Sunday, May 21, 2017

Catching Up

My app on my phone will no longer let me post on the blog. It keeps crashing, so I haven't been able to sit down at the computer in awhile! Catching up for May!

April showers - bring May flowers - right? The vine, plant, flower thing that takes over our gas post always looks nice...for about 2 weeks during the entire year. Big purple/pink flowers come and then they are gone.

So proud of Heidi. She is having her art displayed again. This time it is a turtle sculpture and it is being displayed in the library for the month of May. Then we also found out, it will be displayed at school for the entire next year! So proud!

We also was able to play around the library for a bit.

Finally we have some nice weather. Still not consistent - but soon! It was time to wash some cars! Chris may have regretted asking the girls to help!

For Mother's Day - I requested we play golf. All four of us went out and it was fun. Heidi mainly observed all the different animals and Lucy would place her ball next to Chris' - hit it/or drag it 1 foot and then say "YESSSS", pick it back up and go back to the cart. Very funny.

Lucy's school was winding down and she had a field trip. Of course she had to hang out with her best friend JJ. I have to admit, they are pretty cute. JJ has enough spunk to put up with crazy Lucy.

 It was Lucy's last day of school until the fall. She said she doesn't want to get up early any more but will miss JJ.

 First Day to Last Day

Our mailbox was hit awhile ago and Jason was able to fix it for us...of course, we all had to supervise. I lost count of the number of people driving by and laughing.

Ashley had her birthday party yesterday and the kids had a blast running around, tractor rides and just having fun. Bonus for us, JJ and his family were there too.

 Heidi has two more week's of school. Chris starts a new job in a week and vacation is 13 days away! Ready for summer!