Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Weekend!

Chris returned from Budapest on Friday and we got back to normal! Plus it was a gorgeous day and we took full advantage of it! I couldn't get the kids to sit still enough to get pictures - so this is what I have!

Lucy was in heaven playing outside - she got so dirty - so stinky and so greasy! She slept hard last night!

Arhaus Warehouse was having a sale - we went to find bar stools and bought an ottoman instead - you know how that goes!

The girls messing around...

 Random cell phone pictures and videos from the week and weekend...

Let the girls play freely and they will destroy your house...

Chris enjoying Budapest!

I had some fun while he was away too - how about an Indians day game in a suite - why thank you! Don't let the sun fool you though - it was freezing!

Now we are prepping for OMAHA!!! We can't wait! Just a few more days!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Picture Overload!

Picture overload!!! The girls had a lot of fun this weekend and I tried to snap some pictures! Lucy caring for her baby...

The flowers bloomed that my neighbors got me for my birthday!

Heidi had to model the new shirt and hat Chris got her from Texas. Love it!

 Lucy saw me take Heidi's pictures and waited until I took hers...classic.

They are starting to play together....

Big Bird aka Giant Eagle aka our grocery store had a sale of balls. So I bought some.

Believe it or not - the sun came out here in Cleveland. Taco managed to find the one spot he could lay in the sun!

Chris lost his phone in the couch - like deep in the couch and Lucy thought it was hilarious!

 Back to playing...

You can admire her scratches and bruise on her forehead - supposedly she got it from a fork at daycare - who knows - she will be the kid with a new cut - scrap - bruise - every day!

Onto the tubs!

 My silly Heidi...


I wonder what she is thinking in these next photos.

 I think this is my favorite picture.

We are going to have our hands full with these two!