Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Visit

We had a great Christmas visit! So much fun. We actually didn't have to work - we got to play! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without touring some lights at a house near us!

Grandma Babs and Grandpa came visited for the entire week and it was great! We had SO much fun - we ate a ton - went bowling - saw the Christmas Story house and played lots of cards. It was sad to see them go!

We made cookies!

 Grandma brought cookies!

Without any direction - Lucy marched right in the bathroom and put the soap in her mouth! So gross but kind of awesome!

 The girls were in good moods all week and even wanted to pose for some sister pictures!


 It was another great Christmas - so much fun. We might have a little less bourbon in the house too. Now its washing sheets and our next set of visitors come tonight! We are looking forward to another week of fun!