Monday, February 27, 2012

Ooo-Fah 15 Weeks and Name Writing

I don't have a ton of pictures to share this week - I have been hit with the my first cold - my head is full and I was completely down all Saturday and part of Sunday. I'm feeling better today - but I forget how much it sucks to be sick and pregnant - not much you can do... Anyways... The only pictures I took this week is of Heidi's practice of writing her name. We had our parent teacher conferences with Heidi's school and the teacher said things are going really well. First - she received an A+ for the winter quarter. She is very helpful in class and likes to teach the younger 3 year olds things like the days of the week. Normally they work on just writing their first names, but the teacher wanted to start teaching Heidi her last name too. The only item we needed to work on is her ability to recognize rhythm - ha - not that I don't think she can - I think she hears music and wants to dance to her own beat of a drum if you catch my drift. The teacher is confident she will move into the next classroom soon and overall really enjoys her.

To help her learn her name, I wrote her name on her easle and said she could trace the letters to begin learning them - well next thing we know - she is actually trying to write them - not half bad for her first time. :)

Okay okay - enough bragging already :) An update on Ooo-Fah - things are going really well. Not to get into every detail - but I had some typical screening tests a few weeks back - things came back normal - but on the upper end of normal, like 80% - so not horrible - but enough to have the doctor's suggest further chromosome testing if I wanted to - they check for things like Down Syndrome and others things that. I wasn't honestly nervous - but once you start talking about the possibility - I just wanted to know either way. We went ahead and had the additional tests (not that bad by the way - they make it sound way worse than it is) and everything is perfectly normal!!! Yeah!!! (I knew it...hehe)

BUT.... one nice thing of having the tests done - which I didn't know at the time... is we know what we are having!!! We know the sex of the baby - we are having a....... well..... we aren't sharing quite yet. :) We are hoping to get back to Omaha very soon and share in person. We are very excited to have a healthy baby and Ooo-Fah is one moving and grooving baby. Here are the ultrasound pictures from the week 15 screen. And trust me you can't tell the sex from these pictures - I was looking sooooooo hard during the ultrasound. :)
 If you are on Facebook you have already seen this but we love it. In this picture it looks like the baby is either doing a gun gesture or flipping us off... we had a good laugh!
Oh - and I "think" I have officially felt my first flutters... I think I felt Ooo-Fah while I was sick on the couch and not moving much - I ate a lovely evil tagalong girl scout cookie and then felt some fluttering...hmmm....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow - V-day - Grandpa and Ooo-Fah

I have a little catching up to do - sorry - it has been crazy in the Gonzales household to say to the least. Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. First for Christmas, Heidi received from Val a nice very cute bow holder. Of course, Heidi did NOT want to put any bows on it, just play with it. Well I don't know what changed but now she has to wear a bow or clips or something to school every day and at the end of the day, she has to put her bow n her zebra holder. She loved it! She wanted to show it off...

 Heidi loves paying in my shoes and she is such a little poser!!!

Weird, yes it snowed again. Heidi is such a ham outside - she loves the snow. She was pretending that her lawn mower was like daddy's snow blower.

We received our Valentine from Heidi and we were a little confused. It says: "Heidi loves her Mom & Dad & Uncle Jack" Now who is Uncle Jack? We have no idea. We had a good laugh on that one. Her teacher probably thinks we have some random guy living in our basement that we make her call "Uncle Jack". Love it!

Heidi received several gifts for Valentine's Day and was having a a day filled with candy could contribute to her goofy-ness as well...

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to have Grandpa Jeff come and fly in to see us. Not only did Heidi get to play and have fun - but he also painted our living room and dining room! Score! One night we made our crockpot version of beef short ribs - they are delicious and I will share the recipe if anyone wants them. This is my dad letting Chris try some of the meat... nice.

Pause for a bacon moment...

While Grandpa was painting, Heidi got to play with tape. I'm still finding painters tape everywhere in this house!

We went to the Natural Hisotry Museum again and Heidi always enjoys being the tour guide...

I love this - Heidi wanted to pose next to the platypus....because she likes Perry the platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb so much. (It's on Disney - check it out - its not half bad)

Now for a little Ooo-Fah - sorry I have had these for a couple of weeks. They aren't that great of pictures but pictures just the same... Side profile

 Face to the right and whole body (creepy looking)

 I think that is showing a hand - I really don't know this one...

Now for some more random cell phone pictures... Heidi sometimes crawls into our bed in the early morning. My theory is she hears Chris leave and then comes on in. Hey - its for only an hour - and whatever - well this morning she crawled in and I got up to go to the bathroom. I come back to this. We have a giant king size bed and she takes MY spot... booger.

If anyone is ever in Cleveland - you have to try this sandwich. Its from a place called Slyman's - they are famous for their corn beef and other type meats. I think my dad was in heaven!

I got a new phone - an iphone - yep - I'm finally in the 21st century. I love it. I was hesitant to get it as Chris has one and I hate his. But then I realized its mainly how he organizes his apps and once I got mine to my liking - I'm in love. Here is my first picture...

A final random shot of Grandpa and Heidi at another one of our favorite restaurants - Fatheads! Everyone that has come to visit - loves it and so do we! It was so nice to have Grandpa here. Heidi was getting pretty home sick for the grandparents. It was perfect timing. We hope this will hold her over until we can get back to Omaha for a visit!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Good Weekend

We had a great weekend - good weather (sorry Omaha I heard you got dumped on with snow) and we decided to venture out and try another museum here in Cleveland. Cleveland's Natural History Museum and it was great! We went ahead and bought a membership we enjoyed it so much.  We didn't even get through everything before daddy needed food.  :) It had animals and dinosaurs and plenty of hands-on activities for Heidi. I think Heidi enjoyed the "Discovery Kid's Room" which was filled with numerous kids specific activities - from puzzles to coloring to digging  for fossils. She could be in there for hours! They had plenty of benches and seats for the parents - so we didn't mind either. It had outdoor animals and a planetarium and just all around a lot of stuff to see.
Heidi showing us where to go next on the map. :)
Read the sign - Chris thought he was sooooo cool.

Maybe we will go back when Grandpa Jeff comes in town to visit in a few weeks. Heidi was ALL about posing and modeling for pictures this weekend. A nice change from me usually convincing her i'm taking a picture of something else besides her. First she wanted to model a hat.

Then she wanted to model her new toy shelves that she help Chris put together. We are just trying to get more organized!

Now onto these Disney princess costumes she received for Christmas awhile ago. And yes - she did dress daddy too...

She chose all the poses herself - I'm quite impressed - my favorite is the football stance as Snow White - we might have been watching the Super Bowl. Speaking of the Super Bowl - it ran late here on the East Coast - and we let Heidi stay up to watch it - but she didn't make it and ended up crashing for the last quarter. :)