Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Weekend

We celebrated my birthday weekend. On Saturday, we had our neighbors over for a barbecue and beer festival. Chris did not disappoint and the pork butt and brisket was awesome! 

I didn't take any pictures sorry!

Here are some pictures from my phone.

And my favorite... Lucy wanted to play with the neighbor girls so bad and follow them around. That she even wore herself out on the steps.

Yes - she is sleeping - actually snoring while the kids ran around her.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I had to upload the random cell phone pictures from Monday's neurology appointment. Lucy did really well - especially since the doctor was called to an emergency and was an hour late.

The doctor is not worried about Lucy. He is glad we have the emergency meds now and says use them if a seizure should occur. Since they are so far related to fevers, he feels that she will grow out of them. He said he would be more concerned if there wasn't a link - like a fever. He didn't want to put her through any tests at this point. Just let her grow and see how she does. Since she is talking, very social, animated, starting to string words together, can move great - there are no signs of anything. Good news!

She was a busy little bee!

Afterwards since it took so long - she was able to get a McDonald's cheeseburger. She was in HEAVEN.

I also snapped these pictures this morning. Lucy has been obsessed with sunglasses this week. I found some that would fit her and she just HAD to go to school with them...and her little purse.

Such a character!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Play Time

Sunday is play time around here. I found this dig for dinosaur toy while shopping which Heidi loved!

We also brought up Heidi's old slide and both girls are thoroughly enjoying it!

I managed to capture Lucy's first time down the slide - unassisted. Her face while going down is awesome.

Moving onto other toys. Both the girls were in silly fun moods!

You do NOT steal Lucy's blankets - she does not like that!

 Brew wanted to get on the photo think a face only a mother would love...

 Lucy is in love with the stairs right now - I know - dangerous! We block them off and she tears it down.

Within moments of me getting to the top of the stairs - Lucy had already made a fun mess of well... things that Chris would be mortified if he had to clean up. :)