Thursday, May 8, 2008

8 Months...

4/14/08 (32 Weeks)

Doctor Appointment, Car Seat, Diaper Genies, and Apple Jacks!

Hello Everyone!

We just had another doctor's appointment - they are so short and sweet. Just weight, blood pressure, urine, heart beat, measure and tummy check. All is good. She is hanging out low and wide! Like the heart rate was down by my belly button. My doctor says all is good - the count down begins!!! I have just have one more quick, two week, regular appointment and then they begin every week! CRAZY!

Chris put in the car seat yesterday. It was really easy with our new car. Chris expected it to be harder - but it wasn't. We put it in for Jeremy and Michelle who are coming this weekend and bringing their little one, Ava. Funny story - so Chris and I brought out the whole stroller and car seat unit thingy to make sure we knew how it all works - (its one of those Chico Travel systems where everything snaps together) anyways, I went to pull out my car and Chris was holding the base, next thing we know, the stroller starts to roll down our driveway! Nice!! So Chris and I go running after it - of course our neighbors are out and I'm laughing going - parents of the year!!! - we reassured our neighbors - no kid yet. After that we discovered the brakes on the wheels! hehe

So I have been debating a very important decision - Diaper Genie Vs. Diaper Champ. I naturally registered for the Diaper Genie since that is just what I know of, well Christina, (sister-in-law) just got a new diaper pail system and she got the Diaper Champ - this one does not need those expensive refills and it looks WAY easier to use - you drop it in and flip it. That's it. Its the same price as the Diaper Genie too. So I turned to the internet and reviews are about the same - some people love the Diaper Champ, some don't and same with the Genie. So then I turned to my Baby Bargins book - which is a book that basically is like the consumer reports, but they ONLY do baby items and it helps you save money. And wouldn't you know it - it ranks the Diaper Champ OVER the Diaper Genie. The Cons it has listed are that it may not lock out the smell as much, but if you empty if every 5 days - it seems to be okay, plus there are scented trash bags now and the other complaint is that a toddle figured out how to put toys in there. Kind of funny. So I have switched to the Diaper Champ on my registry - I'm thinking it will be good. But if anyone has feedback on either one - I will greatly appreciate it. Nothing has been purchased yet!Oh - quick note about Apple Jacks - I can't get enough of them - I really haven't had a lot of cravings - but for some reason Apple Jacks are just plain awesome. You should try some - the trick is you have to let them sit in the milk for a little while - they are better soggy! hehe

4/15/08 (32 Weeks)

Class #3

Last night was our third class. We discussed our birth plans and anything and everything that may happen in the delivery room - mainly what tools they may use. It was very educational last night. Only 3 more classes to go! Next week is the hospital tour!

4/21/08 (33 Weeks)


THANK YOU!!! First to Anne, Christina and Val for throwing me a fantastic shower this weekend! It was wonderful - they even had angel food cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting and coconut - my FAVORITE!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to the shower - SO many people had to travel some distance to come in and I REALLY appreciate it! It was great to see everyone and all the pregnant ladies - I there were 8 or so there! ha! Don't drink the water we're drinking!

Chris and I (& GIPette) appreciate all the presents we received, it helps SOOOOOOOO much with getting ready for the baby - I can't express how much we appreciate it! Plus everyone brought us their favorite book to add to our library and that was really fun. I can't wait to look more closely at them.

Now I get to go through everything, wash clothes, put things away and get ready! The days are counting down!

It was great to have a baby in the house with little Ava visiting from Texas with Jeremy and Michelle. The boys, aka Taco & Brewski, did fantastic with her. It was nice to test out some of our new gifts too - the car seat is great, our portable high chair and the new play gym we got at the shower - all successful with Ava! Michelle is also determined to make this a girlie girl and gave us the cutest, craziest, Husker outfit ever (handmade with love) It just may be our Christmas card outfit... Just contact her for more outfits - she is crafty!

Well that is all for now - I'm just really thankful for everything this weekend - it really takes some big stresses off of my chest - I so thankful for our great friends and family!THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!

4/22/08 (33 Weeks)

Class #4

Class #4 - done! We just took the tour of the hospital - luckily - we already know about where everything is since Christina delivered there with Blake. It was nice to get to know everything in the room and know what to expect for the most part. Only 2 classes to go!!!!

4/29/08 (34 Weeks)

Doc Appt and Class #5

I posted a pick of the belly - hello! I have popped! hehe

We had our last two week appointment at the doctor yesterday - I'm just trucking along - the staff thinks I'm going to go early at the end of May and I like that!!! I hope they are right! I'm measuring 35, which is right on track. The doctor helped point out some "parts" that I have been feeling. Her head is down, which its basically been the entire time. Her butt is what I'm feeling the most up at the top of my belly on the right side - then on the left is where her little feet and knees and things keep poking out. She is in great position and ready!!!

Our next appointment is May 12th and this is when they begin to check to see if I am progressing towards labor or whatever. I'm not looking forward to the exam - but it will be great to know!!! Then after that I go every week to the doctor until she arrives!

We had our class #5 - it was bascially all about breast feeding - the best class so far - very informative. Luckily, I have been already drilling my friends and family - like Christina and Michelle on what it all involves, but the class helped clarify things. We only have one class left - they go over things like how to bathe the kiddo, how to change diapers and then a review of everything we have learned.

Basically by my calculations - I have less than 6 weeks and more than 2 weeks - which is CRAZY!!!

This week - we are going to finish packing the hospital bag and finalize getting everything else we need - so the washing can begin.Oh and today is our 2 year wedding anniversary! yeah! (together working on year 7)

5/5/08 (35 Weeks)

Checking In!

Everything is trucking along - as it has always been! Things are sinking in a little more as friends and family are starting to pop out their kids. Curtis and Maria had their little girl and then my cousin Ryan and Amy had their little boy (I posted pictures). Christina is due any day and I actually have a bet that she will go into labor today - Chris says Thursday and some other people say this weekend - let's see who is right!

Let's see - we got our carpets and couch steam cleaned - they look sooo good! It's nice that our couch doesn't smell like a foot anymore! Now if we can just keep them clean - no more shoes - no more house parties! hehe

My office had a mini-shower for me last friday - which was really nice - we had cake and they gave me Visa giftcards - which was AWESOME! It was seriously the perfect gift! Chris and I went shopping Saturday for everything else we are missing - it was fun! It was great to use all the gift cards and discount coupons and whatever else we had to get the remaining items. My house looks like Babies R Us right now!

Tonight is our last class - we are learning the care portion - like changing a diaper, cord care, what do in this situation - then its a review of everything and we are done!!!! YEAH! Overall I would suggest taking the classes - but keep in mind - there is a risk of annoying classmates and some portions of the class that are just retarded.

So now I'm just finishing putting things away and washing items. Saturday we have our baptism class with the church - I have no idea what that is about - those Catholics and their classes. Monday we have our first doctor's appointment where they check if I'm progressing - I hope! We are in the home stretch!!!!

5/8/08 (35 Weeks)

Getting things done...

So each night we have been getting items done - like last night, we finished washing and gathering everything for the hospital bag, we did a huge load of baby items - those little socks just get stuck everywhere - and then we took pictures of the boys for the baby room. I think the pictures turned out nice - they are both matted with colors and in white frames - the room seems complete with the pictures of the big brothers.

We are still waiting for Christina to go - Chris swears its today - I hope so - I would like to get out of work for a little while! ha! All I know is I'm moving towards that too - each night and day are filled with more twinges and aches and what was that feeling. I'm curious for my monday doctor's appointment to see if any of these feelings are moving towards anything...

I have reached the miss crabby portion of the pregnancy - I think its just the lack of sleep, the uncomfortable-ness of it all and most of all - if I'm hot or warm - its not cool. At least I'm aware of it and I'm really honestly trying my hardest not to be crabby - poor Chris. So if you run into me and I'm not super perky - I'm sorry! Its weird to see my belly move so dramatically all the time - a little distracting too - especially at 4 in the morning! We'll let's hope my next entry is about Christina and Matt's baby!!!
Pictures of the boys for the baby's room...

Eighth Month

My pregnancy classes are: Well - the classes are good - our teacher is sort of a hippie lady - we like the information we are receiving - but could do without some of our classmates. Luckily, we aren't the only ones annoyed with some people - so at least we can be snickering in the back together and trying to make the most of it. Sounds mean - but its just one couple driving us nuts, like they are type that have a question every single time, when we are passing things through out the room - she is like picking her nose and then touching things or like eating sun flower seeds and touching things - he is the guy who wears tight shirts that shouldn't and thinks he is funny - but isn't - can you picture them???

In the classes, I've learned how to: Classes I have mainly learned terminology and just helps be prepared what "could" happen. they really have helped mostly for getting you mentally prepared.

What I've bought for you so far: Um - I can't even list everything... Let's just say a lot...

What other people have bought for you: Um - once again - can't even begin to list everything - we are SOOOOOO Thankful for EVERYTHING that people have purchased for us - it really REALLY helps!!!

The strangest food craving I've had during this pregnancy is: Right now its Apple Jacks and Root Beer - yummy!!!

The strangest piece of advice I've gotten since this pregnancy started is: I really only take advice from my friends and so far they are pretty normal...

At my prenatal visit, I learned: I'm just trucking along - I just hope the next doctor's appointment she is like - oh you are going to come 3 weeks early! ha!