Sunday, June 11, 2017

Kick Off to Summer!

It's SUMMER! We started off summer with a Memorial Day Meat Feast and rolled right into the end of the school year and vacation!

Chris and Lucy in deep conversation...

Heidi's last day of school! She will now be in the 4th grade!

Right after school we went on our surprise trip to FLORIDA! First of course, we had to all get our nails done. I wish I could have video taped the whole thing. The girls were cracking me up. Heidi, acting like a little lady and Lucy asking a billion questions and made best friends with the owner by the end of it. It was fun!

By this time - they knew we were flying on a plane and going somewhere with a cool pool. It wasn't until at the gate they realized it was Florida!

We did a bunch of random things - like went to Sea World. The shows were great - still top notch... the rest of the park... not so much. Though it looked like they were in the middle of some improvements, it was just not the glory it once was. Not a lot of people, not a ton of rides, but the animals saved it. We still had a blast, we always do!

Chris and I were most excited for our hotel room. We got a rock star deal on a two bedroom, two bathroom, full eat in kitchen, screened in porch - room. It was really nice and fun. Plus - it had great facilities, pools and everything. We would stay there again in a heart beat. Check out

We ran around one evening having fun on all the areas. They had docks and people playing soccer and a camp fire with smores and more.

The pools at the hotel were the best part. They had two pools - one with an awesome pirate ship with little slides and then a connected zero entry pool and then the other side had a super fun splash pad and another zero entry pool with a water slide. I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of the pirate ship - I was too busy playing. :)

After running around playing at our resort - we were off for some shopping. We ate at Chef Art's Smith's homecoming. It was SOOOOO good. Like - some of the best food I have ever had and THAT'S saying something... Heidi got her first birthday candle here. We all had fun.

 We ran around and shopped of course!

While leaving on Monday from Disney Springs - we finally told the girls we were going to Epcot on Tuesday!!! They couldn't be more surprised and excited! Mommy and Daddy are super smart and booked a character breakfast right away - so the fun could begin ASAP!

 And birthday candle #2! PLUS a signed card that she got a lot of different Disney characters to sign!

 The day started off super hot - but we know where the A/C rides are... Like NEMO!

Then...the storm rolled in - like really heavy rain. We were prepared and made the best of it. The girls don't mind sitting and playing out of the rain while mommy and daddy maybe have a drink. The only bummer was the outdoor little shows and fun were all cancelled since it was raining so much. We still had plenty to do though and had a really good time at Epcot.

Finished our night at the Japanese steak house at Epcot - SOOO good! And Heidi got birthday candle #3!

 Two seconds before she was out cold in the stroller...big day

 Heading back to Cleveland...

 Final birthday candles on her official birthday!

It was such a great trip - I want to go back. Good news is we are going back in September - something to look forward to! Now it's summer - which means - babysitters - lots of pool time and summer camps!