Monday, December 31, 2012

A Christmas Story...

I thought I would finally get around to posting the Christmas pictures I have! A big thank you for Grandpa and Nana for making the trek out here to Cleveland as well as hauling all of the presents!!!

We are/were still battling some sickness here - but I think finally we are on the road to recovery! We were introduced to Emergen-C and I think there might be something to those little packets! I know it sure helped me!

Anyways - on to the pictures!!! To get in the Christmas spirit - we all went to the Christmas Story House - yep - the movie was filmed here (in Canada too) and some guy has restored the Christmas Story House into a museum. Its really cute and perfect for Christmas. Its all interactive and you can play/wear/touch everything!

Here is Lucy ready to go!

Picture of us on the porch!

It was CRAZY busy - but honestly everything moved very quickly and it wasn't bad at all!


 Heidi didn't want to put the soap in her mouth? I wonder why??? :)

If people are ever in Cleveland and want to see the house - its a fun activity! They also have a museum and gift shop across the street. That day some of the actors were there - I think the delivery guy of the lamp? They do a real nice job! Also it is fun to see Heidi watch the movie now and be like - I was there!!!

Onto Christmas!!!

As if we didn't have enough cookies - we decided to bake some more. These peanut butter blossoms were the best cookies EVER!!!

 Sisters! They really do look opposite!

After attending church on Christmas Eve (by the way - two notes from Church - our experience in Omaha is on Christmas Eve Mass - you need to get there at least 45 minutes prior to get a seat - if not not the case in Cleveland - we were in the idiots super early for church and waiting in the parking lot until 10 minutes til....second...because of Lucy - we sat in the side rooms made for kids under 4...well the priest must only turn his mic off for the main congregation. We were privileged enough to hear him singing during the solos, his random talking and everything else... I was crying I was laughing so hard...) Anyways - Heidi was able to open one present on Christmas Eve - a whole PJ/Robe ensemble to wear!

Merry Christmas!!! First - Happy 10th birthday Taco! You old man dog!

Santa came and filled the stockings and placed a few special presents under the tree!

 Heidi had to make sure the reindeer ate the carrots...

 Time for the special Santa Easy Bake Oven and the Photo Barbie...

After stockings and Santa's was on to tackle the crazy amount of presents. Since everyone worked together and people took presents here whenever they were driving - we managed to have presents from all families! SOOOOO MANY PRESENTS!!!

Lucy ready to year she will be more into the presents...this year it was like - huh?

Heidi wanted me to take a picture of each present she received...well luckily for all of us - my camera ran out of battery - so I did not capture everything...

 The camera was recharged and it was time for Taco to celebrate his birthday!

 In general, Lucy wasn't feeling so good - but we had a couple moments of cuteness!

 I don't know how long we opened presents - I know we had to take a couple of breaks for breakfast etc.

Lucy now has her own ugly doll. Introducing Mrs. Kasoogi...we hope Lucy likes her as much as Heidi loves Big Toe! (Thank you Gonzales') many presents! We can't thank everyone enough for everything we received - from clothes - to towels - to legos and Playmobil and dishes and hats and socks and everything - really awesome! We know not everyone could be here but everyone did make it very special for Heidi and our family!

This is how Lucy spent most of her Christmas... and her new hippo toy helped too!

Heidi playing with her doctor set - she says she wants to be a zoo keeper doctor for animals. :) And we are using Lucy's new toy to help with tummy time! :)

Thank you again for Grandpa and Nana coming to see up and battling the weather! It was so nice to have them here to share in everything! Also - for the record - Bev and I rock at spades...sorry boys.

We are ready to bring in the New Year! And prepared for Snow - has we have a good amount right now!