Saturday, April 30, 2016

First Communion

Happy First Communion! Heidi had a fantastic day that she was very excited for! Started off opening some presents - including a new cross from us and her first bible from the Gonzales'

Isn't she adorable? She was so proud to be dressed up. We even curled her hair :)

This sums up Lucy. All I have to say is I'm grateful I ordered the video... missed most of the ceremony dealing with lovely Lucy.

I let the girls run wild and have some fun!

It was such a good day. Then the Belciks invited us over to be absorbed by their family. They even made a cake with Heidi's name on it, she received some presents and overall felt really special. It was really nice of them to include us and especially for Heidi. They help make Heidi's day very special.

Heidi had a really special day and had fun too. Thank you to everyone who help celebrate!

Lucy had a good week too. We were able to see the Hematologist and the Ophthalmologist this week and BOTH came back 100% normal! Great news!

 Oh - and it was our ten year wedding anniversary... We celebrated by eating Dairy Queen... ha.