Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Why not start off a blog about memorial weekend with a random lady in a hot dog suit...

We had a busy but nice weekend - first we decided to head to the Chagrin Falls Memorial Day Weekend carnival... well we didn't get the memo - I was a little worried when I saw most people in rain boots with mud on them - came closer to the fair grounds and wow - what a mud fest - I was surprised I didn't see ladies in bikinis mud wrestling. Heidi was in a white dress, Chris had his new shoes on and I have flat shoes and jeans that touched the ground - let's just say - we didn't stay long. Heidi enjoyed a nice cupcake and we moved on.

Well just when we were pondering what to do - Chris got a call from the car dealership that we have come to a deal and we just needed to sign the paperwork on a new car. So we spent our Saturday afternoon at the Subaru dealership and I think honestly - Heidi had more fun. She was hamming it up for everyone and having a great time.

Chris' new 2011 Subaru Legacy

The next day - we got to do something very special for Heidi - Thomas the Train was in town and had a whole bunch of things going on. Heidi was super excited to go - I myself - not so much - I can't stand Thomas the Train and if I hear that theme song one more time - I may die - but it was a very well run event - tons of things for the kids. Heidi was in heaven the whole time!!!

Riding on the train - being pulled by Thomas - Heidi was VERY excited!

It was great weekend! Less than a week before my mom and Darrell come! We are super excited and can't wait!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nice Weekend

YEAH a gorgeous weekend - FINALLY! Chris asked me what I wanted to do this weekend and all I said was be out of the house and outdoors. We took walks, went to the playground, played basketball (No worries - not 1 on 1 or anything - we play what we call Heidi - its the opposite of Horse - the first one to actually make 5 shots wins...yep we're that pathetic)

A co-worker of Chris told us about the Lake Erie nature center and it was nice. Had a planetarium, some animals and its surrounded by a nice forest. Best part - it is FREE! Heidi enjoyed it, plus its right next to Lake Erie - so we got to check out the beaches. believe it or not - people were totally rocking their bikinis and laying out...and no creepy men - I did not take any pictures...

Heidi has definitely moved into that pretend play time - I should record her conversations with her toys - some of it sound a little familiar :P. She loves her dollhouse and everything with it - I haven't arranged a thing - its all her. Funniest moment was when Heidi says they pooped their pants and were taking turns taking a shower. Nice.

Its finally getting nicer here in Cleveland - the trees have bloomed - the grass is green - I'm thinking summer will be nice here - help make up for the crappy winter!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Count Down...The Cleveland Zoo...And Heidi Being Heidi...

I have learned a lesson this week...don't tell a toddler about a trip that isn't going to be for another 150 days...ESPECIALLY when they are in the "why" phase...

Yes - we have booked a trip to the happiest place on earth - Detroit...aww just kidding - Disney World. I haven't been since I was 9 -so I'm pretty sure it has changed a bit! At first I thought Heidi was too young - but there is a TON for her to do! She is SUPER excited to see Minnie - but where it becomes a problem is - she keeps thinking we are taking the trip...tomorrow... um - its going to be awhile kiddo. So... I had to come up with some kind of count down and this is what it is - an old school ring thingy... Every day she tears off a ring - has it helped... no... she still doesn't get it - but I'm hoping as we progress along the chain - it will start to click. Is it a little crazy to hang something like this on your wall in your dining room... yes... but I can say its art.

As of today - 149 days to go...

Moving on - we visited the Cleveland Zoo for the first time - mainly to get membership squared away before the grandparents visit this summer. It is a nice zoo - good natural landscaping and things are up-to-date - like they have a Pizza Hut - cool. Their elephant exhibit is very nice - one of them is from Omaha - who knows which one... now we just may be jaded and spoiled with the Omaha zoo - but many times Chris and I were unimpressed with the exhibits... for example: we go to the cat exhibit and there is one coral and um.... one lion. Its not like there are tigers next door or anything... uno el liono... but luckily Heidi doesn't know the difference. We didn't stay that long - mainly because of the weather - but at least we saw what the zoo entails and we are ready to REALLY explore it in the future.

Boo boo update - its healing nicely - taking a lot longer than I expected... She doesn't mind the bandaid at all - changing it can be challenging - but at least she lets me put baby oil on it - so it loosens it. She actually doesn't like NOT having a bandaid...

This is Heidi explaining something about the bears to me... funny.

The many faces of Heidi - she is a character...