Sunday, December 15, 2013

Moving Forward...

Look who FINALLY decided to stop dancing enough to move forward :)

And this is Lucy being Lucy...

Prepping for the holidays! We went on a super shopping spree yesterday and today and we are ready....well in better position than before but I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Omaha - Christmas - 15 Months

Ready for a photo download! I have been looking for my camera cord to download pictures...still missing...but the photo Barbie cord works just the same!!!

Anyways! Our Omaha trip was great. Honestly for the long haul, the girls did great. Way less whining and crying than last time.  We did the wake up really early - get on the road - and it seemed to help. It's always great being back in Omaha - running around seeing everyone - I only broke out the camera for the last three days! I tried to catch everyone - but you know how that goes. We might have to resort to staged group photos in the future...

My mom cleared out her living room - mainly to use furniture to block the banister and stairs - but it made for a great dance party area!

We really had less stranger-danger with Lucy this time. She is a bit extreme when it comes to adjusting to new things or lack there of - but she was better this time. And we have found - if she is ever not warming up - food goes a long way with her! :)

Thanksgiving #1 and Christmas at the Gonzales'

The weather was great and they had some great leaves in their yard. Heidi and I had to have some fun!

 Random pictures...go!

 I love this one of her trying to get off the couch! Trying sooo hard!

We had our Christmas with the Gonzales' since we won't see them for actual Christmas...Look at the concentration!

We had a great time hanging out at their house. The girls did really well and really little to no break downs. Thank you Gonzales' for a great Thanks-Mas!

The girls bathed together and yes I took pictures. I honestly have some great ones - but....really not appropriate to post. I mean - they aren't the most modest girls around :)

 Thanksgiving #2 - my mom's house!

 Nothing creepier than my brother playing hide-and-go-seek...

My mom will not stop for I enlisted the help of my brother - see mom - these are the pictures I will post... hehe ;)

 The cousins all really really played well together - even Lucy!

We did have one hiccup with Thanksgiving - the mashed potatoes! They would not cook and were like rocks! I tried to force them to be mashed and well - I might have invented a new glue or putty for filling in cracks! Everything else went really well!

Lucy laid down next to Matt...several times...

Selfies...maybe we just shouldn't do them...

As always, we had a ton of fun at my mom's house. Fun cooking - playing games and running around. Just those darn mashed potatoes!!!

Thanksgiving #3 - The Kahler get-together!

This was the largest gathering - I think 18 people total. My pictures trail off and I seem to stop taking any when dinner started...also we did have the largest game of cards against humanity ever and I laughed very hard! For being that many people there - Lucy did great and I didn't see Heidi for almost the whole time!

 Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet came up from Wyoming - so I had to make them Bloody Marys!

 Lucy liked Aunt Joni...

 I think my dad and I are better at the selfies than Matt and I.

Why are boys so weird?

Heidi randomly went up to my cousin Wick and asked him to play for her. We could not figure it out how she knew he could play (and he can REALLY play - very talented) They were having a mini concert in my dad's office - super cute!

And just like that - our Thanksgiving 2013 has come and gone! We had a blast seeing everyone - we thought it was a very good trip this time! I know the girls enjoyed it!

Onto Christmas! We came home and everyone had their houses decorated and everything - we had to get a move on it! Heidi helped decorated every tree! We have two main ones and several mini trees.

 It was also time for the GE family tree lighting celebration. We missed it last year because of being in Omaha - but we were able to go this year. They always so such a nice job. Pictures with Santa, food, drinks, fun!

 Heidi checking out the 100-year-old fountains...

 Lucy was a little mischievous that night and kept wanting to escape...

After seeing the 500,000 LED Christmas lights - she wanted to see where I worked. We let them run around a bit and have fun!

This is a couch in the ladies restroom - yeah - gross. It looks like its previous life was on a college house front porch!

And if we can't cram enough into one post - we also had Lucy's 15 month appointment! For being Lucy, she did really well - a little bribing with food to be weighed and bubbles to listen to her heart but overall - I was proud! Our little peanut is coming in at 19lbs 10oz or the 3% of kids her age - and her height jumped a bit to the 50% BUT the doctor and I agreed she was squirming too much to get an accurate measure... so we was thinking more in the 20%. She is healthy - happy and full of personality. The doctor said we are going to have our hands full with this one!

 Random picture of her curly hair!

 Lucy and I played on the stairs while Heidi helped Chris decorate our house for Christmas!

Whew - I think we are caught up now! Its full blown Christmas time now! Prime = Santa right now! Thank you for free 2 day shipping! :)

OH and Lucy took her first step forward this weekend!!! Maybe walking by Christmas???