Friday, December 26, 2008


I have downloaded video... but it MAY not be exactly up to par - I'm still learning and after 2 hours of messing around with it - Chris says I need to quit and maybe read the manual.

But if I did it correctly - this should be a bad video of Heidi sort of crawling...


Daycare Crisis - No More!

I researched using the tools Val sent me, contacted a few places and visited a few too - what an adventure!

Of course the issue was - we would find a decent place - no openings - we find a bad place - tons of openings - and ALL the prices were HIGH...

There were some scary moments when we saw a couple of places that were disgustingly dirty and the employees were less than desirable. For example one place had an employee with so many piercings - she must of had more holes than swiss cheese! I was very nervous that the only places with availability were these places - they were STILL expensive and I would be a wreck if I had to leave Heidi there! Heidi didn't want to go there either.
But after all our research and driving around, we came upon the Millard Learning Center on 168th and Q - developed by teachers - they do infant to preschool. Its VERY school and learning oriented - they even have a gym and a pit! (You guys remember a pit, those sunken in steps things that teachers would read stories to everyone or do singing)

Now it is WAY more expensive than what we have been paying - we figured so. We will have to make some sacrifices - I have to stop my hip hop dance lessons, quit my rodeo clown college and I'm putting our hot air balloon around the world trip on hold - but I think we can manage...

She starts January 5th - I'm excited to see how she does and I really hope it all works out! I'm just glad we could find something so close and with an opening - they only had one and we grabbed it!
Daycare crisis adverted for now...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Celebrating the Holidays

Sorry for the long distance between blogs! Its been crazy around the Gonzales house... let's see... bring you up to speed... Heidi was sick, Meghan was sick, Chris was not sick... We had a couple of holiday parties for work, we celebrated the holidays with family, Heidi can crawl, Heidi is eating finger food puffs and we lost our daycare... OK - let me elaborate on some items...

First the good stuff - Heidi truly enjoyed Christmas will all her families. She got a TON of stuff. Chris and I use to say we didn't have enough toys for Heidi and now not the case! (would you say we have a plethora of pinatas? yes a plethora of pinatas - awww the Three Amigos)

ANYWAYS - Some of her favorites - the new walker from Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales and new mirror/piano from Grandma Babs and Grandpa D - there are so many more and I will try to take pictures as she enjoys them!
Here are some pictures from all the celebrations - side note - I'm a dumbass and forgot my camera for some of it - especially for Christmas when Great Grandpa Ratkovec was visiting - oops - sorry! I'm hoping to get some pictures from the Grandpa Gonzales and his new camera.
Present anyone?
Grandma Babs and Heidi!
Front of the t-shirt says - In Trouble? Back - Call M. Dick Kahler Attorney of Law with his REAL work number - hehe
Bob and Blake

From my brother Matt to Chris...gross...but don't worry we already re-gifted it to my dad from my brother...

Kendall and Heidi playing - we need video of baby wars when we sit them facing each other and let them play.

Heidi Crawling - yep - no really - no scooting or face crawling - I'm talking - one hand at a time coordinated with her knees. We are officially mobile! I have it on video - but I haven't figured out how to download - I need to install some kind of software. She crawled last Saturday when I was wrapping presents and each day it gets better and better to the point where we are constantly moving things and keeping an eye on her. My goal this weekend while I'm off from work is to get the video uploaded.

Daycare... so our daycare lady/family - that is across the street and has been absolutely wonderful, came over Tuesday night to let us know they are moving... this weekend... you read correctly...THIS WEEKEND! Yes a four day notice. I won't go into the details - but let's just say it has something to do with getting over extended and I would give them an "F" in personal money management. They are moving to NY to be closer to family and they say they can make more money there.
Heidi's reaction...
So now we need another solution - please feel free to pipe in and offer solutions - but really I don't understand why Taco and Brewski can't just watch her - I mean - what's so wrong with that? hehe

Through this Val has been absolutely great in helping us - that's why she is cool. You're cool Val. She has provided information on licensed day care places by zip code along with personal connections to daycares in my area. She basically rocks. We plan to hit it hard this weekend and do some research and I'm hoping by the 5th we have a solution. I'm a wee bit stressed about it - but I know it will all work out.

That is all for now. A big thank you to all of our friends and family for all the wonderful presents and good times as well as support through the daycare crisis - we love you all and appreciate everything!!!

OH one more thing - Happy Birthday Taco - 6 years old! Our little Christmas dog!

Monday, December 8, 2008

6 Months - Yahoo!

Can you believe it? Heidi is already 6 months old!

Heidi had her six month check up today. She is still a little peanut - in the 17% for Height (24 3/4 inches) and in the 23% for weight (14 lbs 10 ozs). Everything is hunky dory for her - everything good, nothing wrong. She was a very good patient through the whole thing - didn't cry until the shots. Poor little legs - I can't image getting shots in your thighs would feel good...

She is backwards crawling and forward face crawling - her favorite thing to do is get on her hands and knees looks like she is humping...yeah...humping...nice.

She likes to stand with you, but instead of taking steps like Kendall, she hula hoops. She needs to take some tips from Kendall on the walking.

She babbles and squeals and Chris swears she mimics him when he makes certain sounds - he also swears she already said da da...

She will be moving into bigger and better foods - cherrios and puffs are next and soon will be table foods - I just can't wait to share Ming's with her - then she will also know the glory that is Ming's....mmmm Ming's...

She is just growing up so fast...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Biscuit Fun

So our Doctor mentioned that we could give her a biter biscuit since she is already sitting without support - he said the biscuits are to help her through teething and toughen up for gums for food.
He also said, strip her down to her diaper and be prepared for a mess and boy was he right! It was probably the funniest thing we have seen in awhile - she was SO excited for the biscuit.

The best part was watching the boys observe Heidi eating - I don't think they have ever been so concentrated on one thing before - they never tried to snatch it from her, even when she did place it on the blanket - but they did not take their eyes off of her! I believe this is the beginning of Heidi figuring out that the dogs love her food.

Her 6 months appointment is tomorrow...

Also a big congrats to my cousin Chad and his wife Rachel who gave birth to a cute little girl Charley Kahler!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bath Time Take 2

We snapped this picture last night during our routine bath time. We have come a long way since previous bath time experiences (check out our blog back in July). She just thinks its the best thing ever to splash around and chew on the letters. I didn't realize a kid could get so stinky and crusty in one day...