Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Heidi's First Day of 4th Grade

Heidi started 4th grade today! She is starting to look all grown up! I caught her even putting deodorant on! hahahaha. So cute.  Of course whenever we take pictures of Heidi, Lucy starts to ham it up for the camera! Love these girls.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cheer Begins

We were very active this weekend. I think we are all going crazy with my lack of mobility. Now - good thing for us, the science museum has wheelchairs, so off we went for a quick visit before the football game.

I made this... so proud... so MAYBE I'm a little Disney focused right now - I mean it IS 12 days away!

Football games begin for cheerleading! It was a beyond beautiful day and we were very happy to hang outside!

I also was ambitious on Sunday and had to clean the pantry, fridge, junk drawer and cabinet area. We all know once school starts, so does ALL the paperwork and art and who knows what else they bring home every day. I needed to declutter now to start fresh for the year.

School orientation tonight and gymnastics start tonight as well! Almost first day of school!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Oktoberfest - Prost!

First two random pictures - Lucy's favorite friend JJ gave her this Minnie shirt for her birthday. She opened it and goes: "I've been WAITING for this shirt". It was really funny. Of course she had to wear it the next day. Too cute!

We are SO excited for Disney! Our little count down has worked out well. The girls rotate putting stickers on and honestly, I haven't had to break up any fights about it.

Oktoberfest is upon us! We rented a wheelchair and I wheeled by butt there. We didn't want to miss such a fun event. The girls love to dance and watch the dancers and play the kids games etc. I actually drank a few beers and didn't break my other leg - success! We always stay just enough to avoid the super drunk crazies and still have a great time.

School prep is underway and Heidi's cheer has its first game on Saturday. Looks like we are back to school!