Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had an interesting weekend...

First we went and saw the new Harry Potter - loved it - I hate to criticize it, but we did miss the big fight scene in the end, but I figure they'll make up for it in the last movie. Grandma Babs and Grandpa D watched Heidi for us and while returning home to then turn around and meet friends at Horseman's Park - Heidi decided to choke and vomit all over Chris' car and her new car seat. I mean, in college you see a lot of people throw up - but man - this was crazy!

We get her back home, cleaned up and down for a nap and Chris and I spent well over 2 hours cleaning. Good news, our seat can come completely apart to clean, bad news -not even vinegar seems to be getting the smell out. Could be worse - it could have been my car... :) We cancelled all our plans and decided to hang out with Matt and Christina instead. Nice mellow night of games.

Sunday afternoon Heidi seemed 100% so we decided to head to the zoo. It was PACKED! We only lasted 2 and 1/2 hours, but that's why we have a zoo pass, so we can do that and not feel guilty. We all came home and crashed for 2 and 1/2 hours of naps and that about sums up our evening. Exciting - I know. Here are the handful of pictures I took...

Heidi feel asleep on the way to the zoo.

Heidi and Daddy having a moment

Heidi admiring the fishes
This sea turtle swam over us - really cool

A cool giraffe and Heidi observing

Monday, July 13, 2009

O Fest 2009

We decided to go to O Fest again - beer, food and music. It was a little different than last year, but still fun. We had a bunch of our friends come out, which is always fun. Here are just some pictures from the day...

Heidi warming up to her surroundings...

Warming up a little more - I see that smile behind that pacifier!

Ready to go!

I'm so sexy I don't know what to do with myself!

Dad of the year!

Look at the cute family - Ayla, Anne and Dean!

Heidi crashed and slept for a good hour - which was good - it made it possible to stay there for 6 hours!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Forward We Go...

Heidi is officially in a forward facing car seat and she loves it! I snapped this with my phone yesterday.

I added a few more pictures we took on our camera - Heidi loved being put in the seat by daddy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and the Zoo Take 2

We had a mellow nice 4th - we were invited to Ping's (Anne's brother) house for the afternoon - we were suppose to swim, but the weather didn't allow for it - no crying on this end - but it would have been nice to have Heidi have her first big pool experience. Then Dean, Anne, Ayla and Marla (Dean's sister) came over for a wee bit - Ayla and Heidi were very cute in the basement and even and at one point were sitting side by side in the little blue chairs. I'm telling you all this because neither Anne or I bothered to bring our cameras and take pictures...yep... I guess it was too difficult for me to walk up stairs and get it. So you'll have to to use your imagination... Heidi was a little off schedule from all the festivities - so she took a late nap and was cranky for the rest of the evening. We did sit on our porch for a little while and Heidi watched the neighbors shoot off some fireworks before FINALLY going to bed at 10.

So not a lot of pictures from the 4th... maybe next year...

Sunday we woke up and it was gorgeous out! Chris and I decided - we're going to the ZOO! Heidi LOVED it once again. She was even excited in the parking lot. Don't worry - no bird poop this time! We did the attractions we missed last time - like the elephants and rhinos - which are my favorite.

Heidi enjoyed the Desert Dome - oh wait - no - she had no idea - she fell asleep while in the cat house and slept through that, the Desert Dome and the aquarium.
She woke up just in time to pick out a new toy. Chris and I were picking out all sorts of fun stuffed animals, but she reached and wanted this ball - looking - zebra thing. She loves it and hey it was cheap - so no arguments here. Is she going to get a toy every time we go to the zoo??? I don't know - ask daddy...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Grandma, Dean and a Pool

Playing catch up - I need to post some pictures from the last week happenings - we had some important things happen...like we visited Great Grandma Gonzales and we were lucky enough to have Aunt Carmen in town as well. Heidi took a few minutes to warm up, she always does, but after awhile she was walking around trying to get everything. She fell in love with this chihuahua dog and carried it everywhere!

Unfortunately, I waited to take pictures and Heidi was ready for bed. Next time we'll go earlier and take pictures BEFORE Heidi gets tired. We had a great visit and hope to go again before Carmen goes back to California.

Anne also threw a surprise birthday party for Dean, which was a ton of fun. Heidi loved their love-sac type over sized bean bag. Which is good because I want to get one for the basement!

Also we bought a kiddy pool for Heidi and had our first backyard fun.

Heidi stealing food from daddy...

Oh and a BIG CONGRATS to Cass and Lori for their birth of their daughter Arianna. I don't have many details or pictures, but I will post them when I get them! I can't wait to meet her!