Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Weekend and LBC 3

Random pictures alert! First - have I mentioned - when it rains it - it pours - like EVERY TIME it rains - it pours - I tried to capture it... can you see it???

WARNING - The next picture show POOP!!!!

I've warned you...

We had a BIG moment with potty training - Heidi actually went poop on the potty - doesn't sound that cool eh? Well we have been struggling with pooping - usually - I catch her making the face or the stance and I grab her to get to the potty - I have cleaned up WAY too many poopy panties...

Well this weekend it clicked - it just clicked. She actually went to the bathroom - sat on the potty and waited and pooped. (We weren't even around!) She did it SEVERAL times this weekend! We only had one accident. We are so proud. Chris thought I was crazy for taking a picture of her poop - but hey - its awesome.

Okay okay - enough about poop...

Another random Sunday - Heidi dressed herself - or really wanted to remain in her PJs - fine by me. Funny story and no pictures to show - we played in the sprinkler Sunday afternoon and afterwards - Heidi wanted to wear new panties and her bath robe - well then she got too hot for her robe and was running around in her panties. I told her - well let's put some clothes on and she goes - why? are we going somewhere? and I'm like no and she is like - then I'm okay in my panties...too shay.

Taco saying hi...

LBC 3 - what is LBC? - well that's Little Bit of Chris - Chris' home-brewed beer - its time for batch number 3... why Little Bit of Chris? Well some of you may recall - Chris' first batch - didn't go so well - was it the rain drops while it was brewing or Chris' sweat dripping in there or was it him reaching his arm in the batch to fish out the thermometer - what ever it may be - that beer contained a little bit of Chris and it didn't work out... So the name stuck - batch 2 went well and now its time for batch 3.

The first step is what I call - "the neighbors are going to think we're making meth in our backyard" - or what Chris would call - making the wart or something strange like that. Either way - it smells like ass and I'm glad when he is done doing whatever and its fermenting in a closed container.

I will keep you posted on LBC 3...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Visit, Father's Day & Chris' Birthday

We had Chris' side of the family come visit for a week - unfortunately not a lot of the pictures turned out - but I managed to salvage a couple of them. We had a good time and miss them already.

Heidi is into tickling people right now and Grandpa was the first victim.

Heidi's new train set for her birthday from them - she LOVES it!

Now - I didn't take a single picture on Father's Day - yep - I'm that awesome. So I tried to make up for it on his birthday - which was two days later.

Our birthday boy - Chris.

This picture makes me giggle - they are seeing Mars from above if you were flying over??? (Science Museum) I had to finally tell Chris to get off - so the next kids could get on it.

Chris was worried I wouldn't have enough sweets for his birthday - so I went overboard.

This is Heidi telling me how big of a piece she wants of the blue cake.

Hehe - I may have had some part in this... :)


Happy Birthday Chris!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Water and Sand

Heidi doing the excited dance?

Why? Well we finally got around to putting together her birthday gift from Grandpa and Nana - its good to spread out the gifts right? They got her a nice water and sand table... I think she likes it. :)

By the way - Heidi dresses herself on Sundays :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Heidi is 3!

Yes! Heidi is 3! First some stats:

She is coming in at a nice 28 pounds and standing just over 36 inches tall! She is potty trained - with an asterisk by pooping - we are sitting at a 50/50 chance it won't be in her pants. She is growing up fast and is very entertaining to say the least.

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Babs and Grandpa Darrell come visit us this past week and help celebrate Heidi's birthday. We had nice, but hot, weather, and we ran around and kept busy. I was a little better at taking pictures – but quit after her birthday – oops – oh well!

Modeling a new dress...


Being Goofy...

I told them to snuggle...ha.

Baseball game! It was kids day - so there was plenty of fun activities before the game. I was just glad it wasn't 35 degrees again...

A robot....doing the the middle of the street... I told Chris that was enough. :)

Heidi watching the robot...not so sure...

Guess who got to meet again...SLIDER! Heidi loves him and wanted to know where he was all the time.

A big thank you to our neighbor for hooking us up with tickets once again and he always gets us great seats...

Now the birthday girl! Heidi in her PJs admiring the decorations we put up.

Since it was her birthday - why not let her eat skittles for yeah - can we say hyper???

For her birthday we all went to the zoo - the zoo is nice and they do a good job with decorating and themes - just not a lot of animals... kind of weird... We enjoyed it just the same!

You will notice Grandpa Darrell sporting a nice large bandaid... all I have to say:

Badminton: 1 Darrell: 0

(He can explain the rest)

On to the celebration - Heidi said all she wanted for her birthday was pink ice cream, cupcake and a Spiderman umbrella...

A lot of concentration with opening each present.

New purse from Matt and Christina...she loves it!

So - I didn't mean to give her underwear for her birthday - I just wanted her to open more gifts. :)

Aw look - she got what she wanted...A Spiderman umbrella...

We had a great visit and miss them already! I can't believe she is 3!!!!