Sunday, January 27, 2013

Carrots and Sunday Fun Day!

Carrots!!! Yes - we have FINALLY entered the time of starting to feed food. We decided to start Lucy on good ole carrots and SHE LOVES THEM! The first few bites are always entertaining -but from Saturday to Sunday - she almost finished a container of carrots!

Lucy is so close to rolling over and just not by accident as she has done a few times. She gets so close. I tried to catch her on film but instead I caught a happy baby hanging out with her buddy Brewski.

As you can tell from the previous blog - Heidi got her hair cut. We cut off about 7 inches. She just didn't have enough for donating and I just couldn't have it go any longer!

 Lucy came along too...

Sunday fun day occurred again. We built forts and danced and played in the snow. I love Sundays! I dared Chris to eat some baby food... gross...

 Gross... and day two of baby food - she loves it! I hope we have another great eater on our hands!

So- those things called Thank Yous - yes I know I'm late - so I finally decided to try to do some pictures for them. It was fun. Their shirts match (present from our neighbors). I'm no photographer - but I'll use them for our thank you cards!!!

And just as quick as the photo session ended... :)

Part of Sunday Fun Day - was a promise to Heidi to play outside. We go outside...then Hailey and Bryn join us - I go back in to put Lucy down for a nap and I come back...three more neighbor girls joined us. There was so much pink and purple! We had a good time running around in the yard (minus a few dog poo mishaps) Chris was such a good sport with the girls!!!

We had a snowball fight which Chris and I both admitted it had been a long time since snow was thrown down our coats - still not cool... and then I had a brilliant idea for the girls to cover Chris in snow! hehe...

Another great weekend and another great fun Sunday!