Thursday, April 10, 2008

7 Months...

3/16/08 (28 Weeks)

St Patty's Day!!! (Well Saturday)

Hello all! So Chris and I decided to participate and go downtown to the Omaha Parade. It was a ton of fun - but a very long day - especially when you are the only one NOT drinking!

We arrived at Old Chicago ay 9am - yes - 9am on a Saturday and don't worry - even though they don't technically open until 11 - they were more than willing to serve us. The parade was fine, COLD, but fun. My favorite part was a group of 30 storm troopers, many of them in Kilts - you have to love it!

After the parade and a few stops like the Dubliner, OConnors, Barry Os and Barretts - I think I finally made it home at 9pm. It was great to be out and about, but man - I'm glad that was only for a special occasion!

Everything is still going great with me - I'm growing by the second. The hips are about the same, my water splashing around is helping. My next doc appointment is this Tuesday and on Wednesday is CPR class.

According to my count down, its less than 12 weeks to my due date and something like 82 days! YIKES!!!

3/20/08 (28 Weeks)

Another Doc Appt & CPR...

Monday we had another doctor's appointment - I like the quick little appointments - just a measure and a heartbeat and all is good. I officially got my results from the diabetes test and I wasn't even close to having it - man - I could of had cake and ice cream right before the test and would have been fine! hehe

Then last night Chris and I participated in the 3 hour CPR class. I actually was happy we did it. I had CPR training in the past, but it was a good refresher and they have simplified it. Chris has never taken CPR and he was being a very good student. Plus they taught us about choking too. I didn't learn that before. Now if anyone chokes or anything or needs CPR - Chris and I can come to the rescue! Oh, one thing about being in a CPR class with a bunch of preggo ladies - the lady in front of me ripped one while she was giving CPR to her doll - poor lady - but Chris and I were fighting back tears.

Christina, my sister-in-law, went to the hospital yesterday morning at like 4 am with severe pain and it turns out she has kidney stones!!! She is also pregnant and about 3 weeks ahead of me - so they couldn't do all the tests and treatments they normally do for kidney stones. She is still in the hospital, but hopefully being released today. I spoke with her this morning and she just said she was in a ton of pain and she was feeling better. The baby is fine too. I'm hoping she is able to go home today and just sleep and recover - but scary!!!Nothing else to report here. I have a 4 day weekend coming up - my last vacation before the baby comes! Everyone have a great weekend!

3/26/08 (29 Weeks)


I have been tagged by Christina to write a blog about 10 weird, random, facts or habits about myself.

I’m overally obsessed with Ming’s Chinese food – It’s my favorite restaurant. I honestly could eat it every day, but my favorite food item is Aggie Roll from Godai (formally Goro’s) Sushi in San Antonio .

I can get very excited about things and sometimes if I can control everything, I have anxiety attacks. For example – when we got Taco – thank god my husband understands!
My favorite smell is the rain or even right before it rains.

I’m so thankful for my husband. We can be in a group and have a blast, but we have the most fun at home together. We can be entertained by playing cards or just sitting hanging with the dogs.

I’m the absolute worst person at keeping contact with people. I really am a bad friend and thank god my friends are so understanding!

I hate feet.

I’m very competitive at anything I do and love to beat Val – like when I kicked her ass making my bed. Hehe

I do Sudoku every night and play my Nintendo DS every night too. Brain Age makes me smart – ha!

I love my job. Who else gets paid to watch TV, chase sales and do random marketing projects – my job is always changing and I love that.

I’m feeling all emotions for this new baby to come from excited to scared out of my mind. Thank god I have great family and friends around me to help.

****NOTE*** Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog of ten weird, random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose friends to be tagged, listing their names.
I tag…. Anne, Michelle and anyone else who has a blog… (Val if you had a blog I would tag you – hehe) Here is Christina's blog...

3/31/08 (30 Weeks)

Birthday, Doctor and Contractions!

I'm just truckin' along - everything is going great.

Friday was my birthday - I turned 28 on the 28th - it was my golden birthday and thank you to all my friends and family who helped me celebrate - or really celebrated for me! We had a little house party complete with beer, root beer, cherry limeades, rockband, maybe some beer die in there - oh and a sheet cake - thanks to my husband. I don't think I have ever seen a cake so big - I knew there was a problem when he said he couldn't fit it in the fridge. And yes - he is still eating it and he is in heaven.

After going to bed in the wee hours of the night only getting about 4 hours of sleep, I got up to help Anne paint faces for a charity - which was fun. I feel bad for the first few kids - I was a bit rusty! but after a little while, I got the hang of it again. My favorite were the kids I called "leaners" - as I painted their face they would lean away - sometimes I didn't know what I painted on their face - but hey it was for charity!

Then we went to the Saathoff's baby shower which was fun - I think I finally got home at 4:30 and Chris shoved some pizza at me and I was out asleep on the couch! I didn't wake up until 9 to go shower and crawl right back in bed! Wow I was tired!

Today we had a doctor's appointment - another short one - weight, blood pressure, tummy check, heart beat and urine - which Chris made fun of me because I filled up the whole thing and he called me a water buffalo or something. Oops - oh well - kind of embarrassing. I can't believe after all the sweets from Easter and my birthday I did not gain too much weight - its a miracle! Really! I'm measuring 32 weeks which my doc says is right on target - so it looks like I'm doing great!

So Christina asked me last night if I have experienced any contractions yet - but how she described them - I'm like - no I don't think so - but at dinner - I kept getting like menstrual cramps or real tight in my very lower belly - almost under the belly and they would come and go. They way Christina would get them would her whole belly would get tight where for me it really wasn't my belly at all. But I also carry really low - really low - so I asked the doc and she said those are practice contractions or braxton hix or whatever they are called. They aren't painful or anything - just kind of achy and crampy. But now I'm happy because I know what they feel like - so I can pay attention more!Tonight or tomorrow I'll post pics from the party and maybe my belly - its getting BIG!
My pregnant friends - Maria, Cat, Gina, Me, Christina and Anne...

4/1/08 (30 Weeks)

Class #1

Last night, Chris and I had our first of 6 classes for child birth. First we need to rewind to dinner, Chris and I had mis-communication - mainly on my part on who was watching the burgers cook in the pan and well let's just just a smoke filled room later - dinner was done. So we have to rush off to class - both stinking of burnt burgers.

We get there and thank god we don't really have a "hippie" lady - but she does come in close second. We knew it was going to be a long night when she went around the room asking what we are having, our due date and a discomfort - and like for us - she is like - oh a girl - due June 6th - I'm going to draw a sun because it will be a bright sunny day when she is born - then the next people go - I'm going to draw a bicycle for the nice sunny days of riding your bikes together or whatever.

The class was good - went through terms and kind of what to expect - which is what I want - we now know what exactly, dilation, efacing and station mean. At the end of the class we did breathing exercises - sorry I have never been into soft music and breathing - plus every time I breathed in - I smelled burnt burgers. So then it was our challenge to try to not giggle. Plus GIPette was kicking and moving like a mad woman - so she didn't want to be quiet either!I'm glad we are doing the classes - I think overall it will be very educational for us! One class down - 5 to go...

4/8/08 (31 Weeks)

Cleaning Machine & Class #2

So this weekend was a good weekend - Friday we hung out with Chad and Gina - who are also preggers due 2 days before me. It was nice to hang out. Saturday we went to Cirque Du Soleil with my mom and Darrell - which was a lot of fun. I think because of the music GIPette was kicking and moving the entire time - a little distracting - but overall good!

Then for some reason I woke up Sunday and was in the cleaning mood - which as Chris would say - is rare. I never have been one for cleaning. I cleaned everything - from baseboards to windows - it felt good. I think I'm just ready to get the house ready. We're steam cleaning the carpet and couch in the next few weeks. Chris was all freaked out because he thought this was the official nesting stage - but that doesn't happen until about 12 hours right before you give birth - at least according to our classes. I guess you get this burst of energy and want to do something - my mom said she was on her hands and knees scrubbing on the floor right before she gave birth to me. So since I cleaned the house entirely now - Chris is wondering what I'm going to do for my burst of energy - I'll want to plant landscaping or something?

Last night was class #2 - we reviewed what we talked about in class number one - then it was the dreaded video - which honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - I mean I don't want to watch it again - but it wasn't the worst thing I have ever seen. We all squirmed a little at places and I just kept saying ouch.

I think the classes, if anything, will just help get us in the mind set, okay - this is what to expect for the hospital and afterwards. I'm glad were taking them - it allows me to focus a little more. It really does help with terminology, where to go in the hospital, what to do when this happens, this could happen etc. I would recommend them - but with a warning - you're going to some stuff that is retarded but I think I have gotten a back massage every class from Chris - bonus!
So I'm 31 weeks - in my 32nd week - anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks left - I think - that is just crazy to me. This week we're meeting the Pediatrician and besides that - just slowly putting the hospital bag together...Until next time...

4/10/08 (31 Weeks)

Found a Doctor

Today Chris and I met with our future pediatrician - it went well. Its the same doctor as Matt and Christina, which makes it easy! He went through his practice and we were impressed. It looks like he comes to the hospital after the baby is born and it goes from there! We can mark that off our list...

Seventh Month

I've started thinking about the nursery: Well the nursery is basically done - I just need to add wall decorations - which is the story of my entire house!

I've been dreaming about you: These vivid dreams are crazy - nothing too much about the baby - but just weird - I won't even begin to tell you any. But usually they involve robots, friends and like reality tv challenges...

I used to love food! Now I avoid: I love my stinky cheese - basically all soft cheese like blue cheese - lately its been hot dogs - not that I really like them or ate them but when you can't have something - its all you think about!

I never thought pregnancy would make me: Actually be okay with pink crap.

I can't wait to: Get this pregnancy over! The not sleeping at night and the whole hips thing - its made me count down the days even more!!!

My prenatal visit this month taught me: I'm still trucking along like I should - they measured the belly thingy and I'm right on schedule - maybe a week a head - I hope I hope!