Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quick Hello

Just a quick hello...

We worked from home all week because of the RNC.  Not going to lie, it was nice sleeping in an extra hour and wearing yoga pants. I snapped two quick pictures of the girls. One - Lucy just relaxing with Taco. The second - Heidi modeling her new head towel thing. All it good! starting tomorrow, back to the commute and regular routine!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


It has been a little busy in our household. Work is crazy, the babysitting/daycare has been figured out and going smoothly, we had the Make-A-Wish golf tournament I help put on this week, the festival for the church is ramping up and we have the RNC in town! Lots going on!

The girls have been loving gymnastics. So much they are now cartwheeling, flipping and doing tricks all around the house. They begged me for some new official outfits and I obliged.

On a funny note, Heidi goes:

"Mom, these exercise clothes are so comfortable, I understand why you wear them all the time."


Both of them have grown so much!

Monday, July 4, 2016

The 4th Hanging Out & Swim Lessons!

Happy 4th of July! We stayed around home for the 4th and spent some good ole family time together. Overall it was a nice weekend, had to break up some fights between the girls but still fun. We even was able to hang out with our neighbors a bit and see some fireworks!

Heidi and Lucy have been sleeping in the same room for awhile now. I think Lucy doesn't want to sleep alone and Heidi likes the new memory foam mattress. So its a win-win situation. The recent addition of Taco sleeping with them is interesting. We will see how long that lasts!

It was a nice mild morning on Saturday, so we headed to the zoo for a little bit.

 Then it was hang outside and just relax!

Heidi has been into trying new things, which is amazing. She has officially started gymnastics again! I think she will like it, plus Heidi and Lucy can take classes at the same time, Another note - the girls love to play with the filters on snapchat. I have to admit, its pretty entertaining!

We don't have much going on today, just trying to clean the house and relax. I did have the girls make glitter slime and they literally played with it for an hour. That never happens!

The other huge accomplishment, we actually took swim lessons!!! Thanks to our neighbors the Bakers, they suggested the city rec group which had evening swim lessons perfect for us! Heidi accomplished so much. She jumped in the pool, swam by herself with a kick board and would even put her face in the water. This is huge for her. Lucy did really good too. She was a little more into playing that learning, but still had fun! We are doing a second session in a week.

The only other thing that occurred this week is leaving KinderCare, our daycare for 5 years now. Long story short, we have always had issues with one particular family and their aggressive kids. We always took it as a life lesson to learn to deal and be as nice as possible without having a ton of interaction. As the kids are all getting older, instead of getting better, the damage is greater. Since Heidi returned to daycare for the summer, Heidi has been bullied and controlled by one of the siblings and escalated to actual physical attacking attempt that luckily the teacher stepped in to take the attack instead. KinderCare has no plans to handle this violent child any differently, so we are out! We are working out babysitters now and I think its a good time to transition anyways! I don't want Heidi feeling scared and unsafe going to a daycare! That's the opposite of what we need! I want Heidi to remember summers as fun! Plus Lucy coming home with less bites and bruises from being hit by toys from the other sibling will be a bonus as well. :) KinderCare is great for infants and to about 3 year old. If you have a school age child, do not go to North Ridgeville, unless they are a trained MMA fighter. ha!