Monday, March 25, 2013


Really no theme...just stuff from the weekend... Some Lucy pictures - she still has a cold but is happy to have a cold. We took her to the doctor and the doc said, sorry, no ear infection or anything - just a cold she has to fight herself. But at least she is happy being sick and it isn't messing with her sleep or anything!


Daddy wanted to try out cupcakes for my birthday this week - Heidi was of course willing to try one out! :)

We decided to dye Easter eggs this weekend...

While they were boiling - Heidi wanted to show me how high she could jump!

Onto dying the eggs... We started with 18 and by the end we had all consumed 3 each... I looked tonight and we are down to 4 eggs... I guess we like hard boiled eggs in this house! I didn't take any pictures of the dyed ones...we were too busy eating them!

Guess who is sitting better!!! Not quite there but she is getting better each day! Her outfit is huge on her! One good thing of going to the doctor is they weigh her - she is coming in at 14 pounds on the nose! Our little peanut!

She loves this toy - and concentrates so hard to get the balls!

We got one - but lost our balance!

 And in true baby fashion - has found her feet to entertain her!

Onto my birthday week!!! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Crazy Hair Day!

It is crazy hair day at school today - amazing what a few hair ties and pipe cleaners can do! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I tried to take more sister pictures this weekend... First - Lucy is wearing the same jumper I wore as a kiddo and Heidi wore at 6 months... sooo cute! We joke its "80s" safe - as there are total choking hazards with the bell and buttons -  but its soooo cute! :)

We get this face a lot - she loves to suck her top lip in. I guess it comes with learning how to eat??? It's pretty  funny hearing her make this sucking noise all the time.

Onto the sisters - try for photo shoot number one...not so much...

Then it moved to hyper Heidi time...

As shown in my previous blog - I made cupcakes for a fundraiser... they were a hit and it was fun too!

Thank you Chris for this sexy picture... Speaking of my sexy self - sorry to disappoint, I do not have leprosy. My blood work came back all negative for any of the major ones. The doctor did have me do three more tests to 100% rule things like TB, Lyme Disease and I forget the other one. He said I'm healthy and said 25% of his patients with this end up going back to normal on their own. He thinks it was probably connected to something like a bug and it is a fluke. He said my eyes should clear up as quickly as it came on. Which, they are a lot better, already. He just wanted to run a couple more tests and if those are all negative then I'm in the clear. The only thing that came back which he said is not connected to the eyes is I'm border line anemic aka I have low iron...which I have always been. So Its iron pills for me...

One last impromptu photo shoot of the sisters... you can tell how goofy Heidi!