Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Wagon, Nice Weather & A Cutie Named Ayla

We had a great weekend - we filled it with Spring cleaning and hanging out at the house! First off, we made a random trip to Toys R Us to check out bounce houses - I know - I know - we had such a bad experience with the first one - but we wanted to see what other brands are out there and if they were reasonable in cost. Heidi still asks for "Bounce" and she just doesn't understand its gone. Well we found nothing - but on the way out was a wagon on clearance - we have been wanting a wagon for some time and just didn't want to spend the money - well this wagon was over $40 off!!! The box was crushed - but it wasn't like it was returned or a display model or faulty in anyway - so we bought it and put it together as soon as possible. As you can see Heidi helped daddy put it together and she even enjoyed the box! Now we can't wait for nice weather and a trip to the zoo!

Heidi enjoying snack time in the new wagon!

The many faces of Heidi...her saying cheese...
When you say smile - she puts her fingers to her cheeks...

Heidi playing fetch with the dogs...more like - grab it from them and run...

Heidi imitating daddy playing his PS3...ha!

Speaking of nice weather - we actually reached the 40s this weekend - nice to see the sun for once! That inspired us to do some Spring cleaning and while cleaning out Heidi's room - I came across some gloves and a hat - which Heidi insisted she put on with her coat and go outside - one problem - no pants, socks or shoes - but she didn't care. She was just out there while the boys were outside - and she LOVED it!

Also Spring cleaning - I came across her cute tutu thingy - I basically forgot about this - she is actually big enough to wear it - she twirled a little but overall wasn't too sure of it... I'll see if I can convince her otherwise!
Lastly Heidi's buddy Ayla came over for a Sunday play day - Ayla is too cute! They actually played great together - enjoying Heidi's new wagon and an old blow up couch that was found in the basement. The best part of the visit was Anne's Hip Hop Baby video that we watched for 30 minutes - the girls loved it...Chris not so sure... Ayla can sure dance and move - don't know where she got those moves - you know they're not from her mama! hahaha j/k :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Basement Weekend

We had a nice, nothing planned, family weekend. We basically hung out in the basement - can't argue with that! Heidi loves the basement - but it does remind me of Toys R Us and a disaster zone at the same time!
Heidi being Heidi...
Heidi concentrating on playing - if you look close you can see the mom scowl! ha!
Heidi is wondering what hit her head - I may have thrown a ball to get her attention - yes mom of the year...
Heidi had a boo boo on her ankle - she was playing in a pair of new shoes that are too big and it rubbed her little ankle raw - so she is experiencing her first band aid - which I assume will be the first of MANY!
Close ups!!! I really need to take a photography class! ha!
Heidi loves her big ball - please ignore the amount of toys in the basement - it is ridiculous - but she loves it and its nice when our friends come over with their kids - it turns into one big play zone!
This is Heidi...full of energy!!!
Side note: some of you may know - Chris has been hard at work building his poker table - all he as left to do is finish the wood - add the cup holders and well I really don't know what else. It will eventually seat 10 - here is the progress so far - pretty good!

Oh and Heidi had clothes on all weekend... yeah!!! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day! I snapped a few pictures of Heidi running around today. We gave her a new animal that she loved.

This picture is Heidi yelling at Brewski for stealing her new toy - pretty funny.

Heidi trying to put on her shoes...

Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales came over and brought a ton of yummy treats for Heidi. One item was a big marshmallow kitty cat. Of course Heidi loved it! However as the day went on, she carried it everywhere in the house and it ended up turning into a giant sticky lint roller. Let's just say it made an early decent to the trash can...

I would like to point out her nice bruise on the side of her face - a lovely little boy at daycare decided to throw his sippy cup at her - this is also the same boy who scratched her back and pulls her hair... Let's just say we have sent out henchmen to his home to take care of him - no one messes with our Heidi! :)