Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 80s Day!

It's 80s day at school today - how did we do? :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


It was one of those boring type of weekends...we ran around - ran errands and really laid low in preparation for Omaha!!!

So random pictures and happenings:

Lucy and Heidi enjoying some TV...

Then Lucy discovers Heidi's bananas...

Lucy is getting really good at her walker - today she started running in it!

Heidi wanted to watch some cartoon - so we left her be. I come back to the family room and this is what I find...

Then, we leave again and this is what we find...

We are really excited for Omaha and cannot wait! We have a ton to do prior to our trip - but we will figure out a way!!!

Since we were going no where and bored - we decided to be a marketer's dream and play into the hype of the three new flavors of chips. My favorite was the cheesy garlic bread, then sriracha and I did not care for the chicken and waffles - too syrup tasting. Chris liked the sriracha the best and then the cheesy garlic bread and he didn't like the chicken and waffles either. In case you were wondering - yes we blind folded one another and fed each other chips to get a true double blind study. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Failed Photo Session

So... I have been on a mission to get some cute sister pictures to be sent out to family and to print ourselves... I think I need to throw in the towel! Between my lack of knowledge of my camera - the dogs and well - the girls being themselves...its an impossible feat! I think we might need to just suck it up and book a photo session with someone...anyone know any photographers in Cleveland???

Everyone was in a good mood Saturday morning - so I thought I would try again... I love our dogs - but they were photo bombing the crap out of these pictures... I didn't even post half of them because they were blurry and a close up of blind Brew...not the best sight.

I do love this one :)

Heidi was busy dancing and asked her to please pose for a couple of pictures... this is what I got.

 So - fine - I said, go ahead and go back to dancing!

I came across another break in the music and asked her to lay down next to Lucy...yep...

So...I said she could go back to dancing...

:) Maybe once it is nice enough to get outside - they will go better... I doubt that!

I did want to share the last curl on Lucy's head... her hair is coming in thicker now - but it also means the curls have disappeared!!! One last flip up on her forehead!

We have also entered the construction zone time with our kitchen... cabinet doors off being prepped for their face lift.

Preview of our new hardware...

Preview of our new back splash... we went a different direction this weekend and I'm thoroughly excited to see it in place!

This is what I get to look at for the next few weeks...I guess it makes finding things and putting away dishes easy...

Chris has a few holes to patch :) Should be interesting...

Lucy chilling in her swing...

It was a little nicer today - so we played outside for a little bit. Heidi is very proud of her bird feeder and I have to admit, there has been a steady stream of colorful random birds to it. The only downer is there has been an increase of the amount of birds flying into our windows. I think we really must get blinds up! Heidi checks on the feeder to make sure there is plenty of seed for the birds!

P.S. - Big day tomorrow - the start of the next phase of my career! I'm very excited and can't wait for tomorrow!!!

P.P.S - Happy Birthday Val!!! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013


We had a lot of goals and plans this weekend and we really did none of them...but it was still a good weekend! First, Heidi wore a new outfit she received from grandma Babs. She loves it.

Our goal was to run some errands and then take advantage of the nice weather - well Saturday didn't turn out as nice as they said it would - so we ended up at Home Depot... It was a good thing since Heidi woke up talking about a bird feeder - well what do you know! - It was build a bird feeder day at Home Depot. She built a nice bird feeder...while...we looked an updating our kitchen!

We already have a pretty yellow bird that comes regularly to the new feeder! Who knew it would actually work!

Now - the updating our kitchen thing - the stars have aligned and we actually are! We made a decision - I can't believe it! Coming soon... new granite counter tops - new back splash - new breakfast bar - new hardware and resurfaced cabinets! So excited! The transition time won't be so cool - but the end product should be nice! I'm hoping that will move along our floors project as well - but one thing at a time :)

Little Lucy will be 8 months this week! She is still tiny - 14 pounds and wearing size 6 months with some 3 month items mixed in. Her feet are tiny - well everything is very petite. She has a BIG personality and her new thing this week is throwing gang signs. Well - more like - she talks with her hands and turns them and twists them at you and while she is talking. Could she take after me and talk with her hands???...I kind of think so! She still doesn't care to roll over. I don't say can't as I know she can - she just has no desire to. She sits pretty well - but instead of getting frustrated and start to cry - she just gives up and falls which ever way and then cries. She is sort of mobile on her belly - at a minimum can circle around and she can inch her way front or back. Her eating fingers foods is well... very slow. She has a sensitive gag reflex - so baby steps there! The thing not petite on her are her eyes! Sometimes I swear she doesn't blink and could win a starring contest! I'm excited to bring her to Omaha in a few weeks and have everyone see her again. Its like a completely different baby!!!

Saturday was a lot cooler than expected but Heidi was able to play outside and with the neighbor girls. We even were able to go to dinner with them too! Heidi was fine on Saturday...but...

She woke up Sunday morning - burning hot - complaining about hurting everywhere - especially her throat. A look with our phone flashlights and we have swollen tonsils with spots. One urgent care visit later - we are positive for strep! Bummer! She will be on Tylenol and her antibiotic for 10 days. I just really hope she didn't spread it to anyone else!!! I do love how concerned Brew is for her. :)

Chris got Lucy's high chair all cleaned and ready to go...she might be a bit too small still.  But we will still probably use it!

Since Heidi was out sick for the day - I still wanted to take some pictures... I tried with Lucy... this is all I got... So.... I cleaned the morning room and kitchen instead!

I have a busy week ahead of me...I'm finishing my current job and will be joining GE next week! I'm super excited and can't wait to start.