Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The moved our Trick-or-Treating to Thursday - because of a High School football game. Yep. But we made the best of it and if the weatherman is correct - tonight was better than what Friday would be!

Anyways! We have our little owl, our rainbow parrot and of course Sponge Bob and Patrick! I love how our neighborhood does Halloween. The kids are already zonked out - I'm ready for bed and we now have more candy than we need!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


We hosted the 1st annual Dad Games at our house this weekend. We came up with the idea a long time ago but it finally all came together. Basically all the neighborhood dads would compete in a series of games to see who would be the champion.

We had a blast. I could not have asked for a better group and how everything came together. It was just fun, lots of laughter and good times.

We did 4 events.

1. Eat two hot dogs, two jalapenos and drink two beers the fastest. This was intense but they all handled it like a champ! Very impressed with their skills!

2. Man trivia. I put together a series of guy trivia - like match the beer logos, NFL teams, car logos and players. There were a communal row of correct and wrong answers that they had to glue to their page. It was fun watching them cheat and steal and scramble to win.

3. Make a specific kids lunch. This might have been one of my favorite events. They had a list of things, specific things, they had to complete for the lunch. Of course they all shared items to complete this task and maybe weren't supplied with knives or anything either. I watched grown men bite lemons with their teeth, hide ham in their pockets, throw mayo at each other and smashed cookies. It was VERY entertaining.

4. The final event turn out to be crazy. We built an obstacle course of stations in my basement that took on average 14 minutes to complete. Ha. It was very fun to see the dads try to not lose their baby doll they had to wear (Chris shoved his in his shirt) and do fun things like putting together puzzles, putting, stacking blocks, braiding hair, trivia and so much more. The noise level from the kids cheering was impressive.

A big thank you to Rob, Bryan, Joel, Matt, Jim & Chris for truly committing and going all out. No broken bones and very minimal kids crying. :) We have not laughed this hard in a long time. The winner was Bryan - who was very calm and collected through the obstacle course. We all thought he was slow but he won with a 40 second buffer! Jim was the loser. He had points going against him but managed to win the last place trophy.

The pictures are completely not in order. I have downloaded from my camera, Facebook and my cell phone. I think you get the idea when you scroll though.

Until next year - thank you for an awesome weekend!