Sunday, September 28, 2014


We are very happy to have Grandpa Jeff in town right now! His visit has been fantastic. I haven't taken any pictures of it - whoops - so when we went to the apple orchard today - it was picture time!!!

Happy apple picking!

Sticking with tradition - we of course went with our neighbors! Its fun to see all the kids interact and play.

These it again. I have no idea how many apples they ate...

The Bakers were trying to take a family photo but whenever anyone lines up, Lucy thinks she has to join.

 The apples were sooooo good....

Change from last year and the year before- it was actually pretty hot! Lots of sun and sweating!

Also in tradition, we had to do the corn maze. The farm out did themselves... we wandered around for about a half n hour - finally found a place you could see a map of the maze...OMG - it was crazy. We had barely scratched the surface of the maze and were already melting down...mainly the adults...We quickly ditched the idea of fully completing it, found a path out and maybe perhaps skipped a few things before making it out.

Now we have about 30 pounds in apples and I can't WAIT to eat them!

As far as other activities through the week while grandpa was here - we were lucky enough to score some Indians baseball tickets and lucky enough to enjoy them in the GE suite. No complaints from this crowd! The girls had fun - the adults had fun. Lucy was a trooper - totally watching the game, cheering and being pretty cute!

Other random pictures - the girls enjoying a bubble bath!

Waiting to check out at Toys R Us. It may have been our shortest shopping trip to Toys R Us ever - both girls found what they wanted in record time!

Back to enjoying our guest! Besides Grandpa fun - this week also brings cheerleading camp! It will be a busy week!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quick Blog

A quick one...I finally emptied my camera so I can take pictures again! Just in time for a visit from Grandpa Jeff! In a few days he will be here and we are very excited. I should probably clean...

I took a 5 second photo session of the girls this morning, right before we went grocery shopping. They are funny.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chicago - Daddy Daycare

Cell phone pictures download!

I was away all weekend for a girls trip to Chicago! Daddy was daddy daycare! 
We has a blast (we being - Val my best friend and I). Chris said the girls were fantastic! All I have are cell phone pictures - so here you go!

Now Chris leaves for a work trip and I'm in mommy duty for the next week!