Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Visit - Zoo - Dave - Pig Roast - Oh My!

This has been a jam packed weekend! We were lucky enough to have a visit from Omaha - the Gonzales family came up! We have been eating and hanging out and eating! Besides our visitors, Friday we also went to a Dave Matthews Band concert! It was hot but always fun! They even played our wedding song - I'll Back You Up! I have not heard it live since 1996! We went nuts!

Grandma and the girls also went to the zoo on Friday!

Heidi putting stickers on her animal book she likes to do!

We went up to see the giraffes and one came right on up to us. It was CRAZY! I think if I would reached out - I had a chance of petting it! Heidi REALLY liked it!

The zoo opened a new play area for kids. Its kind of a nature park theme area. They can run around and be contained within a fence! My only complaint - not a lot of shade and it was a hot one!

After the zoo we of course headed to Fat Head's - which was delicious as always.

Now onto the main event - the Pig Roast! Our neighbors put on a annual pig roast that has been a family tradition for them that they are carrying on. Bonus for us - its across the street :) It a fun filled day of hanging out, eating, drinking, and eating. and eating. Grandma wasn't too keen on the whole hog situation - but Rob was willing to give her a personal tour!

 Yes - Chris is wearing pink shorts.

It was VERY hot day and everyone worked to find shade where they could!

Lucy kept herself busy - between getting food - playing in a barbie Jeep and hanging out with us. She was one happy little girl. I think I saw Heidi maybe twice the whole night. We would all scan for our kids among the 40 to 50 of them and be good!

Pulling the pig off!

Father Kosem was right there to have the first taste of the hog!

Rob worked a long time to prep and cook that pig!

 Tone and I took a sweaty selfie!

Even Lucy liked the pork!

It was then time for the traditional eating of the eye balls. Yeah - its as gross as it sounds! Their faces say it all!

One more sweaty selfie with Jen!

 Heidi just had to have a picture with Father Kosem. :)

 Chris was running around with pigs feet - clapping and just being a booger!

We had a blast - we stayed a long time - enough for the naughty uncles to start a bon fire - Chris and I made sure they didn't burn down the forest! Another successful pig roast - we are so happy they threw the party!

Thank you to the Gonzales for traveling up to see us. Everyone had fun!