Sunday, March 29, 2015


We celebrated my birthday this weekend - so not a lot of pictures - but I did capture the girls all dressed up!

Lucy's face is funny in this one.

Doing a little dancing...

 Heidi is all about scarves now. Very cute.

We are getting excited for Easter! I better get back to packing!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Girl Bed!

We took the plunge this weekend - we transitioned Lucy's bed to the toddler bed. Mainly to prepare for potty training in the near future. She loves her bed...

How did it go????

Well.........Friday night - it went great until 6am when we were woken up by a thud...pause...and crying. She was fine but not too keen on her bed after that.

Fast forward to Saturday night - fine until 1am where she proceeded to cry and not be happy with her bed. She never tried to get out or anything - just would lay down and start crying or sit up and cry, like she was afraid to try a different position. We didn't go get her or anything - we knew if we did - she would be in our bed. We are holding strong and hope tonight goes better!

Other random pictures of Lucy continuing to amaze us with her fashion ability. It's very lovely.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jungle Gym Daddy

The sun is finally coming out and the snow is melting...and Chris took over 2 hours today picking up the poo from the yard... Which means spring is just around the corner!

How do you keep a 2 year old quiet during homework time? Why not braid her crazy hair? Its a whole different challenge to braid wavy curly hair

Yesterday was just hanging out as a family and poor Chris was the entertainment!

I think Chris is a little sore today! Lucy finally agreed she can't wear her snow boots anymore - so we convinced her to wear her new shoes. We will see how long that lasts!

We aren't having super nice weather like Nebraska - but sunny and 45 - we will take! We played outside for a little bit. It is really slushy out in the grass and just a little cold to the nose if you stay out too long. We can't wait for more nice weather!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Weekend

I got Lucy's hair into a high pony tail this weekend and it was super cute! Her hair is not like Heidi's where I could smooth it out and have no fly-aways - Lucy's hair is nothing but crazy! It curls, flips and wisps everywhere! It fits her personality though :)

The girls were in super good moods Saturday morning and being goofy. I'm finding it harder and harder to get Heidi to sit for any pictures!

 I finally got them!

Heidi got a wear a little pink lip balm and I gave her a sponge that was wet and convinced her it was makeup - she thought she was the coolest person ever!

Heidi always looks so nice and put together and then there is Lucy...

Of course we went to Fat Heads. They gave us the big booth in the back and it was nice for once to be able to spread out as a family!

This is typical Lucy in the car - what you can't capture in the pictures is the lovely smell of her feet.

We went to the Cleveland auto show and it was - overwhelming. Tons of people, cranky Lucy, we don't have a double stroller and this was one example where we needed one. Heidi wanted to sit which caused Lucy to throw a fit and vice versa. We did accomplish our goal of checking out my potential next cars. Nothing anytime soon but I have my eye on a couple.

I finally let Lucy run free - I didn't care at that point.

Good weekend. It was nice to have no more snow and slightly higher temps. I feel spring around the corner - so I hope it comes soon!

One more note - Lucy talking has increased exponentially to three word sentences and many times where we realize we can understand her! It has been fun and very cute when she talks! :)

Other food for thought, as of next week - Lucy will be he exact same age as Heidi when we moved to Cleveland. Crazy huh?