Sunday, March 20, 2016


Heidi being the scientist that she is...

Lucy playing pretend as she does...

We are excited to come to Omaha!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hanging Out

It was a normal weekend - which is a nice change of pace! We typically pick up/clean on Saturdays and Lucy wanted to help...

I don't know if sweeping the carpet helps - but at least she is trying :)

Lucy just randomly playing...

 Heidi randomly hanging out in her room...

 It was very nice to have a normal - no plans - weekend. We even got to hang out with some neighbors and have a nice day/evening! I vote for more weekends like this one!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hair Cut! & Rite of Enrollment

Lucy finally had her first haircut! If you straightened out her curls, it was way down her back. It was time! She did really well sitting there (plus help from big sister). I was a little worried we would cut off the curls as so many people talk about that. Well... we made it curlier! Its cute!

We are getting close to first communion! Today we have rite of enrollment where Heidi received a pin and signed a book. Heidi is too sweet and cute; she is soooo proud to be going through first communion!

We are back to normal in the Gonzales household. Just counting down the days until Omaha!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Strong Lucy

We just went through a whirlwind - but as always - Lucy bounces back! About 2 weeks ago, Lucy went in for her angioplasty of her pulmonary artery to help with the pulmonary stenosis (narrowing). We thought the biggest challenge was having her not eat - which meant for mom and dad not to eat - which we complained more than her! They were delayed until almost 3pm before she went in, but she was great. Hardly fussed at all. Just entertained herself as much as she could waiting in the OR.

The surgery went great. They were able to balloon what they needed. If I had to grade the results, it would be a B. They were assuming they would see results worth an A, but they didn't see as much improvement as they wanted. We go back in a few weeks to take a look again to see if there are pressure improvements.

I just love this picture - I couldn't help it!

Headed home, right on time to a lovely surprise from the neighbors. Plus, Lucy earned some new toys. She was basically herself most of the rest of the day.

Then a day after in the afternoon - her fever kept creeping up...and creeping...before it hit 103. Back to the hospital we went. She got poked and prodded again and I felt so bad for her! They were worried it was an infection from surgery but after some tests (and a lot of waiting). It turned out to be the flu of all things. Lucy was severely dehydrated and her fever was staying high with meds. It was a LONG stay - ok - just 4 days- but it wasn't fun.

 Finally - she kept her fever down to 99, ate and drank enough and we were released!

 By the end of last week - she was back to normal, like nothing happened!

It was another adventure for us. Lucy likes to keep us on our toes. Chris did snap one picture of the whole ordeal and it was us walking to the operating room. I love it. I think it captures everything. Lucy is a fighter. She has been through a lot and it hasn't phased her. This is just the beginning of our journey but we're ready for it!

We have a wonderful support system and could not thank everyone enough for all their love and support. Thank you!