Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We're Back!

I'm able to post again! I was having issues trying to post to the blog, but it looks like they have been cleared. Now catch up time. We basically have almost a full summer to catch up on...

Miss Heidi hurt her thumb almost right away at the beginning of summer. She was opening a metal can of dog food and slipped and badly sliced her finger. It was cleaned and glued and happy to report healed now! She will have a little lip on her thumb for awhile, but it looks good!

After Florida, we had a VERY last minute b-day sleepover for miss Heidi. We even piggy-backed on a friend's birthday at Swing and Things too. The girls had fun and didn't mind the scramble!

Taco enjoying summer...

Chris one day will discover I took pictures of him... but until then, here they are! Chris had PRK (like Lasik, but not) and finally got his blind eyes fixed. I tried to be a good nurse and help him. (but I may suck) He was down for about a week and his eyesight is improving every day. He says its still weird to wake up and see. He also says we need to clean our shower more. :)

For Chris' birthday, the girls got him tickets to our local baseball team. We enjoy going to the games and it is fairly inexpensive to get a table and food and hang out. Now he was blind during the game from surgery, but ate hot dogs just the same!

Now it ended up being a baseball weekend. We also got invited to go to an Indians game on the official Indians fan bus and WE HAD A BLAST! Chris was blind, but we had plenty of people guiding him around. We only left him a couple times in the bathroom or randomly. Also, people loved just feeding him hot dogs and beers. I don't know if I actually watched the game at all...

The girls have been having fun with the babysitters and having a real summer. Days at the pool, library, zoo, parks etc. How cute is Lucy with her friends at the pool!

We went and saw the movie Cars 3 but had more fun playing in the other movie promos!

4th of July weekend, we relaxed, ate, played and had a good time! Just some random pictures...

Heidi also went to this year's Kids Bop concert with her BFF Lucy. I thought this years was better than last years, I think their budget was bigger. :) We had fun and Heidi actually danced and sang along!

We are starting to prep for Disney!!! Ordering some custom ears to make it special. LOVE them!

We also were blessed to have Grandpa and Grandma Babs come visit and it was a good week. It was also my Make-A-Wish golf tournament week and I'm pretty sure my kids would have been neglected if it wasn't for grandparents! They REALLY love when people come to see us.

More ears!!!

 Some more random cute pictures!

Heidi trying on our neighbors tactical gear! She is ready!

 Lucy got her haircut! Its SO cute!

Taco is hanging on. We have to admit, he has been better. Lots of issues with dia and vomiting, but still happy. We are watching him closely!

So... I went to New York to corporate training and had a lot of fun. Good personal and business development. Now funny story and life lesson... You do a lot of team building at these training and one was a skit - lip sync contest - which we rocked. But of course all the teams ended up a tie and it came down to a limbo contest. I'm like - ha - I used to rock at limbo - I got this...

You can see where this is going... I was one of the finalist, was doing really well. Made it under, but at the last moment, jerked too far forward and fell on my knee. I knew it hurt...a lot...but I'm around work. I popped up and was like "I'm good!" several high fives later and I managed my way to the back and was like - OH crap. I faked not having an injury and made it home a couple days later. Xrays, CT scans and tests later... I have fractured my knee. More specifically, I have a lateral fracture of my tibial plateau. Which my ortho doc mentioned, was an odd injury. Long story short - when I fell - I must have hit the paver ground just right to fracture my knee.

So no weight for 6 weeks - and wear a fancy brace. Now... my other knee, which is the one that had had 4 knee surgeries, started hurting tremendously during the week after I was diagnosed. Looks like making that knee my dominate knee and putting all my weight on it, is causing inflammation and strain - so now I have TWO braces and my doc scolded me for doing too much.

*sigh* I have to take it easy for 6 weeks. Hard to do. After 6 weeks - we will see if I need anything else!

Now - we have Disney coming up in like 7 weeks! I can't walk. I rented a mobility scooter. I'm going to be awesome. Now since I will be on a mobility scooter, looking stupid, might as well own it... so I got a special hat.

Oh Disney is going to be EPIC.

And lastly - the weather has been really nice and we have been trying to hang out with neighbors. Here are a couple quick pictures of Lucy having fun playing dress up!

Whew! Now its school prepping, ending the summer, Lucy's bday and soon DISNEY!!!

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