Thursday, January 17, 2008

4 Months...

1/7/08 (18 Weeks)

One More Day.....We find out the sex tomorrow!

We can't wait!!! We'll try to take pictures too! I'm showing now and I feel movement - so exciting. Things are going well and we're just counting down the hours until we find out the sex!

We'll let you know tomorrow!

1/8/08 (18 Weeks)

Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! It's a GIRL! We didn't see that one coming - but we are both VERY excited! The ultrasound was VERY cool. She was moving a ton and was kicking and pushing her butt up - she has already learned how to back that thing up!

We told the grandparents we weren't telling them until Friday with the DVD of the ultrasound - but we're sneaky sneaky and showed up with presents today. Everyone is excited and everyone learned the rules - NO FRILLIE STUFF, NO LACE, NO OVERALLY GIRLIE ITEMS - hehe Of course pink is okay - but I'm going to limit my intake of girlie girl - there ain't gonna be a fairy princess around these parts!

Everything is great with the baby - everything is healthy and moving right along. Now it's time to register and start that whole name thing! That should be interesting!

I'm in my 19th week, basically half way done. We can't believe we finally know what we're having!!!Until next time!

1/17/08 (19 Weeks)

Just Checking In...again

Hi everyone - really nothing too much to report. Chris and I started to register - that was overwhelming! I feel her move all the time now, she even wakes me up. nothing too strong yet, but she is a mover! Maybe she'll be hyper like me!

We have no idea on names - but even if we did - we ain't sharing! :) but honestly we have diddlie squat! hehe

No idea on how we are decorating either, basically we have tried to decide on some things and we cannot agree!

I bought the cutest dress - yes a dress - and yes I said it was cute. We were looking at some Pottery Barn Kids clearance rack and it is the cutest little thing - it will probably be the announcement dress!

I think Brewski knows something is up - more and more he is laying between my legs and putting his head on my belly - either he like the growing pillow my belly is creating - or he knows something is up!

So far so good. We'll keep you posted on everything! Until next time...
Chris favorite gift so far...

Brewski stole Heidi's toy!
Hanging out with friends...

Fourth Month

What I least expected with this pregnancy was: The headaches I guess. I didn't know pregnant ladies got headaches - but I get through them. No biggie.

The best bit of advice I've received is: Sleep - I guess - I'm loving the excuse to sleep whenever!

What has changed the most in my life with this pregnancy is: I guess not going out. During the holidays not drinking - was a bit weird - ESPECIALLY being at the company Christmas party and being the ONLY sober person - that was different.

What made me realize that I was really pregnant was: My growing belly and I think I may have felt something on Friday...

This month's ultrasound was: Coming in 13 days - then we find out the sex and make sure everything is A-Ok...

My hopes: Healthy baby!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Pregnancy Blog... Up to 4 Months...

10/8/2007 (5 Weeks)

We're Pregnant!!!

We found out Saturday morning that we are expecting our first baby! We are super excited and have a lot to learn! We can't wait for what the future brings. I think I'm only like 5 weeks preggo if I count from the beginning (I don't get that) - I think I'm really only about 2 to 3 weeks preggo.

How we found out...

It was pretty funny when we found out. I was late but I didn't think much of it. There was really only one "instance" that could have caused a pregnancy in September. So we doubted it.
So Chris said we might as well take a test. So I was up early, went took the test and almost immediately I saw too lines, but I thought I was just tired and crawled back in bed to wait the three minutes. So three minutes later I get back up and look and I see two lines, so I go "Um..." Chris goes "what?" and I go "Um..." and he goes "What?" and I go "there are two lines" and Chris goes "what does that mean?" and I go 'I don't know! - let's read the instructions" and of course I pick up the Spanish side and I go "It's in Spanish!" so we finally find the correct side and it reads, two lines are for pregnancy and one may be lighter than the other. So we got super excited! We couldn't believe it!

Later on in the morning we ran to Physician's Clinic and they did another test and they walked out and said congrats! So we knew for sure we were preggo!
Flowers from Chris...

The official test...

Proud Dada...

10/15/2007 (6 Weeks)

Parents Know!!!

Chris and I told all of our parents this last weekend - that was fun! I don't think any of them had a clue!

All the parents liked the gifts! We gave Virgina (Grandma Gonzales) a baby blanket that she thought was a nice towel - that was cute! We gave Bev (Nana) a Grandma Brag photo album which she thought it was K.I.P. #2. We gave my mom, aka Grandma Babs, A Spanish Baby Music CD which Chris has to explain that she had to learn Spanish baby song's for us (j/k). Everyone joked, what are you trying to tell us something and we are like "YES!".

By the way, Matt and Christina nicknamed Blake "K.I.P." when she was pregnant (since they didn't have a name) - which K.I.P. stand for "Kahler In Progress" so Chris and I are stealing it and the baby nickname is "G.I.P." "Gonzales In Progress".
I'm still waiting to tell Val, I have planted a fake Eviction Letter from our Guest Bedroom on her new house (inside joke). She was suppose to return from Vegas YESTERDAY to see it, but missed her plane and she is KILLING ME!!! Hopefully she returns today!

We haven't figured out how to tell Bobby either...we'll work on that...Overall update, still no morning sickness. My mom said she never she had any, maybe I'll be lucky too! I'm just tired and my boobs are sore and swollen. we are just waiting for the November 5th doctor appointment - it seems like a century away!
Brent learned the hard way why you shouldn't fall asleep at our house...

First gift from Grandma Babs!
10/22/07 (7 Weeks)

Another Week Down, Many To Go...

Another week down, no real changes. I still do not have morning sickness, which I REALLY hope that holds! The only thing that was funny was this weekend - I turned down and actually picked off bacon from a hamburger! I love bacon, but it did not taste good or sounded good. That is just nuts to me!

Val was surprised when she found out last Monday. She was confused and thought we were joking - which was funny and Bobby willingly participated in a small scavenger hunt to Chris' belly to find out last night. First sign of worry - as I was attaching a diaper to Chris' belly (part of the scavenger hunt) - I basically shredded it and managed to rip off both tabs - I didn't know they didn't have sticky tabs anymore - hmmm I think I need a diaper lesson...

10/25/07 (7 Weeks)
It's a blueberry! I was just reading online on Baby Center - and our little one is the same size of a blueberry. I thought that was funny and would share... Pie anyone or how about a muffin? hehehe

11/1/07 (8 Weeks)
Just Checking In...

We are just waiting for our first appointment. It's Monday - but it seems like it is taking forever!!!

Still no morning sickness - nice! I have just been tired and craving really weird food. Food I normally NEVER eat, I want and food I normally eat - I can't choke down. I always thought that pregnancy was just an excuse to eat whatever - but I really can't eat certain foods. Luckily though, I have been craving edamame - so that isn't bad!

Oh and Michelle had her little girl Ava - they are doing great - back at home getting adjusted! I will post pictures of her.

Halloween was fun too. We had a ton of kids again - 8 bags of candy later and we saw a ton of fun costumes. My nephew was cute as a firefly and Chad and Gina's little one was cute as a chicken.

11/5/07 (9 Weeks)

1st Doctor's Appointment!

Chris and I are back from our first doctor's appointment. It went well, basically it was a questions and answers session on both parties. I was right when figuring our due date (Its easy when there is honestly only one "instance" it could have happened). So we are due June 6th - I knew it was between the 5th and 7th!

Funny thing that happened - I was more worried about asking questions about food - like I asked if Mexican Queso is okay - Chris was more worried about sex. Kind of funny. I think the doctor even laughed.

Our next appointment is December 3rd. We will hear the heart beat then - so excited! It seems like a year away though! It took forever to get to this appointment.

Oh and I got a flu shot - MAN those HURT! Those really suck - I'm like okay a typical pinch - no biggie - okay there is burning - okay more burning - okay come on! I just wanted to itch my arm! Chris is like - um I think that is the least of the pain you will have to worry about - thanks hon!

We started working on the baby's room - just painting it neutral. I will download pictures as I take them! Until next time...

11/9/07 (10 Weeks)

It's a kumquat

Just checking in - I'm 10 weeks now officially today and I guess GIP is the size of a kumquat - the problem is - I don't think I have ever held a kumquat or maybe even seen one. Not a great reference tool for me. But I do like this comparing to food thing - I wonder when GIP will be the size of a nice piece of cake. j/k

Still no morning sickness - looks like I skip that one. I'm getting less tired too. So all in all - doing great. I kind of feel my pants getting tighter, but that may be the hershey candy bars too - hahaha

As Val can attest to it, I have started to swim. It is fantastic not to have knee pain after working out. I'm going to become a professional swimmer by the end of this. I just looking forward to the next doctor's appointment and thanksgiving of course! It's fat kid's favorite holiday. I'm getting prepared...

11/14/07 (10 Weeks)

Still Trucking Along....

Still trucking along - I'm in my 11th week (I'm 10 weeks preggo) - love the counting thing - I think I finally have it down. I have noticed I'm not as tired as before, my boobs don't hurt or are overally sensitive and overall I feel pretty good. Looks like I skipped the whole morning sickness thing - THANK GOD!

My food aversions are tapering off, I'm getting back to normal and I don't HAVE to eat certain things. Of course somethings still don't taste good, the newest is my gum. I can chew it after eating to freshen my breath and then I have to spit it out. Funny.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and my doctor's appointment on the 3rd of December. It looks like we may be able to find out the sex earlier than we thought, maybe even the beginning of January, so the appointment after this appointment - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! Until Next time...

11/21/07 (11 Weeks)

Turkey Day!

I'm just passing the time here at work - waiting for my favorite holiday ever! No stress of buying gifts, but yet wonderful food and you can totally fat kid out! A little football, normally bloody marys - but I'll settle for cherry limeades this year - so good!

I think I'm almost in my 2nd trimester - that is crazy. I feel great - I hope it continues. The baby room is already painted - it was painted neutral - Almond Oil to be exact - we figure we wouldn't have to re-paint it when we go to sell the house in a couple of years.

Still waiting for my next doctor's appointment on the 3rd.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving - eat up! P.S. - its freaking snowing outside right now...

11/26/07 (12 Weeks)

I'm bored...

This is an ode to a symptom I do NOT enjoy,
My acne that makes me feel like a thirteen-year-old boy!

I control one spot and another will appear,
I see them all the time in every single mirror!

I was ready for everything, including having to always pee,
But how can such a little thing, create so much acne!

One day they will all disappear and I will be okay,
But until then, I will be counting down for that special day!

12/3/07 (13 Weeks)


We heard the heartbeat!!!

We had our second doctor's appointment this morning. She was able to find the heartbeat RIGHT away - not even trying and it was loud and fast - something like 150 beats per minute - which she says is wonderful. It was so weird, I know I'm pregnant, but sometimes I don't feel pregnant. Now I know that lump - which is now the size of a medium shrimp - is beating rapidly and growing and really is a bambino.

By the next appointment, I should feel movement and be completely showing. CRAZY! My belly is already pushing out so low, I believe I will carry low. I won't have that nice even bump, it will look like I have a basketball under my shirt! hehe

Everything is going well. I have had a few migraines, which the doc said is linked to the increase in blood. They should quit in a week or so. Nothing I can do too much - just fight through them...Our next appointment is not until January 14th - BUT we get to find out the sex of the baby!!!! I can't WAIT for that!!! I should have a count down until that day!

12/11/07 (14 Weeks)

Daddy Handy Man!

This weekend Chris put together the crib that Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales bought for baby G.I.P. I will post pictures here in the next couple of days. Its so funny to look in the room and see a crib! Yikes!

Things are still just great. I'm showing now and getting use to the idea I feel something if I bend over fast or lean over. I think I'm finally feeling officially pregnant!

I just still can't believe how many people I know who are pregnant! They are adding up fast! I think get-togethers from now on are going to be different!34 days until we find out the sex!

12/17/07 (15 Weeks)

First Two Christmas' down...

We had a great weekend! This weekend we celebrated Christmas with both sides of my family. Friday I spent making three different kinds of cookies for the families. I don't think I have ever made that many cookies before!

We are so thankful fo all the gifts we received, it was fantastic! We really need a lot and everything helps! We received some of our first gifts from onesies to bookshelves to a baby monitor. It was great!

I think Chris is happiest for his snow blower - but I joked now it won't snow anymore! And of course Chris is always happy to get more jockey items - he counts on them!

Christina finds out Tuesday what they are having - we are excited to know! She says she is already feeling the baby - I can't wait for that!Everything going great - no complaints here! 28 days until we find out the sex...

12/19/07 (15 Weeks)

The Date Has Moved

We get to have our ultrasound and find out the sex on the 8th of January now!!! yeah! It moved up a whole week! So now only 20 days!

Matt and Christina found out yesterday and the boogers that they are, they are not telling us until Christmas. My bet - they are having a girl. I feel like one of us is having a girl and the other a boy...hmmm if they have a boy, what does that leave me - hehe.

So far everyone we know that is preggo - they are all having girls... So if we have a boy, he can be a pimp - hahahaha j/k.I'll post some new pics soon - I'm bad about it.

12/26/07 (16 Weeks)


Christmas was fantastic! It was nice to have a four day weekend. We want to thank everyone for the great gifts and donations towards baby items - trust us - it is VERY much appreciated!

So my brother finally told us on Christmas what they are having and its a girl!!! They are super excited and I think Christina ran out and bought headbands already! I think we'll have a future dancer on us!

13 more days until we find out the sex - not that I'm counting or anything! I can't wait! Then the grandparents will have to wait a wee bit longer until we can get the VHS tape dubbed to a DVD - THEN they will find out!I promise to throw some more pictures on here - I'm really bad about it!

First Month

I started thinking I might be pregnant when: I didn't think I was pregnant at ALL! I guess I noticed something when my boobs were swollen and big... but that is nothing new! :)

I found out I was pregnant when I: We took a test on the 6th in the morning. I seriously thought it would say negative - was I wrong!!!

I felt: Excited, in shock - it still hasn't sunk in!

The first person I told was: Well Chris of course!!!

They reacted by: Super excited too!

The first ultrasound was: Did not happen yet - our doctor appointment isn't until the 5th of November - the Doctor is one busy lady!!!

At my first prenatal visit I learned that: Not until November 5th

My baby will be born: June 7, 2008 - I think - I really don't know for sure!

The strangest symptom of pregnancy I had this month was: Boobs... could they really hurt this much and honestly - could they get any bigger - seriously!

My hopes: For a healthy pregnancy and baby!

My fears: Nope - not going to think about it...

Second Month

The hardest thing for me to give up is: Nothing yet - I don't miss being hungover - I already quit pop - maybe the cheese - I LOVE stinky cheese!!!

This month I told: Basically everyone. I'm telling work this Wednesday and then if we randomly run into people!

They reacted by: Everyone is excited - typical reactions...

This month at my prenatal visit I learned that: It was my first visit - We won't hear the heartbeat until December - but it was good - all my calculations are correct!

New pregnancy symptoms I had this month: Tired, Boobs, Acid Reflex, Acne and craving weird food...

My hopes: Healthy everything

My fears: Nope - still not going there...
Third Month

What I'm enjoying the most about my pregnancy so far is: Eating... haha j/k - just the anticipation of everything!

The strangest advice I've received is: Not to drink milk... Right... okay - the doc says differently.

Names that I've been thinking of: Guadalupe - I'm kidding - no idea - I think once we find out the sex - then name mode will begin.

Girl or boy? I think you will be a: I'm thinking boy - the chinese calendar says boy, and when I take those cheesy symptom tests, they lead towards boy.

The old wives tales predict: Wow - there are a bunch of them - looks like you swallowed a basketball - boy, watermelon - girl - if you are craving sweets - girl, sour - boy - even if your leg hair grows faster its a boy or something - they are quite funny!

At my prenatal visit this month I found out that: We heard the heartbeat - so fun!!! Counting down the days until our ultra sound!

My hopes: Healthy Baby!