Sunday, November 17, 2013

Father - Daughter Dance

I don't have too many pictures to share - my camera had a full memory card and Lucy was sick and teething last weekend and Heidi is sick this we haven't been doing many picture-worthy activities...


Last weekend was Heidi's school father-daughter dance which was fun. Chris and Heidi had a blast while Lucy and I met up with some other mom's to wait for the party goers!

Heidi and Chris saying bye to Lucy...which she didn't like...

They had a blast and according to Chris, a ton of people came to the dance!

I only have a couple of pictures of Lucy rocking the Sponge Bob shirt and that's it! We are prepping for Omaha and can't wait to leave! My camera is now empty and ready to take pictures in Omaha!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


We were lucky enough to have grandpa for a whole week! He watched Lucy all day and played with Heidi at night. I'm sure he is tired and Lucy and Heidi loved having time with him - plus he was so good at feeding Lucy - she is now eating all sorts of things! Heidi was really sad when he left but luckily just three weeks until we see everyone!!!

I stopped by Heidi's school for her Halloween parade and word...chaos. Heidi doesn't do well in pure chaos and she shuts down. Plus - I think her costume was different enough and funny enough to get a little attention - which I don't think she was ready for. I don't do well in pure chaos we were ready to go home!

We got home and everyone except who should have been taking a nap - took naps - Lucy was ready to go and was not minding her cow costume. Yes - it is a repeat from Heidi - we were slightly busy last week to get anything else :) and yes - she managed to fit into the 6 months size. Ha! I took the cow costume - added a Chick-fil-A cow sign and boom - new costume!

Lucy was being really funny - just in a good mood.

Onto Halloween! The weather was rainy and windy but at least not cold! Heidi and I decided to fight the rain and head out. Even with the bad weather - we had a pretty good amount of kids! I love Heidi as an Old Lady!

Halloween was a success although Chris and I think we need to step it up next year. There were people handing out spiked apple cider and jello shots and all sorts of treats. Next year it falls on a Friday and we will be ready!

Grandpa bought Heidi a special present and I'm not sure if Heidi likes it - what do you think? :) But he is has 1,000 pieces...also he bought Lucy new clothes - which one of them is totally a boys outfit. Yes we are keeping it and I will take pictures when she wears it. He thought it was girl colors - thank you color blindness...

It was great having grandpa up for the week! He really helped us ease back into our normal routine.

Lucy being Lucy...

Saturday I promised Heidi to build her a fort - so I went all out... it was quite roomy and well built if I do say so!

And while Heidi loaded it with toys and stuffed animals - Lucy found a seat to watch the action. She was so proud of herself for climbing the first step and turning around to sit.

 Lucy couldn't quite figure out where to get into the fort...

We had parent teacher conferences at school today - which went well. Heidi is above average on everything school wise...her only problem...she tends to get distracted easily by other students, is a little social and needs to work on time management a.k.a. she is too busy talking and having fun to do boring school work. Great. But something has to be soaking in for her to score so high on her academic tests. :) We will work on it...

 Lucy and Heidi really do play well together!

Back to normal here! Just trying to find enough hours in the day to get everything done - I'm sure everyone can relate to that! :) Bring on the holidays!!!