Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weekend

Just another weekend to us - we did a little birthday celebrating for me - like we went and saw The Lorax - super cute and now Heidi wants to plant a tree :). I just thought I would share the random pictures from the weekend.

Heidi modeling her new outfit from Grandma Babs...

Heidi waiting for daddy to pick us up for Dinner...

 Heidi after the movie - eating a pretzel snack and singing at the top of her lungs...

 Chris is getting pretty good at his from scratch pancakes and creative too... Heidi did complain that there weren't any circles for her "i"s - ha - I told him he better get on that!

 Heidi pretending to take a picture of me with her phone - like I do of her - ha!

Yep - that's about it for this weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ooo-Fah-Ette 19 Weeks

We just got back from our 19 weeks ultrasound and we are happy to say we have a clean bill of health - everything from the heart to the toes looked good! We weren't able to get that great of pictures, the tech did try really hard but Ooo-Fah-Ette wasn't cooperating! And yes - its still a girl! :)

So far this pregnancy has been just normal - I'm feeling kicks on a regular basis - I thought today she was kicking hard enough for Chris to feel - but no luck yet. With Heidi he felt at 22 weeks - so just a few more weeks. My belly has officially begun to pop. They said the baby already is about 12 ounces - and that's on the larger side - great... but I don't think I'm going for a 10 pound baby or anything! :)

For names - well the discussions and brainstorming has begun and nope - sorry we aren't sharing. We already have enough opinions between the three of us - the three including Heidi - go figure she has some very particular names she wants to name the baby. We already know, no matter what name we pick - not everyone will like it and there is probably a dog named that name - but we can live with that!

My only feeling is that this baby will have darker hair than Heidi - maybe not - maybe curly - who knows - the only thing I have been craving is spice - I should buy jalapenos by the bushel! I can't get enough spice! Oddly enough it doesn't give me acid reflex at all - but most other things do, especially marinara sauce - keep that away from me. Does that mean this baby will have tons of hair too??? I hope so!

I can't believe next week I'm already half way done. My goal is to BEGIN going through all the clothes and bottles and other crap to see what I can use again and what will need to be replaced. I wish I could qualify for the show Hoarders so I could get some professional organizers in here! :) Its going to be a mighty task to say the least!

We are super excited and very happy everything is looking healthy. On to the pictures! Sorry - they really aren't that great - but oh well! 
Feet - to me - it looks like a raccoon paw - no?
Skeletor face - and yes - both Chris and I said that out loud during the ultrasound - the tech giggled.
Best picture of the bunch - side profile...

Ok - try number one on the 3D picture of the face. Ooo-Fah-Ette wasn't in the best position. Don't worry - there isn't really a large crack in the middle of her forehead - its where the scanner begins and stops. 
Try number two - the tech said the scan was picking up too much stuff in the way.
Try 3 - better on the eyes - worse on the bottom half and it looks like her ear is cut off.
Last try - it was too bad these didn't turn out as well as we hoped. You could tell she was sticking her hands in her mouth and smiling on the ultrasound.

Chris and I were trying to decide - what looks creepier - the skeletor pictures of the baby or the 3D attempts... Soon enough we will met her and will see just who she looks like!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


OMAHA! And yes - this will be a very heavy picture blog! We just got back from our week trip in Omaha - it went by way too fast as always, but its great to see everyone! Let the pictures begin!

The trip had a rough start - Heidi woke up in the night with food poisoning! We decided to go ahead and go and luckily I only had to "catch" anything once! She was just fine by the time we got to Omaha!

This is how Taco spent most of the car ride!
Grandma Babs eating a badly made cake pop to reveal that Ooo-Fah is actually - Ooo-Fah-ette! We are having a girl!
The reveal continues...many people thought we were having a boy!
Grandma Gonzales cheated and bit into hers before anyone else!
Now onto Parade Day!
Look in the middle - its Grandpa Jeff and Heidi!
Let the parade begin!
Our buddy - Officer Dickey! I was too busy shouting things at him to get a really good picture!
One favorite handing out candy - but there was a little boy handing out Cheezits from his pocket.
What did you get at the parade - some candy? No, I got some flea remover carpet cleaner...seems normal...
You judge - which tattoo do you like better?
Visiting Grandpa Gonzales at the rehab center - he just had major back surgery!
Off to get free ice cream!
Heidi deciding if she likes uncle Bob's facial hair!
Grandpa Darrell teaching Heidi to play Badminton - hey you need to recruit early!
Grandma Babs showing how to Hula-Hoop! Kendall looks pretty amazed!
Why are the dogs begging from you mom if you never feed them?
Ready for a fun day at the Omaha Children's Museum!
I wasn't able to capture too many pictures of Ayla and Heidi playing - they get together and disappear. They really have a good time together!
Ready for the zoo and time for a pose off!
Pose off with the ostrich - and don't worry - the train wasn't running that day. No I do not let kids play on the tracks.
My mom complains I don't post nice pictures of her - so I ask for Chris and my mom to do a nice picture. This is what I get. 
I think the gong was a little louder than what Blake expected!
It was really a great trip! We can't wait to get back again! I will post more about Ooo-Fah-ette later on - we have our big ultrasound on Thursday - so I'm hoping for some 3D pictures!!! Thank you to all the families for all the meals, beer and babysitting! We miss you!