Sunday, August 30, 2015

Prepping for DW

This weekend was mainly prepping for Disney World! Just a few weeks away. We would prep next weekend but it is the church festival that I'm running - so I might be a little busy :).

We have our clothes and everything from band-aids to Tylenol to plane entertainment. We are close to be being done.

Heidi is loving school and Lucy loves her new preschool room. They are growing up quickly!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

2nd Grade!

Little miss Heidi is an official 2nd grader! She is too cute and sassy in her little school uniform. Heidi was so super excited to go to school! She loves her teacher and is ready to learn more!

I love Lucy peeking through the side window!

 Lucy was already to go to school too. Preschool!

Heidi is VERY excited to have her own Sperrys shoes. She feels cool she gets to have the same shoes the older girls wear. It's funny.

I got Lucy to wear a dress on Saturday and she kept saying - "Pretty like Heidi" and would twirl. I think she associates twirly dresses with Heidi ;)

Right now its finish planning and prepping for the Church festival in 2 weeks. Disney is in 3 weeks, Chris is launching his new product to customers and I'm on week 3 of my new position. We are busy but good!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oktoberfest - Tooth Fairy & Poop!

A lot has been happening in the Gonzales household. First - Heidi decided to rip out her own tooth Thursday. I was pretty proud, except for one scared moment when it popped just before it came out - she was so tough and pulled it out. We now call her pirate Heidi as most times I only see her one last remaining front tooth.

We had Oktoberfest last night here in Cleveland and it was fun. I didn't bring my camera as we already had enough stuff to drag around. The girls danced all day and night. Heidi's favorite part was when I let her get a hand made dress for her American Girl doll. It is pretty cool.

Third (and don't worry no pictures either) - Lucy on her own went and totally pooped on the potty!!! It finally clicked! She was so proud - we are so proud. The only thing I did differently was yesterday she pooped in underwear and I cut it off her and she was upset about that. She watched me throw the underwear away and I didn't put another pair on her. Who knows if that finally clicked, but let's hope this continues! Next step - get her use to the travel toilet seat instead of her bigger one - make it easier for Disney World!

The few pictures I have - Heidi modeling her new doll clothes.

Random of Lucy...

When Heidi ripped out her tooth!

 The few pictures of early in the night the girls dancing.

Heidi starts school this week!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Birthday Girl Lucy!

This will be a mash-up of a post! First we had visitors again from Omaha! Grandpa and Nana! It was wonderful to have them in town and we all enjoyed them. Chris slaved away and coo a beautiful brisket again!

I only brought the camera one day (sorry). Grandpa, Nana and the girls were very active while they were here but all I captured was when we all went to the Lake Erie nature center and Lake Erie Huntington Beach area.

Since I had to work today - Lucy's actual birthday - we decided to celebrate one week early. Nana and I managed to create, I think, a super cute cake! Lucy loved it and sat by it the whole evening, singing happy birthday to herself :)

Present time! So excited! Heidi did really well with handling Lucy getting all the presents.

 It was such a great visit. I know the girls loved having Grandpa and Nana around! Thank you for coming!

Even though most of the day I was working (launching our new system - go live is today and my new promotion includes me managing all the new reports for a big chunk of the business. Which translates to - I had to test and be involved for go-live!) I did catch Lucy being herself and beyond cute. Running around with a tutu under a dress, jewelry and heels. Love this kid!

 Lucy is 3 and officially in preschool! Crazy!!!