Friday, January 27, 2012


We are happy to announce that Ooo-Fah will be joining our family August 14, 2012. What's Ooo-Fah? Oh that's just what Heidi calls the baby in my belly. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heidi in Video

Here are two little videos that Chris captured on his phone last night. The first one is Heidi joins in with us and exercises. We are doing the Insanity workouts - and let's just say they are insane but here is Heidi getting all involved! Ha! I think Heidi is doing jumping jacks. :)

The second video is Heidi in a nutshell. I just told her that she could watch one more episode of Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel before going to bed. This is her explaining what the rules are to daddy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Blog About Nothing

You want a blog about nothing - well here you go... :) Nothing too exciting happened this weekend - but Heidi did discover she can slide down the stairs on her bum. And here goes round 1...

So much fun - let's do it again...Round 2

Yep. Blog about nothing. Why were we entertained on the steps? Well daddy was busy working on our taxes! Yep - by the mess in our office area - it's tax time!


Monday, January 16, 2012

A Snowy Weekend

Let it snow! Well our nice little extended nice weather is gone - we got dumped on by snow... But luckily we have snow gear and decided to go outside for some fun!
It was too funny - Chris was snow blowing and Heidi was taking shovels of snow and dumping it right back on the driveway. Loved it!

Chris has been on the kick of making things from scratch - hey more power to him. What I love is Heidi LOVES to be his little helper and its very cute!
For the record - she is hiding bacon behind her back - couldn't wait for breakfast - has to have one right now!
And yes it snowed more over the weekend.
Chris' homemade from scratch pancakes.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Omaha Children's Museum

The Omaha Children's Museum updated their website and invited a variety of kids to come and participate in the photo shoot. Heidi was lucky enough to be invited - don't know how much she actually participated BUT looks like they were able to find a cute picture of Heidi and Kendall together.

Check out their website - i'ts a great place and I am very jealous that we don't have a children's museum anywhere as cool as the Omaha one. I heard the PR Director is a pretty sweet gal too. :)

Also if you scan through the pictures - you might see another one of Heidi's buddies - a little miss Ayla and her mom - but they cheated - they are professional models :)

Fun fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Program

We had Heidi's winter program last night. It was very cute! Here is Heidi ready to go...

Real quick - Chris needed head shots for work - but I had to snap this picture of Heidi posing below. Ha!

Heidi waiting to go on stage - she wasn't so sure about the whole thing as you can tell...

But once she was on stage - she was all about it! She sang all the words - did all the actions and was great! She might have been one of the few who actually participated.

Overall - I was really proud of Heidi! It was a cute evening and I think we're going to like her new school a lot!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Sorry for the hiatus! I have been really bad about taking pictures for instance...Grandpa and Nana came in town for a visit - we had a blast and um - I didn't take any pictures except for a couple on the last night. Yep - I'm awesome. Here are Heidi and Grandpa making Grandpa's delicious twice baked potatoes! 

It was really great to have them in town! We miss them already!

Now we didn't get as nice as weather as Omaha got - as I have been hearing and trying not to be jealous - but it was STILL nice for Ohio. We were able to head to the zoo this weekend. A big difference between the Omaha zoo and Cleveland zoo - the lack of indoor attractions. There are a couple, but the Omaha zoo you can truly visit year round and still have plenty to see. not so much... But at least we were able to see some animals.
The Cleveland zoo elephant exhibit is really nice - heck the elephant way on the end is from Omaha. :) It was nice to see all the elephants all in a row and you can get rather close to them too. Heidi loves it.

 If you look closely - its actually a mama and baby koala!

I was just happy to be able to be outdoors and not freeze! Let's hope the snow holds off a little longer. I have already had to shovel once and once is enough for me! :)

We decided to hang out at home on Sunday and make some cookies! Heidi helped the whole way - she poured in the flour mixture, tasted the dough (no worries - no eggs in these cookies) and help cover them in powdered sugar. I don't know the exact name of the cookies - the recipe called them snow balls - works for me. As you can tell - Heidi was very excited to bake!

My goal is to take more pictures through out the week - but we will see how it goes :) Until next time...