Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not a lot of school this week...

Heidi had last Friday off - Monday off and then also had two snow days Thursday and Friday. Not a whole lot of school this week.

Chris was out of town for a trade show - so I was playing single mom. Since both Heidi and Lucy had Monday off - might as well grab some other kids and head to the museum!  Heidi's little buddy Lucy and her brother spent the day with us on Monday. Actually - we also had dinner together almost every night too! Their dad was at the same trade show as Chris!

The 4 kiddos get along really well - they are really like brother and sister and were easy to wrangle.

Lucy checking out...Lucy - I think this is the missing link or something.

This is the earthquake simulator - our Lucy didn't know what to think about it...

We had a good week hanging out with the Belcik family!

One night Heidi even spent the night at friend Lucy's house - so it was just my little Lucy hanging out. Lucy was insisting I take some pictures of her.

Daddy has returned and it has been chaos since then!

We used the Valentine's money from the grandparents and picked out some little toys. Heidi wanted to pose with her new mini horse and of course - Lucy had to jump in.

I tried to take a nice picture of the three of them - this is what I got...

 Chris also took this video of Lucy having a fun herself. Very entertaining.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! The girls had a great day filled with presents, cards and candied fun! First was opening the baskets we put together. We have learned - everything has to be the same except for the clothes of course! Heidi got a new outfit that she wore that day as well as PJs that has a matching set for her doll. Lucy loved her Olaf PJs and Mickey Mouse robe!

I had to take pictures of the girls in their cute outfits for the day.

Oh and a selfie - Chris says - I'm not in the pictures enough.

Hot couple selfie...

The kids enjoying their cards from the grandparents - yes all sets of grandparents - we received all the cards! Thank you!

Oh and it was a winter wonderland outside - it dumped more snow - freezing cold and lots of wind. It was nasty out!

Heidi then wanted to make chocolate covered everything - from strawberries to potato chips to popcorn puffs to even BACON! It was fun and Heidi was really good at it. Lucy doesn't care much for chocolate - she was more just eating the items and not dipping.

Lucy does this new thing...only to Chris...we call it staring into his soul. She doesn't kiss him or anything - just will go nose to nose and stare into his eyes. Its awesome.

We ended the night watching 101 Dalmatians - a classic! Heidi loved it! It was a great Valentine's Day, I think we all had enough chocolate for awhile...