Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look What Heidi Discovered...

Her tongue!

I don't know if its tied to teething or she just realized it's fun to stick your tongue out - but all day today she was sticking her tongue out. I snapped a few shots to capture the moment...

Oh and the boys - Taco and Brewski - say hello too... no tongues hanging out here...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Will you be my valentine?

Awww Valentine's Day - filled with pink, red, flowers and wondering how long the wait will be at a good restaurant.

We decided this year to wing it and it all worked out - well - first Chris got me flowers - awww so sweet and Heidi a little bear that Brewski truly believes it is his. Heidi gave daddy a card and a candy bar wrapped in a diaper...

I tried to make breakfast - ummm - things didn't go well - somehow I burned the pancakes, made greasy eggs and the sausage looked weird - so I ran to Gandolfos instead :)

Of course I bought a cute Valentine's Day outfit for Heidi - my favorite part was the heart on the butt - LOVE IT!

We spent our day going to the Children's Museum for the first time - what a neat place. Chris and I played with everything - Heidi just watched. She was able to play a little bit in the wiggle room - so we all had our fun.

Then Chris, Heidi and I went to Texas Road House at 3:30 - yes - we're old now - and we STILL had a 40 minute wait - crazyness!

The night ended with Heidi in bed and mom and dad rocking out to Rockband! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Many Pictures of Heidi

I feel like I haven't posted Heidi pictures in awhile - so why not a whole bunch?!?!?! - I know all of you are going through Heidi picture I can hope~ :) Here are the many pictures of Heidi we have taken over the last week and 1/2...


Heidi home from daycare - still in a sleeper - still in her hat

Our first boo-boo - she rolled into the corner of a wall - look at the tiny little bruise on her forehead! And yes - I took a picture...


Enjoying her kitchen toy - still in the hat...

Oh thought you got tired of Heidi - here is Brewski with his birthday cake...yes - the cake is for us not the dog - but come on - doesn't everyone use ANY excuse for some cake?

I'm ready for my close-up!


Imagine me lying on the ground and the Jaws theme song playing...

Mommy, I need a haircut!

Heidi playing with her shadow...

Those don't go on your head!
Hehe - awww so many pictures... all of one kiddo! I love it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grandpa Virgil Ratkovec

We lost Chris' grandfather Monday. He lived a long fulfilling life and is truly in a better place. Here is his obituary...

Virgil V. Ratkovec

RATKOVEC-Virgil V., age 89, Omaha, passed away 2/9/09. Virgil enlisted in the Army Air-Corp Dec 14, 1942. He attended Air-Corp College at Iowa Wesleyan College and then flight training for B-17 bombers in Oxnard, CA, receiving his flight wings in Jan. 1943. He also trained as a B-17 mechanic in Burbank, CA. Virgil received an Honorable Discharge from the Army Air-Corp on Dec. 17, 1945.

He worked as an electrician for Union Pacific Railroad for 37 years receiving his UP Golden Spike on Sep 7, 1979.

Preceded in death by wife Anna. Survived by daughters Virginia (Anthony) Gonzales, Carol (Duane) Kanne; grandchildren Ann Kanne, Steven (Kiki) Kanne, Christopher (Meghan) Gonzales, Anthony Gonzales Jr., Brett Gonzales; great granddaughter Heidi Gonzales

VISITATION Wednesday after 5:30pm with Vigil Service 7pm at the Funeral Home.

FUNERAL Thursday 9:50am Bethany Chapel to St. Bernadette Church at 10:30am for Mass of Christian Burial. Interment Calvary Cemetery. Military honors by American Legion Post 374 and VFW Post 8334.

BETHANY FUNERAL HOME82nd & Harrison 593-6100

He will be missed...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brew!

Today is Brewski's birthday - he is 5 years old. Tonight he will enjoy a nice treat from Three Dog Bakery (so will Taco!). For fun, we dug up some puppy pictures of the boys.

Here is Brewski - doing what he always does - sits there staring at you (doesn't he look like Mr. T?)...

Here is Brewski enjoying his puppy food.

And for fun - here is Taco!

They are tiny! Only 2 pounds! Who doesn't love puppies!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Heidi Not Sick...
Heidi Sick...

It was a VERY long week last week - I personally got slammed out-of-no-where with an upper respiratory viral infection as well as a sinus infection and was forced to stay home from work for TWO WHOLE days! Then as I am recovering at home - daycare calls and Heidi has a high temp and is being sent home - she got diagnosed with some kind of viral infection and had to stay home two whole days as well.

As any mom will tell you, its scary when your little one is sick and there isn't anything you can do. One night her temp hit 104.5 and stayed above 103.8 for a while - it seemed like a century. You feel so helpless.

The funny thing is even when she feels like crap -you pull out the camera and she still hams it up - little booger.

Then right when we both recover from our illness - her infection turns into a congested cough and I get stomach flu symptoms. We are both sick or being sick!

Yet through this all - Chris is fine... I think its a conspiracy.

On another note. Chris' grandpa has been moved to hospice and we went and saw him tonight. Heidi was just taking everything in - I think she wanted to go after his green breathing tubes. He is doing okay and we hope the best for him. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Keep Great Grandpa Ratkovec in your prayers.

Quack Off

Chris, Val, Anne, Dean and well 3,000 of our closest friends - give or take a few - enjoyed the annual Quack Off duck racing in Avoca, NE. Nope - I don't make these things up. Every year (I think they are on year 29 or something) they race ducks on a frozen tennis court to raise money for the local firefighters. Thousands of people raid the small town of 200 and the day consists of beer - ducks - waiting for the bathroom - beer and well more beer.

Some highlights...

1. Arriving at 9:00am and not be the first ones in the bar (but close)
2. All the duck stuff from hats, to necklaces, to full duck costumes - I personally wore a t-shirt with Long Duck Dong
3. Cheap drinks, no open container law and well really not a lot of rules
4. Actually running into people we know besides people on our two buses.
5. And by far my favorite - watching drunk people lose control of their duck and taking 10 drunken buddies to catch one - flightless duck.

We may return again - it was definitely an experience to say the least!

Click to play Quack Off!
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