Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Galore!

Merry Christmas!!! What a whirlwind for us - between Omaha and traveling and back home... I finally  was able to download my pictures and they are all Christmas related!
Heidi with the lovely Santa at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines
I love this picture of her sitting on her feet - waiting for something at Grandma Babs
Bath time at Grandpa Jeff and Nanas

 First up was Christmas at Grandpa Jeff and Nanas...

SANTA!!! Santa always makes a personal visit to my dad's house for Christmas and the kids just eat it up. They love it! We did have to explain why Santa left in a Camry and not with his reindeer but besides that - its perfect!

 Onto Christmas at Grandma Babs and Grandpa Darrells
I couldn't find the dogs and they were tucked in the corner of the kitchen - no idea why...

Moving right along... after a very nice visit in Omaha - it was time to head back to Cleveland. Since I was driving by myself - my mom and Darrell caravan-ed with me and we made a stop in DeWitt Iowa to visit the Stuedemann family. Its always great to see them!

My mom and I shared a hotel room and she offered to either sleep with the dogs or Heidi... well she got both for awhile...

Onto Christmas in Cleveland... Chris reading the night before Christmas to Heidi

The treats laid out for Santa and the reindeer - we ran out of carrots - so we thought goldfish crackers would do.
This was THE present - the dog with the pink leash and the white fur. She was VERY excited to receive it!

We were all lucky enough to have Monday off - so we spent our time at the science museum. A good time!

We are ready for our next visitors and bring on the New Year!!!