Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have a TON of pictures of Heidi...she has been hamming it up for the camera and doing all her model poses... First some randomness...

Don't worry - we are NOT Ohio State fans... our neighbors were testing out their lawn decorations... they texted me this not cool!!! I tricked Chris into running outside in a hurry to make it look like he was mad - ha! Hmm we might have to somehow create a Husker Little Red or Herbie in our yard for next week...

Random cell phone picture of Lucy - go Huskers!

Heidi started gymnastics last started out much like dance - tears and non-participation...then it ended up turning out great! She LOVES it! Loves it! I thought she did pretty great too for a first timer - the teacher said the same thing. She is one strong little girl and was willing to try everything they asked her to do. Plus the gym does a good job of teaching basic gymnastics skills through fun circuit type activities  She can't wait to go back and keeps asking when Wednesday will come. Heidi was more than happy to show off her new outfit for Gymnastics...

Along with modeling her new gymnastics outfit, we did add some more decorations in our house - the small stool and the awesome mirror in our entry way. We also got a painting and a clock - our walls aren't as bare as are still pretty bare - but its a step in the right direction!

Nana flew in to see us and Lucy for the first time this weekend - yeah! Heidi wanted to look really pretty for her and put together her outfit. I think she did a great job. :)

We made caramel pecan monkey bread and egg dish for breakfast this morning and Nana was able to sit at Heidi's table with her. Nothing better than hanging out in your PJs.

Nana is trying to get as much Lucy time as possible in her short visit.

One week of gymnastics and with a little coaching - Heidi is able to do a cartwheel! She is so excited! I'm impressed! She better not start doing back flips after this week! :)

Nana and Grandpa decided to buy Heidi some new fall clothes and Heidi is super excited - she modeled every item... She would model walk each outfit to us in the family room. I wish I was able to capture the walk better - it was pretty awesome - hands on hips and swaying back and forth. She told me its how she wants to walk for Anisa's wedding in December - THAT should be interesting.

The light was good - (I'm sort of learning Christina!) - and I like these pictures of Heidi close up. Her eyes are really becoming a neat combination of blue and green.

I'll end with three final cell phone pictures from the week.

I don't think Heidi is going to let grandpa go home this will be hard for her...but at least the Gonzales family will be here. I don't know what Heidi will do once all of our visitors are gone!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grandpa Jeff

We are very excited to have Grandpa Jeff in town for the next two weeks. He came down Friday and plans to stay and help watch Lucy! Since Lucy had a less-than-normal beginning, it was recommended to us that we keep her out of daycare just a little longer - to let her continue to grow strong and not be around the germs. So - Grandpa has stepped in to help! Which means - yep - I'm back to work tomorrow...

Anyways - on to the random pictures... Here is Lucy modeling her new super cute bib from Angie (Christina's sister)

Then I finally got to my Thank Yous - here are some pictures and outtakes from me trying to somehow get a decent enough picture to stick on a card... Christina... we miss you!

Grandpa holding Lucy for the first time!

Saturday we hung around the house and smoked some meat - Chris, Heidi and my dad were all in heaven with their smoked pork butt...

Grandpa and Lucy

Heidi received a new outfit from Grandma Babs that she was VERY excited to wear it and wanted to save it until Grandpa arrived. Yes - she made the necklace herself...

 Random cell phone pictures...

Lucy is becoming stronger and stronger. She doesn't last too long in the chair - but does pretty well... Her face is pretty comical in this picture... just chilling...

Well - like I mentioned before - back to work tomorrow... Grandpa and Chris are staying home together tomorrow (I heard there might be a visit to Slymans???) - then starting Tuesday - Grandpa is running solo with Lucy!