready to head home for some food.

Thank you to all the Stuedemann's for a great weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I survived my first week back to work and Chris survived being Mr. Mom. Overall, it was a crazy week, a lot going on, but I was okay. It helps when your little one smiles at you and lights up your day! Chris helped me by sending me text messages with pictures and it helps going home at lunch and getting to at least see her.

Side note, if you haven't already figured out, I'm horrible about taking pictures. I apologize in advance for the pictures I post, some a little blurring, red eye, and overall not good pictures - I say 75% is user error and 25% is the camera... I need to take tips from Christina...
I wanted to post this picture of Brewski. He does this new thing of leaning against the wall, like he is too fat to sit - hehe

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Chris and I attended the fantastic Dave Matthew's Band concert last night. DMB was awesome of course, I have never been to a bad Dave concert. The concert was well rounded with a little old school - like Ants Marching and Dancing Nancies and included other great hits like Dreaming Tree, Grave Digger and Crash. They also played some new stuff, which makes me excited that they are finally going to come out with a new CD.

The saxophonist was missing last night (Leroi) - I guess he was involved in an ATV accident and is in the hospital, but his temporary replacements were great - one guy looked like Big Black from the MTV show Rob and Big and the other guy looked like David Letterman's side kick with a long goatee. Tim Reynolds was also there, he looked like a bum they picked up from the side of the road - but he redeems himself with great guitar skills!

My favorite part of the show (besides Dancing Nancies) was when they mixed it up and played Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer - it was very entertaining. I think the kid standing next to me had no idea what song that was.

It was great to get out and about, but I have to admit I felt old - we weren't the oldest people there by far, but I ran into so many young fans that is was just weird. I realize I have been seeing Dave concerts for 12 years - I only missed two summers without seeing him - 2000 (in Germany) and 2003 (broke living in San An - hehe).

We will continue to go to Dave concerts, I just wish they had an outdoor theater here - Dave is meant to be outside where you are tailgating in the parking lot, there are questionable people in the bushes, you probably will see someone peeing and in between the songs you enjoy being outdoors. But overall, thank you Dave for a great show!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Time for daddy daycare!

Times Up - I'm back at work. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing - on one side - I'm not cut out to be at home all day - I was slowly was going nuts. On the other side - I hate leaving Heidi during the day. But I'm actually glad to be back at work - I really do love my job and my boss is letting me "ease" into work by letting me go just a wee bit early at night - which really does help. Sometimes I think I'm super woman and don't need any special treatment - but in reality - I do need to take it slow! It's a little tricky making sure I'm set to go to work in the mornings and making sure Heidi is taken care of too - let alone the house, the dogs, Chris, laundry, grocery shopping, eating right and whatever else we have on our plates!

This week Chris is staying home with her all week to help my transition and I think it really is helping! He is doing a fantastic job and I think he actually likes being a stay at home dad. Now if I could only make a ton of money for him to stay home - hmmm - is it too late for a singing career? What about a movie star?
Next week its daycare - so I'm sure that will bring on a whole new set of emotions - mainly worry - but she is only going in daycare for four days and the every other Monday is going to be either Chris or Grandma G, plus our daycare is literally right across the street from us, our driveways match up and they are a wonderful family, so all should be good.

So this week - its daddy daycare. He is elbows deep in diapers, milk and house work. He even went grocery shopping during the day with all the other stay at home moms and retired peps. I can just see him now with Heidi strapped to him in the Baby Bjorn and gossiping with the neighbor ladies - his dream job. All is good in the Gonzales house!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Heidi went to church today for the very first time - I think we lasted all of 35 minutes (which is about the same even before Heidi). She was a little angel and didn't even make a peep. We didn't leave because of her - we left because we didn't like the lady hacking and coughing and picking her nose right next to Heidi - so we bailed. I just had this picture in my head of the lady reaching out to say "peace be with you" and her boogers falling on Heidi. Hmmmm that's a nice thought. Chris later told me after we left that her son was digging for gold too (he was probably 15). Hand sanitizer anyone?

We later went to Isabella Wollen's baptism - which was nice - no sick ladies there. Overall a nice Sunday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Good Ole Pout...

Chris and I were just hanging out with the Heid-ster before bed and for some reason she was just sitting there really pouting. I had to snap a picture and share it! She takes after her daddy who also pouts!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heidi Loves Bath Time...wait...

Bath Time - here is a typical bathing situation for Heidi - her thoughts...

Okay - I'm in this bath thing again - I think I'm okay - but I'm not sure

Nope, nope - I hate this, I hate this

No - I REALLY hate this


I think I'm okay now - what a day...

Lazy Sunday

We had a good weekend - yesterday (Saturday) we went to Taste of West Omaha - which was a lot of fun. Good food, beer, arts & crafts and music - you can't beat that! It was what we missed from San Antonio - little festivals where people are nice and want to chit chat and people have their kids and dogs and whatever else outside enjoying the atmosphere.

Last night I stayed home and addressed the announcements. Exciting I know - almost done - Chrissy poo - on the other hand - had a bach party to go to. Let's just say he hasn't moved from the couch too much today and he is remembering that he isn't 21 anymore. One thing that is nice is he feels extremely guilty - so he is willing to do anything to make it up to me (even though - I'm honestly not mad at all - or annoyed - I figure the alcohol would punish him enough! hehe) So far he has:
1. Cleaned parts of the house
2. Changed the poopiest diaper ever - it even had poop past her belly button & back (imagine doing that a wee bit hungover)
3. Has done anything for me that I have requested - like I needed my water refilled while I was feeding her or like a blanket.

And its just noon here - today is going to be fun - I may make him mow the lawn... ha!

But Heidi is being a little cutie today - so I had to take some pictures. Here is Heidi just relaxing on a Sunday...

Monday, July 7, 2008

3's Company

The Lima's, who are my neighbors I grew up next to, their oldest daughter, who is I believe 4 years younger than me, also had a baby girl 2 days before Christina - wow, that sounds like the beginning of a math story problem - solve for X.

ANYWAYS - we finally got all three girls together to take pictures. Zara (pronounced like Sarah, but with a "z") is on the left, Heidi in the middle and Kendall on the right. We were all laughing trying to get a good picture of the three - Zara was always looking away, Heidi was swimming in her outfit and kept going cross eyed and Kendall found leaning to be most comfortable.

We plan to take pictures as the girls grow and it will be fun to see them change!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I wanted to post some pictures from this weekend's activities...
Thursday - we hung out with Matt, Christina, Blake and Kendall - here is Chris playing with Blake on their swing set. We finished the night off with a mean game of Spades - lets just say Chris and I didn't do so well - I think we ended up with a hundred some negative points - but we want a rematch with Matt and Creese!
Here are Brewski and Heidi hanging out. Brew is becoming more and more interested in Heidi and I think has even licked her a few times. We'll see how long that lasts - I'm guessing once she reaches and grabs - it may be a different story... (Also notice the nice jean jumper of Heidi - LOVE IT!)

Here is a picture of Kendall and Heidi decked out in their 4th of July clothes - they looked mighty cute if I do say so myself! Next time we'll take the picture when they are not in their carriers. I can't wait until they can crawl around together...

For the 4th - we went over to Anne and Dean's, which was really nice. The fireworks didn't scare Heidi at all - she basically slept through most of it - but I mainly hung out inside - I do want my child to be able to hear when she grows up. Their dog Kody was a little on edge - but not too bad - he couldn't decide if it was better outside with Anne and Dean or inside with us - but he is a very good dog and was very curious to Heidi. By the way - Anne and Dean's house looks like something out of a decorating magazine - I need to take pictures of the nursery - its soooo cute! If I tried the same decorating - it would just look retarded - Anne has some skill!

Today was bath day and I started putting baby oil on her head to help with dry skin and the prevention of cradle cap (tip from Michelle) - so since her hair was a little crazy today - I figured a nice 80s style headband with go nicely with the do.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Das Bier

Aww yes - it has finally happened - I have had my first beer and it was fantastic. We went to the Summer's Art Festival this weekend with some friends and ended up at Old Chicago downtown with a nice cold Boulevard beer in front of me. I didn't drink the whole thing - I'm not big on beer and I let it get too warm - but don't worry - Chris took one for the team and finished it for me.

What else... Aunt Carmen from Cali came and visited Heidi which was fun. She is here for most of July too, so we're hoping to see her again.

The boys are adjusting to baby Heidi - they now lay by her and go up and sniff her and I'm trying to teach them the word Heidi. I know, I know, sounds silly - but Taco does have the ability to get certain toys based on what I say - if I say - go get your squirrel - he'll bring back the squirrel toy - and if you say where is dad - they go find Chris - so I'm hoping it will work the same with Heidi.

I need to scan this picture of me as a baby - I have the same outfit on and am in the same position. The outfit is from my Aunt Kathy and the booties are handmade from my Grandma's sister (on my mom's side) - so it was fun to take the same picture - now I just need to find a scanner...