Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photos by Christina Kahler...

Christina is FANTASTIC! Look at the wonderful pictures she took - I LOVE them! I don't know how I'm going to choose! Thank you THANK YOU Christina for such an awesome job! Here is Heidi - 2 weeks and 4 days old...

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Christina is SO Talented!

Yesterday - the wonderful Christina Kahler took pictures of Heidi and what I have seen so far - they are AWESOME!!! I'll post some pictures when I get them - Christina is finishing up editing and burning the CD. I was hoping for just one and now I have a ton - I don't know what I'm going to choose for the annoucement! I'm SO grateful she took the time to do this - I owe her big time!

Pictures to come - Christina needs to start her own photography business...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hanging out at Matt & Christina's

We celebrated Christina's birthday, Chris' birthday and father's day for Darrell today - my mom made an awesome meal of beef brisket, beans, pasta salad, fruit, chocolate cover strawberries and cupcakes - you can't beat that! We finally put Kendall and Heidi on the floor together - Heidi kept on rolling away - but we think Kendall like being next to Heidi. Heidi is catching up in size to her - they don't look so different any more. Here are some pictures...

Grandma Babs and Kendall...

Blake eating Grandma's good food!

Kendall on the right - Heidi on the left...

Kendall was letting Heidi borrow her hand...

Heidi was worn out after her play date!

Haute Totties

My good friend Michelle in Texas is starting a business - its basically fun baby clothes - big bows and fun onesies etc. I ordered Christina a full outfit as a congrats/birthday/mother's day/just because present - its fun! I believe Michelle is starting a website and their email is - if anyone is interested in getting some items. I'll also post a picture of the Husker outfit she made for me - her lovely Ava is the model - so CUTE! I can't wait for Christina to take pictures of Kendall all decked out!

Happy 30th Birthday Chris!

We celebrated Chris' 30th b-day this weekend. We couldn't do much - we normally like to throw parties for birthdays and basically any occasion - but Chris was able to have a nice weekend anyways. He got to drink some beer, play in a poker tournament, game it up on PS3 and eat 30 cookies from Eileens (don't worry -he really didn't eat them all). We said for his 31st birthday - we'll throw a bash for him to make up for it.

Happy Birthday Dad!

I had to throw this picture in there - my brother is a dork.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3:00 am

So Heidi decided she didn't really want to sleep last night - and was WIDE awake for a good portion of the night - from about midnight to 4:30 am - lucky me - so I figured since I was up and she was up and we weren't going to bed anytime soon - I could snap some pictures of her. So welcome to the 3:00 am photo session - enjoy!

Girls Day Out

Yesterday Christina, Kendall, Grandma Babs, Heidi and I all ventured out for our first Ming's trip and for a little shopping! I was a little worried how the trip started out - Heidi was fussy and did not like getting into the car seat - so it delayed the trip a wee bit - then I went to pick up Christina and Kendall and she said she had some issues - so we fed the wee little girls some more and put them in a milk induced comatose and we were off.

We made it through the entire 4 hours of being out and about without a peep from either baby - that is a true miracle in itself. Ming's was of course wonderful - man I could eat it everyday. By the way - Anne is the cutest preggo lady ever around - she has this tiny belly and this glow to her - I'll have to chase her down for a picture!

Then the day trip continued to this odd maternity store that sells special custom fit nursing bras - or I have named them - contraptions. The experience included being man-handled by the specialist and thinking I look a little like Madonna from the 80s - but I guess its what I need - I just hope I don't poke someone's eye out when I hug them.

I'm posting some more pictures for your enjoyment!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated our first father's day. Here is a picture of Grandpa Hefe holding Kendall and Heidi - Heidi on the left and Kendall on the right - its baby time here in Omaha!


Nothing like holding your precious new baby and she looks up and smiles at you - then lets out the loudest, juiciest fart....awww motherhood....

One Week Down...

The first week went well - we had a good and bad moments - which are to be expected. Overall though, we are very lucky to have a good baby - she hasn't made it too difficult! Chris went back to work today - it was nice having him home - but luckily, he can come home early and he has a very flexible schedule.
Oh and if anyone is wondering - yes I still itch and I still have the PUPPP rash - but I think its getting better - at least that is what I need to tell myself. It gets a little crazy around here if my Benadryl wears off and Heidi is upset - makes for a exciting time! They say it should be gone by the end of this week - let's hope - I would love not to itch!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introducing Heidi Leigh Gonzales

The Gonzales family has grown - we gave birth to Heidi Leigh Gonzales Saturday June 7th at 8:22 am. (Yes the birthday is 06/07/08 - fun!) She is 7lbs 13oz - 20 1/2 inches long and has tons of hair - which explains the heartburn!

We're in week one of having her home and I have to honestly say - things are going well. We had a good night last night - even though she refuses to sleep in the pack n play - she does sleep in the swing - fine by me where ever she sleeps!

I will post some pictures of her - she is just so cute - if I do say so myself! haha - I think its a good combo of Chris and I - here is what we can tell so far - Chris' mouth, my nose, we think my eyes, my scoul and best of all, Chris' legs - so she WILL have ankles!

We are truly enjoying being parents - I think this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

9 Months...

5/12/08 (36 Weeks)

Another week down...

Sorry - no new baby from Christina yet - we are all waiting... Poor Christina, she is miserable. Let's hope she goes soon! Sally, her mom, comes in Wednesday - so maybe that will kick start the labor! Either that or spicy Mings - hey it worked last time...

Went to the doctor today and I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% efaced - yeah! Moving right along! The doctor and I were talking about that Christina and I could be very close together - Christina could go past her due date - sorry Christina - and I could go early - sorry - I have to say I like the going early part! (Sorry - we have the same doctor - I think I have said that before - maybe not). The exam, honestly, wasn't bad at all - thank god!

My next appointment is next week - let's all keep our fingers crossed for more progress!
Chris and I completed the baptism class for church - so now we just have to pick a date and we can get GIPette baptized anytime. The class was just fine - I like this church - WAY better than the other church. Also - the baptisms don't take place during the regular Mass - which is very nice - I don't have to force our relatives to sit through a whole service.Mother's day was fun - Chris got me a mom-to-be motivational present. He gave me a nice diamond necklace - jackpot! I wasn't expecting anything - so that is cool - I just happened to mention awhile back that Matt gave Christina a very very nice necklace at the hospital when Blake was born - so ladies out there - it doesn't EVER hurt to drop a hit or two! hehe

5/14/08 (36 Weeks)

I'm an Aunt again!!!

Kendall Ann Kahler was born this morning at 2:48 am to Matt and Christina Kahler - 7 lbs 2 oz, 19.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing really well! Chris and I are heading over this morning to check out the new bundle of joy and I will post pictures at that time!

We were all there last night - she was progressing fast and when she got to the hospital around 7 pm she was already 7 cm!!! But in true Christina fashion, once she got to the hospital and got some good ole drugs - she slowed down. We hung out until about midnight and decided we were not going to pull an all-nighter like last time and would check her out in the morning - which is good since she didn't come to almost 3 am!

Don't worry I was drilling Christina with questions and paying WAY more attention to details when I was in the room - hehe Let's see how close these babies will be to each other!

Other side note - the vet called - the cyst removed from Brewski's head is a tumor from a hair follicle - completely benign. He is going to be a.o.k. Yeah!
Pictures coming soon of Kendall!

5/19/08 (37 Weeks)


Another week down and no progress - No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies - STOP - so I'm still 50% and 1cm... oh well - in all reality - I don't have to make progress to go into labor - but it would be nice to know this cramping and pain is leading somewhere!

Plus I'm 37 weeks and like 3 days or whatever - so I do have some time left - not a lot - but some time - I told Chris I'll wait nicely until after memorial weekend - then let's get a move on things!

Things are good - nothing too exciting to report - Kendall is doing great - Christina and her went home on Friday and I guess she is doing great - a little pooping machine!I really don't have anything to report here - everyone be thinking progress, let's make some progress...

5/23/08 (38 Weeks)

Just waiting...

Nothing too much to report here. I'm about the same. My belly itches soooo bad! I can manage not to itch it during the day and re-apply lotion and everything but at night - I wake up itching it - oops. Oh well - I'm hoping that I don't have that much longer!

Kendall is doing well - she is super cute - momma Christina is doing well too.

Everyone is guessing when she will come - I hope sooner or later! ha! My co-workers I think are having a pool! My boss says she can't come until June 4th after 3 pm so I can complete my big executive report for the big wigs - ha! Chris thinks it will be June too. I'm hoping next week or heck this weekend. I'm just going to try to keep active and when she comes - she comes!

Oh and if you haven't seen - I have major swelling in my feet and ankles and sometimes my hands - don't worry - I don't have high blood pressure or anything - I'm just one of those lucky ones. My co-worker said I had Shrek feet - nice. I can only wear flip flops - which anyone knows me - I hate flip flops - I always have - but is it sad when you can't even wear your mom shoes that you bought for the pregnancy? I put my feet up when I can and walks do help - but my feet are a site to see and no - I will not take pictures.My next doc appointment is Tuesday - besides that - we will be just hanging out at home or with family...maybe I should play rockband to help it along...

5/27/08 (38 Weeks)

Another Doc Appt Down... Still no Baby

So no baby... Still waiting...

I just got back from my doc appointment - my belly still itches like mad - she told me to use a corn starch lotion - I'm hoping that helps - I'm good during the day - but at night - I itch like mad and I wake up all the time to me itching - nice.

I'm still 1cm - but she said I'm softer - so I'm a little more efaced - but still no real progress. damn - oh well. I have a feeling I'm just going to go into labor - something will trigger it.
My next appointment is Monday and she said she will strip my membranes then and if I haven't gone that week - I think she will induce - especially since she is going out of town the day after I'm due - I think... I don't mind - just bring it on!

She checked the positioning and all is good - she is head down and facing the right way - so everything is in good position to go. She joked that with all the storms - they see a surge of babies because of the atmosphere pressure or whatever - I'm hoping that is true!!! Come on storms!

Chris and I went and ate wonderful Mings for lunch - I had - spicy Hot and Sour Soup and spicy beef lo mein - I hope it works! I joked with Anne that if I "go" tonight - I'll just text her saying - Mings Worked!Well - everyone hope that the next time I write - its because I just gave birth!

5/29/08 (38 Weeks)

Itching Skin...

Holy Cow - my skin itches - sorry - I have to bitch for a second! Like I understand why my belly is itching because it is getting bigger and those lovely stretch marks - but basically yesterday my legs and arms started to itch - its not like I have a rash or anything - but it kind of looks like I have a mild sun burn. My skin tone is a slight pink and it isn't from itching...

I called the doctor and she isn't too nervous about it - tonight I get to take a special kind of bath - something with oatmeal and something from Aveeno - then I get to get drugged up on Benadryl and that should help. I just need to keep the dogs from eating out of the bath. hehe
She said if it continues I get to go to a dermatologist tomorrow. nice.

Well we are expecting some major storms tonight and the pressure should lower a lot - come on baby - I hope she comes tomorrow because of the activity tonight - then maybe the name will be stormy or windy...Everyone be thinking - labor - labor - labor!

6/3/08 (39 Weeks)

The journey continues...

Another doc appointment done - I really hope its my last - but it doesn't look like it! boo! I didn't progress enough this last week for the doctor in order to do an induction - boo - she thinks I may go past due my due date - boo and she goes out of town for a week this weekend - boo again - so she said "if" we need to induce - it won't be until the 15th... but hey - at least that is Christina's birthday!

She did sweep my membranes - which - unless I missed something - didn't hurt - it was like 1, 2, 3 done - nice. Maybe by some miracle it will jump kick something into gear...

I'm still one big rash - nice - they actually think its environmental that the lovely pregnancy has made me super sensitive and I'm having an allergic reaction to something - like my clothes or soap or something. So basically I'm trying not to itch - taking cold showers - and oatmeal baths - let's just put it this way - its 1:30 in the morning right now - how do you think its going... I should be sleeping...

My good friend Gina is getting induced today (Tuesday) YEAH! - I can't wait for Gavin to get here - so that is some exciting news. Anne finds out what she is having today - YEAH! I think she is having a boy - or maybe I just want that so they can marry and live happily ever after - right? hehe Well, I'm going to go take some Benadryl and try to get more sleep - oh and not itch...right.

6/5/08 (39 Weeks)

Mings heals all...

Anne came over last night and said she was bringing me food - it was like a scene out of a movie...the front door swung open and I could hear angels sing and there was beautiful Anne holding two large bags of Mings.

Anne and I went shopping for a little bit for girl clothes - which was fun! It was so nice to be out of the house and doing something - helps pass the time! Thanks Anne!Still playing the waiting game... keep your fingers crossed...

6/6/08 (40 Weeks)

P.U.P.P.P anyone?

So my lovely itchy self finally made it to a dermatologist that knows what they are doing! He looked me over and he is almost 100% sure it has nothing to allergies. He is almost 100% sure I am lucky enough to develop the P.U.P.P.P. (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) - which is according to the internet:

Appearance of PUPPPThe rash of PUPPP almost always begins in the stretch marks of the abdomen. It does not involve the belly button distinguishing it from other common rashes of pregnancy. The rash itself consists of small, red wheals in the stretch marks that grow together to form larger wheals on the abdomen. Over the next several days, the rash can spread over the thighs, buttocks, and arms.

The rash is very itchy, or pruritic, hence the name. This condition is harmless to mother and baby, but can be very annoying. It lasts an average of 6 weeks and resolves spontaneously 1 to 2 weeks after delivery. The most severe itching normally lasts for no more than 1 week.
So.... how I was treating it with thick lotions - made it worse - nice - so now I have a special lotion that I rub on only 4 times a day and another over-the-counter lotion that I can rub on as much as possible. I went home and used the new stuff and honestly its the best I have felt in awhile - plus I don't feel like a greasy sweaty mess!

The itching continues - but I feel like I finally have the right tools to help me keep my sanity...
I have noticed I have forgot some important info about some friends - first - Anne and Dean found out they are having a GIRL! yeah!!!! So exciting - its been fun shopping with her and I can't WAIT to do some more shopping for her. Then our good friends Chad and Gina gave birth to Gavin - 9lbs 3 oz boy on Tuesday. I haven't seen him yet - but I will hopefully waddle my way over there this weekend (they live in our neighborhood).Well today is my due date - yeah! hmmm - wasn't I suppose to have a baby by now? I hoping to be very active this weekend and maybe kick start something!

Ninth Month

My favorite names for you are: G.I.P.ette - we don't know and we aren't sharing - but honestly - there isn't much to share. Not kidding - Chris added a name to the list this morning...

The strangest name someone suggested is: Melba... nice - Chris did mark America as a joke in one of the books.

The most useful advice I've received is: Whatever my mom has told me so far!

I can't wait for your birth because: this pregnancy will be over! - no - I can't wait for her to finally get here!

At this month's prenatal visit, I learned that: As of right now - I'm 36 weeks 1cm dilated and 50% efaced... Just trucking along...


Introducing Heidi Leigh Gonzales

Heidi Leigh Gonzales was born Saturday June 7th at 8:22 am. 7 lbs 13ozs 20.5 inches long.
The story goes...

Friday I was able to get off of work at 3pm - thanks to my cool boss - and I was home relaxing on the couch when I kind of felt like I peed my pants (Around 4:15pm) . I stood up and went to the bathroom and it wasn't pee but it wasn't a ton of water either - so I wasn't sure - I called the nurse and explained what happened and they said to hang out and see if anything else comes out or whatever and then come in to the hospital. So I called Chris and was like - um - honey I think my water broke - and he was like - shut up and I'm like - just get home. So I sort of kind of continued to leak - but nothing to really confirm it.

Around 6:00 pm we headed to the hospital and they checked me and they weren't sure either - so they made us walk - for 2 hours... Then they checked again and even did an ultrasound and basically I thought we were heading home - then the doc tried one more thing and was like - oh that was amniotic fluid - you have a slow leak - let's get this thing going...

So finally around 10pm - I was officially checked into the hospital, they put me on pitocin and I had to walk - I was still only 1cm and very thick as the nurse described it - so I had a long haul infront of me! I knew I had to get to 4cm to get the epi so that was my mission and wow - contractions suck - it took me until 4:30am to get to 4 cm - lets just say that was an experience! Then I got the epi and felt great!

At 6 am they checked and I was still only 5cm and about 70% efaced - so we talked to the parents and was like - its still going to be awhile - they think I'm making good progress - but slow. Well at 7:15 - I noticed the epi wasn't helping too much with the contractions - I had a lot of pressure - so I buzzed the nurse and was like - I feel a lot of pressure - so she checked me and I was 10 and ready to go! Chris was just getting out of the shower and was like - huh what? I'm like - don't worry about your belt and get your butt over here! hehe

So at 7:30 we started to push and in 15 minutes she was crowning - problem was - no doctor was there - so for a half n hour - I had to half push or blow until the damn doctor arrived - the doc came and was putting on her scrubs at 8:15 and she said push and I did and Heidi was here at 8:22!

So overall - it went really fast - I feel pretty good now - we are just adjusting to being at home and having to feed her every 2 hours!!

I'll post all the pictures I can. This will be my last journal and I will continue a journal on a blog spot page... details to come...We are so excited she is finally here!!!!!